Casey Anthony: “I Love You”

Before everyone looks at me like I’m crazy, no…those words aren’t from me 🙂

Apparently, they were mouthed by Casey Anthony’s brother, Lee, just before he took the witness stand.


From WESH:

When Lee walked up to the witness stand and saw Casey for the first time in a long time, the two had an emotional exchange.

Lee could be seen mouthing “I love you” to his sister, Casey.

“I’m assuming you weren’t speaking to me just now,” prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick responded.

“Absolutely not,” Lee said.

After the remark Casey burst into tears.

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21 Comments on “Casey Anthony: “I Love You””

  1. Diana Says:

    He is a goofy idiot, and acted like one today (as usual).

  2. CHRISTINE Says:

    We all caught that tender endearment to his beloved ‘I believe everything Casey says’ sister.

    The tears began to flow like Old Mississippi…..but she never shed one single tear for Caylee.


    I hope everyone noticed that there was NO interaction between Casey and Cindy….but CINDY THINKS CAYLEE IS STILL ALIVE?????

    wtf is that all about….

    Question to Cindy: Whose ashes are in your funereal locket? Um Cindy?

  3. CHRISTINE Says:

    PS…..Lee looks like he’s allergic to water….he always comes off looking D I R T Y…..and those sideburns have got to go…..NOW

  4. Casey Anthony: ?I Love You? « Kreuzer's Korner…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  5. cali patti Says:

    I agree with most of what has already been written.
    Lee was dirty, unkept looking, Cindy must have not taught him appearence matters.
    I am assuming Cindy does not think Caylee is really alive but wants people to think she is just a little off. After all, that might help her to recieve disability or help with the juror pool thinking poor Cindy, nothing she says makes sense.
    Just guessing.

  6. zelda Says:

    LOL..I’ll buy the idea that cindy is a little off,,the whole gene pool is diluted.Yikes.

  7. Casey Anthony: ?I Love You? « Kreuzer's Korner…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  8. Molly Says:

    so, cma accuses lee of molesting her & he gets up there on the stand & mouths “i love you” to her. or
    cma accuses him & he never did molest her, meaning she lied about it (to the world)& he gets up on the stand & mouths “i love you” anyway.

    either way is interesting, confusing.
    I thought it too funny that Linda B. pointed it out in court! hahahahhaha It’s all recorded now.

  9. Linda Says:

    Hi..I think her whole family is whacked…….as for laughing boy lets hope he is asked at the real trial if he still believes everying his sister says…. I hope he says yessssssssssss so the prosecution can say. Oh so I guess it is true then, that you played with her boobies for 3 yrs????????????? What do you think his answer will be?

  10. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer and everyone here, love your headline John. A teaser that was as i thought what, don’t tell me John has been bitten by Casey virus, ha, just teasing you~~ Love everyone’s comments.

    I Knew that whimpy George would be there as he cannot last long giving Casey the no show i see no matter what the lieing, baby killer sack of Crap daughter did to his Grandbaby and how much she trashes the whole family. Lee is a complete idiot/fool just like his parents are. I guess there is just nothing beyond what Casey can dream up to trash them with that will ever give them the message as they are such doormats, so the way they treat her like she is a good girl loving daughter, Mother of the year, fantastic sister, smooch, smooch wrist, she will continue to abuse them and never tell the truth to them about what she did to Caylee as why bother, the loons all believe everything evil casey says and does so they deserve everything snothead Casey dishes out to them and more. Cindy made me sick doing her usual skirting the death scent issue but wait until trial, they will eat her alive on that one and i can’t wait, and i can’t wait until they bring down that smug sack of crap Casey to her knees too and justice for Caylee is served. What a family poor beautiful precious Caylee was born in to. She is in a better place now as she is away from these cracker head nut cases and free at last from her evil piece of crap birth mother and birth Mother is all Casey is and was. She was never a Mother~~

  11. kreuzer33 Says:

    Yes…I’m a tease 🙂

  12. knight owl Says:

    Yes you are. lol.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    On the Topic, *Molly* said it best… and *Linda* makes a funny, but great Point. *Christine’s* first
    Comment, and that of *KnightOwl*, sums-up what I was thinking too, overall. I agree with everyone— They’re the perfect Dysfunctional Family.

  14. knight owl Says:

    Thanks Honeydog,i sooooooo agree with you that yes they are the perfect dysfunctional family as you put it. That is what is so scarey to me should Casey walk from this murder by a dumb juror as it would have to be only a dumb juror that could not see what is right before their eyes in black and white. Casey is a dangerous person to children. Let’s just say hypotheticaly Casey was back out on the streets again, gets another boyfriend and that one has a child by a former wife or girlfriend. Casey get’s jealous of the attention the boyfriend gives to his child and she kills his child. I even would be fearful should Lee and Mallory have a child that Casey would not harm it too, as i believe the love Casey has for Lee is two fold as he has been the sibling that has not given the parents any problem and Casey has been the problem headache child. She has to harbor some jealousy to Lee in my opinion or for one she would not have put on paper for all to see her writing he fondled her and if that is not true she is destroying Lee for no reason, and she definitely likes Lee doting on her with attention so what if she got jealous of Lee’s baby too? She is just not a person that ever needs to walk the streets again for all these reasons in my opinion i see of her through what i go by is my common sense. George, Cindy and Lee are still allowing this monster inside Casey to continue to grow as they are all as much as telling her it is okay what you have done and were on your side no matter what. This is where George, Cindy and Lee need to wake up and show some animosity toward her that this lieing, stealing and they know as well as i do she killed Caylee, trashing the family is not right by us and we do not support you in it. Instead of wanting Casey to acknowledge them in court, they should be disacknowledging her for what all she has done. They are just continuing to further make a monster out of Casey.

  15. knight owl Says:

    Should George ever read this, i have a doozey of a question for him. Why on earth did you bother to write the letter to Casey after you were told by Baez and Mason she said you molested her when your just going to go right back in court again and hold her up in it? You wrote these words to Casey, why destroy Lee, why destroy your Mom, why destroy me, your family, why destroy Caylee Marie? why? why?

  16. OneOp Says:

    I just don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, I see some of the comment subject so differently than what I am reading. Pray for me!

  17. zelda Says:

    LOL………spit it out OneOp. Let’s hear how you see it.
    I am praying as I type.

  18. zelda Says:

    Honeydog…….I don’t agree with your votes……….lol~!NOW what????????????!
    You sound like the school Marm grading test papers. LOL!

  19. Honeydog Says:

    First, to *KnightOwl*… NO! WAIT!! I gotta let ZELDA be FIRST! I can not slight my “Partner-in-Crime”!
    OH-kay, re-reading what I wrote, I DO sound like a Teacher grading Papers! I was tired… Everybody had already said everything I would have said, but the 4 people I gave “A+’s” to (LOL) best-suited my Energy at the time. NOW… YOU, my Friend, get a “Gold Star” for your “Directorial ability” in Coaching *OneOp* to face her Fears and play the Part with Honesty! How’s that??!! (And YES, C’mon *OneOp*… Come back and share— You’re Fine!).

    *KnightOwl*, Other than those who allow themselves to be EMOTIONALLY Hurt by Casey Anthony (i.e., her Parents), I really don’t think you need to worry about her PHYSICALLY Hurting ANYONE anymore…. Seriously… She’s not going to “Get Out”. If she doesn’t get the Death Penalty, she will indeed spend most of her Life— if not all of it— in Prison. There’s just TOO much Evidence racked-up against her. Right *Zelda*??!!

  20. zelda Says:

    LOL.Right on Honeydog!

  21. luvanrs Says:

    Linda, that would be so funny!!

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