LeBron James Turns His Back on Cleveland

Well…I’m not surprised that Lebron James turned his back on the city of Cleveland. That’s what cowards do.

Now, he’s off to Miami where the chosen one believes he is destined to win a championship. Only time will tell if this will happen.

Frankly, I don’t really care. I’m not a fan of basketball or the NBA. I’m definitely not a fan of Lebron James. Never have been and never will.

Someday, I think LeBron will look back on this decision and realize that he made the true “mistake by the lake.” I can’t see him winning a championship in Miami, just like he never would have won one in Cleveland.

He’ll be the greatest player that NEVER won a title. At least this year, he’ll have nicer weather when he makes his early playoff exit!

Let’s just hope that his house is still standing when he gets home 🙂

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14 Comments on “LeBron James Turns His Back on Cleveland”

  1. LeBron James Turns His Back on Cleveland « Kreuzer's Korner…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. cali patti Says:

    Cleveland was his home and it would have been nice for that city for him to stay at home. From what I understand he was able to actually earn more there than any other place he went due to some rule in the NBA. Now I suppose this sounds like I am agreeing with you however very seldom in sports with a few exceptions in baseball has any player chosen to show loyality when doing so would not help themselves. It is how sports is. Hmm, I wonder if this makes sense.

  3. Ideas Says:

    I agree with cali. There’s a lot of Le-Hate out there, but players/coaches change teams all the time. LeBron took a lot of money with him. People made him bigger than a player, so the hate is greater with his leaving.

    I, myself, am old-fashioned and prefer player loyalty and fan loyalty. It’s beyond my financial comprehension why he chose more millions over the adequate millions and fan base, etc that Cleveland gave him, which would make him historically great even if he never won a title.

    But I think there is more going on behind all this than we know.

  4. cali patti Says:

    FYI only, from what I understand he will earn the same anywhere he plays except at Cleveland. NBA rules of payment. In Cleveland he could have earned about 25 mil more. However the endorsements go way up depending on the fan base size with Cleveland being the smallest, New York being the largest with the most taxes. Miami just behind New York.

  5. kreuzer33 Says:

    I don’t see him winning a title in Miami. Too many egos to go around. They have three stars and no one else. What if one gets hurt? They have no center or 3 point shooter. If a team plays zone on these guys, they can beat them (and I hope they do).

  6. zelda Says:

    Hey John….any updates on the Kyron case?
    I understand that the step mother failed two polygraphs.

  7. cali patti Says:

    Im sorry, I did not mean to come off as a know it all, I actually know nothing. I also am not a fan of basketball players. Their lifestyles and attitudes are disgusting, at least most of them

  8. zelda Says:

    Lots of the football players and basketball players are animals…..no fan here!

  9. cali patti Says:

    ahhhh Zelda, I enjoy baseball, love most football,
    and like basketball playoffs. I enjoy all sports when played well. Nothing better than a night football game or Sunday afternoon at a ball park. (baseball)

  10. zelda Says:

    I grew up on baseball….at the games involved.love the game. I was a cheerleader and loved basketball as well….And I was a player too.
    Came from a sports family.
    My comment was about the fellas that you read about in the headlines that in my opinion have tarnished the great games they play in.
    Some of the above mentioned are animals.
    I am a fan of the sports just not those who make the headlines.
    Nothing like a sloppy hot dog with tons of mustard and onions on a warm night at the game……some of my best memories.

  11. kreuzer33 Says:

    Ha Ha! This is one story that I’ve been following and I really hope LeBron fails…miserably 🙂

  12. kreuzer33 Says:

    Haven’t been following Kyron. Sorry. I know that the family lived like blocks from where I did up there. But haven’t been watching.

  13. cali patti Says:

    Hey Zelda, I so agree with what you said. That was sort of my point but you said it better. I love game day hot dogs and corn dogs at the county fair other than that I don’t eat them. Funny how that works.

  14. zelda Says:

    The same here Cali Patti……….I really don’t eat”hot dogs ” other than at a game……I guess it’s just part of the experience.Seems like they just plain taste better………….lol!!!! Kinda like cotton candy at the carnival.

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