Casey Anthony: 911 Calls Ruled Admissible

Judge Belvin Perry today ruled that the 911 calls made will be admissible as evidence during Casey Anthony’s murder trial.

So, how much does this hurt Casey? What are your thoughts?

From CNN:

Cindy Anthony testified Thursday she told a 911 operator there was a “dead body” smell in her daughter’s car in an attempt to get police to respond faster to her call.  Casey Anthony’s brother, Lee, also testified at the hearing.

Prosecutors had argued the 911 calls placed by Cindy Anthony in July 2008 should be admitted.  The defense contended the taped phone calls are hearsay and should not be admitted, but Judge Belvin Perry ruled the calls fall under the “excited utterance” exception to the hearsay rule.

From WESH:

Cindy Anthony, grandmother of slain toddler Caylee Anthony, was called to speak in court about the 911 calls she made regarding the whereabouts of her then-missing granddaughter.

Defense attorney Jose Baez questioned Cindy Anthony about the car, which she said was registered in her name but used by Casey. Cindy said she and her husband, George, picked the car up at an impound lot.

Cindy said that George told her the car smelled and would need to be cleaned and aired out.

“He said it smelled like something had died in the car, like a dead body,” Cindy said.

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16 Comments on “Casey Anthony: 911 Calls Ruled Admissible”

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  2. Venice Says:

    Of course they are admissable….what planet does Casey think she comes from anyways? It is not the planet called “special”. It’s called the planet “just like everyone else”.

  3. Casey Anthony: 911 Calls Ruled Admissible « Kreuzer's Korner…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  4. Ideas Says:

    I thought all inmates had to wear bracelets to court?

  5. Venice Says:

    Some even get to wear bracelets with cremated ashes;)

  6. Ideas Says:

    Show and Tell: If Cindy believes in her lies, are they lies? If what she invents is her reality, is she truthful?

    Is Cindy playing a game? If she comes across wacko, what is the strategy? Is she trying to make Casey feel more comfortable…like she’s not the only wacko in the room, that mommy’s there to join her?

  7. cali patti Says:

    I never noticed but you are correct. Jail ID bracelets are plastic with printed info and scanners type lines. Maybe Orange county jail doesn’t have that of ID. Strange!

  8. Ideas Says:

    To clarify: Baez requests that Casey not have to wear handcuffs (bracelets) during her hearings. I thought all inmates were required, unless, of course, one is requesting “special” treatment.

  9. Sherry Says:

    I think Baez was asking about the leg bracelets being removed. He wanted her to not have to wear them at all on the days she has to come to court (he mentioned Casey’s accident in the elevator)but Judge Perry said that it would be only in the courtroom if he grants it.

    Caylee won one for her justice today!

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  11. zelda Says:

    Go Judge Perry! YES!!

  12. OneOp Says:

    Did Cindy ever say there was a “dead body smell” in the car. Wasn’t her statement
    at the beginning “It smells “like” a dead body in the car. One is positive and the other is possibly (suggestive) True or not I believe it is right to quote remarks
    so important in fact and not turned. jmo

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  14. eastwood34 Says:

    Mason is unraveling quickly. His exchange with Kathy Belich Wednesday was a lightning bolt. Baez failed miserabley with Cindy and Drane-Burdick scored a touchdown for the prosecution with Cindy. Lee, well, was…. Lee all the way, but he did not help Casey a bit.

    I have to say off-topic, that I totally despise Janie Weintraub on JVM. She is a whiny piece of garbage that will die for her female clients. Baez was a joke shooting a V sign on JVM sitting with Beth Kasaris, but saying nothing. He may want to bring Janie Weintraub on the team as she seems a “never say die” attorney for Casey Anthony and will concede nothing.

  15. Honeydog Says:

    I’m elated. The WHOLE Story begins with these 911-Calls, and I have to agree with Stacy Honowich (sp) on JVM tonight, that the “Dead Body” one is going to have a major Impact on the Jury. While Cindy continues to use the Excuse she “invented” for saying what she said in that Call, like Mike Brooks, I also believe that they’re not going to Buy it. If needed, The Prosecution also has George’s statement during his initial Interrogation to fall back on. The Defense is Whipped.

    P.S. to *Eastwood34*: I don’t care much for Janie
    either. She comes-out with such Bull Shit. Like tonight— when she tried to Argue that other Family Members had access to Casey’s car, incinuating that one of them could be responsible. Being a Defense Attorney, I know her Brain is trained to think the way it does, but, for God’s Sake, it was another example of her “Expert Opinion” Stinking Outloud, and, once again, made herself look like a Fool. Stuff like that is the very reason I have no Regard for most Defense Lawyers. They concoct and twist-around the Story as much, if not better (or worse), than the Criminals they Defend, and insult the Intelligence of those who possess it. Janie is doing her Job, but, with regard to this Case, she’s getting about as far as the rest of them.

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