Casey Anthony: Family in Court on Anniversary of Disappearance

Casey Anthony’s family will be returning to court on Thursday, two years to the day after 2 year old Caylee Anthony was reported missing.

From CNN:

At issue at a pretrial hearing in her mother’s murder case: the frantic 911 calls that Caylee’s grandmother made when she learned that the 2-year-old had been missing for a month.

Cindy Anthony has been subpoenaed to testify at the hearing, which could determine whether the 911 calls she made July 15, 2008, will be played to the jury at the murder trial of her daughter, Casey.

Casey Anthony’s brother, Lee, also has been subpoenaed. If Cindy and Lee Anthony testify, it will be the first time anyone from the family has taken the witness stand in Casey Anthony’s murder case.

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9 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Family in Court on Anniversary of Disappearance”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Tomorrow will be a BIG Day— “Dress Rehearsal” time for Cindy and Lee. I do think Cindy will try to be on her good Behavior, but I still suspect she’ll not be able to help exhibiting her signature Frustration when, for the first time, she is not permitted to say whatever she wants to, whenever she wants to. I’m sure The Prosecution’s questions will prove
    “Challenging” for her, and quite a lesson in Restraint for her otherwise Outspoken and Explosive Tendencies. And Lee?…Who knows. Guess if he drops the “inapproriate Laughter”, he’ll do alright. Can’t wait till the News Coverage tomorrow night!

  2. pammilee Says:

    That idiot Cindy no way will make it through the witness stand without showing her arse!!!!! You know she has been coached as if she is going to the olympics but it does not matter, Cindy lives in her own world and has been allowed to rule things by her wimp of a husband George, and she will not be able to control herself, TV has been boring lately so this should be fun to watch that witch Cindy squirm while she tells her lies. But the thing that gets me with this family is how they ACTUALLY believe that the rest of us fall for their BLATANT LIES! Wow the rest of the world is stupid aren’t they Cindy, just you and George and Casey and Lee are intelligent, and the rest of us are going to believe you, yeah good luck with that one honey, you are going down!

  3. cnk49 Says:

    Oh the public is far from’s the law and they way they “work” it. Like you said, “Cindy has been coached” To me the law has gone crazy..on many levels. Evidence should be evidence, regardless. Who decides what is pertinent and what isn’t? The lawyers, tha’s who and whatever floats their boat, get’s in, whatever doesn’t work gets gone.
    Her indigence should have reduced her to a state lawyer, but no, that would have taken too long …well, time served, seems ok to me.
    If the dream team is pro-bono as they say, then the thousands of dollars spent (by them) should also be absorbed by them. Most of them have big money. This must be a defense lawyers dream to win this. It seems a fresh lawyer could maybe cast a fresh outlook and forget about all the hoopla (hopefully) but it has been two years so it is not so fresh in all our minds.
    I say “Lawyers, quite trying to trick a jury into casting doubt where there is none.”
    I do hope Cindy trips herself up. This family is very cagey and gets their own way waaaaaaay too much!
    OK that was my rant for the day..and I’m off to go watch the whole show!

  4. zelda Says:

    I think everything should be admissible . Let the jury figure it out….remember them?
    Only hokey dokey crap that sticks out in neon to the judge and any other sane person should be considered as inadmissible.Those damned defense lawyers( in most cases) turn an “I did it confession” into a three ring circus and boggle the mind with the”six ways from Sunday” crap.
    Oooooooooooooo………it really sickens and scares me to see the way the great ship “America” is sinking.Don’t be fooled.Pay attention.

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  6. Casey Anthony: Family in Court on Anniversary of Disappearance ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  7. Casey Anthony: Family in Court on Anniversary of Disappearance ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  8. […] can comment below, or link to this permanent URL from your own […]

  9. Folks, do not believe in this bullshit.

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