Casey Anthony: Cindy Anthony to Face Questions About 911 Call

It appears that Cindy Anthony must answer questions about a 911 call she made after learning that her granddaughter, Caylee Anthony, was missing.

From WESH:

Casey Anthony’s mother has been served a subpoena to answer questions about a 911 call she made after learning her granddaughter was missing.

911 tapes aren’t often admitted as evidence because they’re considered hearsay, but in the case against Casey Anthony, prosecutors want them admitted. The defense is against that, so a hearing will be held in mid-July to settle the issue.

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19 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Cindy Anthony to Face Questions About 911 Call”

  1. jon Says:

    Let’s see her chew gum and tell the prosecutors that their questions aren’t pertinent like she did at the Zenaida deposition!

  2. Venice Says:

    This woman won’t change. Cindy is a DISASTER wherever she goes!

  3. Ideas Says:

    Yes, I’m wondering where her Morgan smirk will be. Certainly not in front of Perry. But what can Perry determine? It will come down to Cindy admitting she “lied” to get the police there faster, or that she is lying before the Judge that it wasn’t an excited utterance.

    Either way she will be a liar and manipulator. Perry will have to take a stand against her, or allow her statement to determine that the tapes are hearsay.

    The prosecution has an excellent argument against Cindy’s lies.

  4. Gary Says:

    Ok now lets not forget about the videos of Cindy and George being questioned by detectives about the smell in the car. There is no way that the defense will beable to overcome this evidence. It is a certain fact that Caylee’s poor little body was in the trunk. The jury will need nothing more than the 911 call and the video’s to confirm that fact. The jury will not need the mountain of evidence such as the cadaver dogs, the air samples, the cofin flies, the hair, the stain, etc. etc. to confirm this. It is beyond me how the defense thinks it can win this case. Casey better just come clean or she will certainly get convicted and a life with no parole sentence. Maybe “JUST MAYBE” if she comes clean she might have a chance after 25 years of getting out of jail. What on earth is Biaz and crew thinking. They are a joke and clearly do not have the best interest of there client in hand. TELL THE TRUTH ANTHONY CLAN OR CASEY WILL CERTAINLY NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN. All I can say is WOOOOOW!!!!! this is nothing short of suicide for Casey.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Plain and Simple…. The Words which come out of someone’s Mouth in such a situation, are the Instant Verbalization of the person’s first Thought or Knowledge.
    Yeah right, Cindy— EVERYONE would automatically think to tell a 911-Operator that the Car smells like a Dead Body just to get the Police to the House faster. Bull Shit. And I think the Prosecution will stay on it like Flies.

  6. luvanrs Says:

    I hope the tape is admitted as evidence. It clearly shows her state of mind and thought processes. What more honest of an emotion than that phone call made to 911 out of fear for her granddaughter’s life. What happened to that woman?? She disappeared.

  7. Ideas Says:

    I’m sure Conway will support his client as a grieving, delicate mother/grandmother who is doing her best to provide her accurate mindset of the time of the call.

    That way, the judge is to “allow” anything that Cindy professes either out of sympathy or admiration of her inner strength…to think she would have the fortitude of mind to concoct something hyper-crazy as a complete “act” to get the cops out to find the babysitter-kidnapper.

  8. jon Says:

    The more I think about this, the more I hope she lies her ass off on the stand and that she gets charged with perjury. She’s done nothing but try to manipulate everything about the investigation and anything else to do with the case from the very beginning. Even that “memorial service” for Caylee was a farce in my opinion and was really nothing more than a showcase for the Anthony’s. I can’t believe how anyone with a modicum of intelligence could honestly believe that people are going to buy what Cindy says at this point about anything.

  9. annie Says:

    hello to all they should just let the bitch out.this is what will happen if cindy does not tell the truth she will say she cant remember right we all know whats coming ahead.the tape of the 911 call is where everything started people trust me there are going to be some fire works in that courtroom.l hope judge perry will allow that but for some reason maybe he will say its hearsay.remember joe jordan tape recording the lawyers wanted that in was that not hear say as well/whats going on in this world?if the bitch gets out she will do it again with another kid she has.they have a lot of balls.baez is only thinking of himself and his pocket thats for sure.he gives me the greeps l hate him.does anyone know why lyon left the defense team?good day to all.will be back .

  10. Ideas Says:

    jon–it’s a given she will lie. The pure entertainment factor will be when she tries to do it with any sort of dignity. GMA played along with her. Half of that courtroom will not.

