Texas Rangers Fan Falls 30 Feet Reaching for Foul Ball

A man who fell approximately 30 feet while trying to catch a foul ball at a Texas Rangers baseball game last night is lucky to be alive today, according to an off-duty paramedic who immediately came to his aid after the fall.

They didn’t have any video on TV last night, but the reaction from the fans, players and umpires was enough to tell that it was pretty scary in person!

From CNN:

“The fall could have easily killed the guy,” Derek Dilday told CNN. “After the initial shock wore off, the guy was coherent, knew his own name and where he was,” he added.

The man — whose name has not been released — toppled over a railing on the second deck and fell to the field level seats at the Rangers’ stadium in Arlington, Texas, said John Blake, a spokesman for the Rangers.

“He was able to move all his extremities and was responsive to the paramedics and was taken to St. Peter’s Hospital in Fort Worth,” Blake said Tuesday night. The ball club is monitoring reports from the hospital, according to a Rangers’ statement.

The man fell on top of four other fans, causing minor injuries to them, Blake said. They were treated in the first aid area at the stadium, the statement said, and were not taken to the hospital.

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One Comment on “Texas Rangers Fan Falls 30 Feet Reaching for Foul Ball”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Well, I tried to watch the Video, but it’s “No longer available due to a Copyright Claim….”
    I’m assuming the guy didn’t get the Ball, but Amazing, and Good, that everyone’s Okay. I fell half that distance from a Balcony Railing several years ago and shattered the hell out of my Ankle. They told me I was Lucky I didn’t break my Neck or my Back. Can’t imagine soaring through the air from 30 Feet— I know 15 was scary enough. I suppose the people he landed on helped Cushion the hit. Wow. Lucky indeed.

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