California Girl Missing 7 Years Found Alive

According to local authorities, Amber Rose Nicklas, a California girl who was missing for nearly seven years after supposedly being kidnapped by her teenage aunts, was found yesterday by police in Phoenix, Arizona.

From CNN:

She had been in the care of foster parents in Norwalk, California, when she was snatched by three of her aunts, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County sheriff’s Norwalk Station said.

Two of the aunts were caught at the time. The third got away with the child, said sheriff’s spokesman Bill Evans.

The girl somehow ended up with a family in Phoenix that had no relation to her biological family, authorities said.

Authorities got a tip that Amber could be at a home in Phoenix and went there with a court order Wednesday afternoon.

From CBS News:

Detectives from the Phoenix Police department’s missing persons unit, as well as the FBI and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, came to a home in Northern Phoenix with a search warrant looking for the girl.

Officials say the woman who answered the door tried to hide the girl, now 7 years old, under clothes in a bathroom shower.

According to CBS affiliate KCAL, the girl was reported to be in fine condition and well cared for.

The girl’s name and date of birth had been changed, but officials said a positive match was made using her footprint and a DNA swab.

She was originally kidnapped, reportedly by three biological aunts – all juveniles at the time – during a non-custodial visitation.

From ABC News:

Amber Nicklas is back in state foster care after authorities from California, Arizona and the FBI found her living under a different name in a Phoenix home with a couple who initially claimed they had adopted her.

“She appeared well-nourished and all that,” said Capt. Patrick Maxwell of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Norwalk station. “She was not enrolled in school, though.”

How the 7-year-old girl came to be living in Phoenix is still unclear, but the little girl’s turbulent life has been a sad one almost from the start.

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10 Comments on “California Girl Missing 7 Years Found Alive”

  1. […] in Phoenix, Arizona. From CNN: She had been in the care of foster parents in Norwalk, … click for more […]

  2. zelda Says:

    Whhhhhhhhhoa…………….I want to hear more about this one. I am glad the child is alive etc. etc.What a story… o man.

  3. kreuzer33 Says:

    Pretty amazing. You’ll probably see more on TV today.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    ASTONISHING!! How elated her Family must be! Seven years now to catch-up on… No doubt this girl will be going through a great deal of Confusion— if she not already has— and I wish all of them the very Best in putting their Lives back together and building a Happy Future.

  5. zelda Says:

    I haven’t seen any more on this story. Anybody know more?

  6. OneOp Says:

    According to news reports this child was with “foster parents” at a Chuckie Cheese to visit with her bio mothers 3 sisters. ? is, why was she with foster parents in the first place. two of the sisters kept the foster parent busy while the 3rd sister took the child. All that is weird to begin with, and it ends up that the child was found with “others” who are not any one of the 3 sisters (supposedly) but there is a relationship. It was reported this little girl is in good health and her environment was considered appropriate for a child but now she is removed. TRAUMA, I certainly think so. There was no mention of just who the bio mother and father actually are and why she was in foster care to begin with. She is at least 7 and can not read, they say and it had not been determined yet if abused in any way.

    I SAY, AT LEAST SHE IS ALIVE ! THANK GOD! Anyway, that is the latest news I heard. Confusing to say the least.

  7. zelda Says:

    Thanks OneOp.
    What an odd story. The child cannot escape trauma any way you look at it.
    My gawd what is wrong with people?

  8. zelda Says:

    So you are down to “yup” and /or “nope ” now eh John…….???lol.

  9. kreuzer33 Says:

    Yeah. It’s Friday. I’m a little lazy 🙂

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