Joran van der Sloot Files Appeal

As expected, Joran van der Sloot’s attorney filed an appeal earlier today to a ruling that upheld van der Sloot’s confession and detention in the death of Stephany Flores.

Van der Sloot claims that his incarceration is unlawful, and his attorney said that his client intends fight all the way to Peru’s highest court, and even internationally, if needed

From CNN:

For his part, van der Sloot is trying to slow down the legal process by appealing his incarceration and trying to nullify a confession he gave.

One judge already denied his claim, but van der Sloot’s attorney said his client will fight all the way to the Peruvian Supreme Court and international courts, if necessary.

Watch reporter who interviewed van der Sloot

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2 Comments on “Joran van der Sloot Files Appeal”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    File away…Good Luck… Ain’t gonna change NOTHIN… No How, No Way.
    I suppose Joran’s Attorney feels compelled to do what’s expected of a Defense Lawyer, and, naturally, they ALL want to make their Clients think they’ve got Power over their Fate. So, like Casey’s Team, he’s simply doing his Job while he’s wasting his Time. I also have no doubt that this Attorney has other things “Up his Sleeve”— High Profile Case… Interviews… Notoriety— Equals $$$$. Wait-n-See.

  2. zelda Says:

    Right on Honeydog.It’s a given.

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