Casey Anthony: More Evidence to be Reviewed

The public, and others involved in the case may learn more about what Casey Anthony’s defense team is looking for during an evidence review.

The defense team will be reviewing physical items of evidence including hairs collected from Anthony’s car and the duct tape found on her daughter’s skull.

From WESH:

Beginning Tuesday, Casey Anthony’s defense team will have a chance to look over evidence in the murder case against their client. ( Video )

The car, the trunk, the duct tape, the items found with Caylee’s remains which could tie them to her grandparents home. All are expected to be reviewed by Anthony’s defense experts at the sheriff’s office on Tuesday and Wednesday.

So far, the list of items submitted by the defense to Judge Belvin Perry has not been released.

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8 Comments on “Casey Anthony: More Evidence to be Reviewed”

  1. zelda Says:

    What is up with this weird case? Toooooo long…………too much concern over the defense of a killer in my thinking.
    Man am I ready for justice in this sappy case. You couldn’t MAKE these fools up in a story.They are all over the top.It makes for a really bad movie.

  2. Venice Says:

    I agree zelda 100%!
    This case is the joke of the century! A sweet baby girl was murdered by her mother, yet all of the players in this sad saga take center-stage. If I lived in Orlando, I would sit behind the State at every hearing and try to give Caylee at least somekind of respect and dignity and make those moments mean something. RIP sweet little baby girl.

  3. zelda Says:

    I hear you Venice………!

  4. Venice Says:

    Can you believe the ego of this supposed “dream team”? If the defense had any sort of morals, they would not be trying to get Casey “off”. I have never in my life seen a child murder case by the hands of her mother drawn out like this one! What a SAD time for American Justice.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Well, here we go. My Blood is already starting to Boil just THINKING about all the shit The Defense is going to come-up with now (and AGAIN) to argue the Validity of the stuff they’re looking at. Just when things were Quiet and going good, and I was beginning to Calm-down!

  6. […] should hear 911 calls made by Anthony's mother in July 2008. In a nine-page filing, the prosecutoCasey Anthony – ABC News' Brennan McCord reports: Prosecutors in the Casey Anthony case argued Wednesday that the […]

  7. Casey Anthony: More Evidence to be Reviewed « Kreuzer's Korner…

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  8. Casey Anthony: More Evidence to be Reviewed « Kreuzer's Korner…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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