Casey Anthony: Officer Fired Over Scandal

Silvia Hernandez, an Orange County Jail corrections officer connected to the case against Casey Anthony, was fired today. You may remember her as the officer who helped Anthony pass notes while in jail.

From WDBO:

Back in March 2010 an internal investigation began after Officer Hernandez was accused helping Anthony pass letters and notes to two other inmates.

Just days after the investigation began Officer Hernandez was placed on “relief from duty with pay” status.

The report indicated that Officer Hernandez admitted to having knowledge that Inmate Robyn Adams and Anthony were exchanging written communication in the form of notes and that Hernandez failed to employ appropriate measures to cease or address the written communication between the two.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Officer Fired Over Scandal”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Even though she knew this was a Violation, I wonder if she was thinking that something could be in it for her on down the line— like, “Thanks to this Officer, we now have Proof that….” etc. Of course, it wouldn’t have been permitted anyway, but, she had to know that she was putting her Job in Jeopardy, and it seems odd that she would take such a chance just because she thought it would be “nice” for these two Inmates to have a Friend. Knowing that Casey was so “High Profile”, it’s possible she had Alterior Motives for getting involved. Who knows. Wonder now, if we’ll be seeing her on some TV Talk Show (after all, she’ll be needing Money), answering that burning Question… “So, what’s Casey REALLY like?”… OR, perhaps a BOOK… I wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Gary Says:

    This so called letter evidence and these two convicted felons will not be allowed into evidence. Exspecially when it was gotten illegally by the sherif’s office. In the end though it realy dose not matter considering they have a billion other things against her. This is realy messed up considering I still have this lingering question in my mind as to why they did not find Caylee after all them searches and tips from Kronk. Error or just bad luck maybe. Someone else involved with this whole deal very very possible. I am in complete dissbelief that a mother could pre-meditate her 2 year olds murder by using chloroform and duct tape and then waiting 31 days to report hermissing. I believe that this is secound degree murder and that Casey possibly used chlorofrom to sadate Caylee and then put the tape on her mouth in case she woke up.If that is the case, which makes perfect sense everything else can be explained. I would almost bet my house that this is what happened.

  3. zelda Says:

    How big is your house?
    Oh said ALMOST that you would bet your house.Never mind.

    It’s difficult to think with a rational mind about all of this.What we would do is a mile off what an irrational mind would do.All we can do is get a peek from the grandstand into these cases.We hope there is evidence that tips the scale.
    Who knows……… any case casey should never see the light of day again.
    There was a comment on here that casey thinks she will be out in another year and then plans to become a lawyer.Try stuffing that scenario into a healthy brain. Egad.Then there are the movies and book rights and all of that so she will be able to shop and shop and bar hop and and and………….gawd!

  4. Diana Says:

    I think she wants to be a travelling lawyer when she gets out of the pokey. First she will buy an RV for her and Muffin to ride around in…….then she will do searches for lost children and in her spare time…..Andrea will make room in her class for her. I doubt that she could pass the bar (she never has before):) sorry..bad joke.

  5. Gary Says:

    Ya I take that back. I would only bet like $1 on that. You would think (Of course with a rational mind) that if you were going to pre-meditate murdereing your daughter that you would come up with a better plan than that. This is very hard to believe this was all planed, yet the evidence doese seem to be pointing in that direction. I say that only because of the searches on her computer. If it wasnt for that I would bet my house this wasnt planned. Anyways this is to much for a sane person to digest if what they claim she did is exactky what happened. I mean how do people like this come to exist. It has to be some mental dissorder. Like you said Zelda we look at this case and the events of it with a rational mind therfore boosting the fact that she is mentaly ill. Should they execute her for it. Absolutly not because we then sink to the level of the criminals in question. My rational mind will always go with the fact that you cant justify murder with murder. It just does not make any sense. Anyway you look at it the death penalty is murder, and how can we as a rational society say its ok to murder someone who murders.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    The Law states that “Pre-Meditation can occur in the Blink of an Eye”— and that is Sufficient-enough…. and, regardless of any Mental “Instability”, Casey knows “Right from Wrong”.
    Not Reporting Caylee “Missing” was due to the fact that Caylee was NOT REALLY MISSING, and, for those 31 Days, Casey was trying to figure-out what to DO with her— Hence, the ovewhelming “Odor” in the Car Trunk.
    I still believe that Casey buried Caylee in those Woods with the “Borrowed Shovel”, and in Tim Miller’s deduction that the Pounding Rain, Flooding, and Whipping Winds from the Hurricane “Unearthed”,
    “Pushed” and “Moved” the Bag from place to place. It’s perfectly understandable that Caylee could have ended-up in areas which had already been Searched, and visa-versa.
    As for Roy Kronk, his “Descriptions” of what he saw and reported to the Police actually varied, but, nonetheless, this part IS confusing, although I do not believe for one second that he had anything to do with the Crime.
    Anyone else but Casey being responsible?… No, I don’t believe that for one second either— whether “Intentional” or “Accidental”, I believe it was by her own Hand.

  7. zelda Says:

    Here here Honeydog.

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