    But how has Conway and Co advised her to portray herself? The cool, collected, intelligent nurse, ready to handle anything? (Like she was in complete control of that 911 call) Or will she slowly shed a tear, hold her hand over her mouth in a traumatic, grief-stricken gesture? Will her eyes bulge and glare at the prosecution’s steady, endless stream of logic and explanation?

    Will Belich interview her after? I’m sure some news show will allow her to regain public dignity, have the last say.

    The outcome should be quite the determiner of the trial.

  11. laurali Says:

    I am sure that she will do her best to talk down the smell. I think the tapes will come in. Cindy was scared when she made the call, you can hear it in her voice.

  12. luvanrs Says:

    Ideas, I think we will get a combination of all that you listed..the bulge and glare will be front most, but she will definately throw in the tearful grandma act as needed. I think she will definately try to downplay everything and/or twist her story and actions to portray Casey’s innocense.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    I just happened to remember how much I hate how the Law operates sometimes…. all the CRAP that dictates a so-called “Fair Trial”. Why IS it that there can be real, actual EVIDENCE— downright PROOF of something— yet, half the time, it’s “Not Admissable”… or considered to be against some other Assinine Rule. What the hell is the purpose of having Trials anyway, and making a Jury decide a Person’s Innocence or Guilt, when things that have absolute definite Weight are often “Left out”. It’s all Backwards. Makes no Sense to me. It’s like telling the Contractor to build the House, then tearing the Blueprints in half and saying Go Ahead. What are you gonna get?… His “Best Guess”— based on what he had to work with… Certainly doesn’t mean the House turned-out the way it SHOULD have if he WOULD have had all the Information. Reminds me of what the O.J. Simpson Jurors admitted in their Televised Interview several years after his Trial…. They said alot of the Evidence was not even Presented— Evidence they knew Existed— and that it would not have ended-up the way it did, if it HAD been. How can an ACTUAL TAPE RECORDING of Cindy’s Call be considered “Hearsay”?? I get really Frustrated with this kind of stuff, and I’ll never understand the Logic behind “Omitting”/not Providing all the Tools necessary to do a Job, CORRECTLY. To me, that’s what’s NOT “Fair” with the whole System. I just don’t get it, and I certainly don’t agree with it. I’m sure The Prosecution knows EXACTLY why Cindy said what she said in that Call, and it’s a KEY part of the whole Story. No DOUBT she’s going to Lie about it… She already HAS. But ANYthing and EVERYthing can always be Argued, so what’s the Big Deal. Isn’t this what a “Trial” is all about?— Presenting and Arguing all the Evidence? And all the Evidence and/or Proof should at least BE there.

  14. Ideas Says:

    Honeydog, to add to the judicial frustration are the facts that the young, upper-middleclass (?) white, good-looking, have a hard time being conceived as murderers, which may be why she will not receive the dp.

  15. cali patti Says:

    So many of you already stated what I think. GMA’s interview with Cindy was a “kid glove” interview. JMO, but GMA wants access to Cindy later so if they do a hard hitting interview Cindy will stay away in the future. I have seen this happen so many times. This programs are entertainment not news and that is how they play it.

  16. zelda Says:

    yeah……….the “laws” defy reason.Nothing to do with justice. It’s crap.
    I am tired of the justice dodging bull.
    Any one with half a clam in their head knows there is too much smoke and mirrors in the judicial system.
    What if” we the people” make a new law that lawyers don’t get paid……..maybe we give em food in lieu of money etc. etc.Maybe toilet paper?
    In other words.No personal gain…..hahahaha.Ye haw.
    Then re write the laws to contain more than a modicum of logic.

  17. Diana Says:

    I hope Cindy gives “the look” she gave to Linda the last time she was questioned on the stand. It was pure hatred when Linda referred to someone needing to babysit Casey while out on bond. Cindy said: She’s not a baby and gave a look from hell. It was priceless. I like how Linda Drane puts emphasis on certain words and it makes you remember what point she was trying to get across.

  18. zelda Says:

    cindy and george both need to go to jail for perjury(It’s a law remember?) and tampering with evidence(washing the clothes/blanket), it’s a law too remember?These are just for starters.If we bust out the law books there are a host of laws these two broke.
    Boy that cindy is a real case…..but old george is running a close second.What a pair.
    We don’t have to have some slick lawyer who tries to dazzle us with his footwork to twist and turn through legal jargon so as to confuse the obvious actions of these two.
    They certainly should be seen as culpable.

  19. jon Says:

    When Casey is convicted of murder, and Cindy is convicted of perjury and George is convicted of being an emasculated wimp, I hope they’re all sentenced to live together in a glass box. Then we can watch as Cindy kills Casey and George finally has “it” with Cindy and explodes and kills her. What a reality show! Life with the Anthony’s.

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