Judge Rejects Joran Van Der Sloot Plea

A judge has denied Joran Van der Sloot’s request to throw out his confession.

I can’t say I’m not surprised. I’m sure that this ruling will be appealed.

From the Associated Press:

Maximo Altez, van der Sloot’s attorney, argued that his client’s confession should be voided because the attorney representing him at the time was state-appointed.

Superior Court Judge Wilder Casique rejected the habeas corpus motion, making note of the fact that in addition to the state-appointed lawyer, van der Sloot had been afforded a Dutch-Spanish interpreter approved by the Dutch Embassy.

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10 Comments on “Judge Rejects Joran Van Der Sloot Plea”

  1. laurali Says:

    Well good for the Judge! I hope he loses any appeal. It is time for him to learn he cannot keep changing his story. Him and Casey would make the perfect couple.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    A Confession is a Confession. He not only willingly signed it, but also provided all the gory details.
    I understand now that he and his Lawyer intend to “Take this all the way to the Top”. With a Confession— AND the overwhelming volume of Direct Evidence against him— yeah right, Good Luck on THAT one. Joran VanDerSloot has finally been STOPPED— He ain’t goin NOWHERE. But NOW I hear that he’s asking for ONE MILLION DOLLARS for a Television Interview! The NERVE of this Arrogant, Lying, Canniving, Murdering piece of shit, and his Craving for the Limelight, just never ends, and— what’s worse— it’s Scary to think that someone just might go for it. If I wasn’t so Elated over his Capture and definite impending Punnishment, I’d be Furious. Still, he turns my Stomach.

  3. sophie Says:

    I’m so glad that this judge has a brain in his head. As for JVD and his unbelievable demands….if he admitted guilt and took his punishment like a man, we’d all be disappointed.

    Besides…with each and every ridiculous demand, the world and Peru hates him just a little more, further cementing his fate there.

    Boy, I’d hate to be his mother.

  4. OneOp Says:

    I am all for putting Joran and Casey in the same 10 x 10 space and letting come what may between them. One way of saving tax payer monies and bringing both
    cases to a fast end. Pick a winner! Who would devour who??????

  5. zelda Says:

    No kidding……….joran is a real nut case that was indulged by his parents to the max.He ran the show with them really early on from all reports. BOTH his parents did whatever they could for him ,covering up any of his bad deeds as they went.
    This guy makes me sick……….
    I have tried to sympathize with his mother but as facts come out I am beginning to change my mind.Those damn parents should have had joran in a nut ward when he was very young.As they did not do so it leads me to think one or both of them are just like him, but did not act out in the same way for whatever reason.
    In other words , the nut does not fall far from the tree.
    No one hears anything about his two brothers.Poor things.I did hear that one of them was upset that the parents let joran get away with things all the time.Egad……….how screwed up.
    So in the anthony case as well as this one it looks like the ball stops at the parents feet.It’s the damn gene pool………Plant a bean you get a bean not a watermelon.
    I hope Peru fries this cocky little bastard……he is a real threat to all of us.He’s nuts.

  6. laurali Says:

    Oneop~ LOL! I would pay to see that. No offense but neither of them is better than the other.

  7. Lona1 Says:

    I hope they will place him in gen population soon. I think I read that that might happen in 3 months or so? That’s were he belongs.

  8. OneOp Says:

    Lona1, if they do, he will be mincemeat in a very short time, I would think having killed a Peruvian young woman. My guess if he general population don’t do him in the guards will. Does anyone think there is any Dutch money that could buy him out. Like family (his dad having been a lawyer/judge) Dutch government, or whatever they are called.

  9. zelda Says:

    I am not sure how the other criminals would treat joran.They survive by getting money from the outside and are a real deadly bunch but may be able to be bought off. I am sure they will try to get money from joran…….if they don’t then they may do him in.Who knows?

    His mother may send him money and I think he was left trust money from his dad. I read that somewhere……it was like $60,000.00 a year……….but that may be incorrect. Seems like if it were true he wouldn’t have needed money??? Or maybe he gambled it away?

    At any rate……if they put him in the general population it won’t go well for him in any case. Not sure he could last long. I really don’t give a rats ass. He is a monster.

  10. Honeydog Says:

    I’m thinking just the Opposite about how things will go if and when Joran is put in General Population, and/or when he gets Transferred to the other Prison.
    Gotta remember, it’s not like these Inmates are “Choir Boys”— They’re the same as Joran— Criminals— and I’m sure some of THEM have killed people who were Peruvians— perhaps even Females. I don’t think they’re going to look upon him any differently than they do the rest of the bunch. Even the Inmate who Joran has Befriended says that he doesn’t hold anything against him, and that “He’s one of Us”. Oh I’m sure there’s “Clicks”, and, from the Reports, the Inmates “Run” the other Prison, but, knowing how Shifty Joran is, I kind of think he’ll work his way in with whom and where he wants to be, perhaps even gain some “Status”, and have his own little Circle of Protection. I have no doubt that, once Joran realizes he’s not getting out, he’s going to shift Gears and Play the Game in “that World”, and do what he does best to become one of the “Big Dogs”.
    Of course, this doesn’t mean that he’ll actually SUCCEED. While I too suspect that he’ll be trying to “Buy” his Protection and Survival— and probably even get involved with the Drug-Dealing going-on on the Inside— I think the major Rude-awakening for Joran is going to be that this isn’t the “Small Time” he’s used to being in Control of, that he’s the “New Kid on the Block”, that “Trust” is practically non-Existant, and that, for once in his Life, he’s not going to be able to “Get Away” from anything or anybody that “Cramps his Style”. Come to think of it, if other Inmates don’t get to him first, just these things alone oughta be enough to Kill HIM.

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