Casey Anthony: Two New Depositions Coming

Prosecutors have filed notices of two new witness depositions to be taken this coming July and August.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

One witness scheduled to be questioned is Laura Buchanan, a New Jersey woman who has said that on Sept. 3, 2008, she searched “near the privacy fence and worked my way towards and then beyond the spot where the body was found,” according to a sworn statement.

Buchanan is scheduled to be questioned under oath Aug. 16 at the office of her attorney in Iselin, N.J.

The second person to be questioned is Bradley Wright, a defense witness. His deposition is scheduled for July 21 at a law office in Sarasota, according to the notice filed by Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick.

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24 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Two New Depositions Coming”

  1. carol Says:

    We know that Casey murder her daughter and if she didn’t put her there then it’s either her mother ,father or brother. They were hoping that they wouldn’t fine her body But I guess it back fired on them. And for myself Caylee murder her and she put her there All she does is lie and try to blame every body else.So judge perry is got to put his foot down and say enough is enough and lets get on with this case. And I think that everything that the Prosecuto
    has should be alound in court plus the 9-1-1- tape.
    Who does the dream team think they our. Why don’t they have justice for poor caylee

  2. OneOp Says:

    Carol, it is a long wait isn’t it, but I really believe Caylee has her justice, it is that
    we want the responsible one to face their day of punishment and that hasn’t happened as quickly as has been expected, unfortunately.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    I think I said this once before on another Post, but, I still believe that Casey buried the Bag holding Caylee’s body, using the “Borrowed Shovel”, and that, as Tim Miller said, it was Unearthed and Pushed from place to place in those Woods during the Winds, Rain, and Flooding of the Hurricane. It would stand to reason why it could easily have been missed at one particular time or another during the duration of the Search, as the Search was off-and-on due to the Weather. It doesn’t mean that, just because this Volunteer didn’t find anything when she looked in the same area where the Remains were later found, that the Bag couldn’t have found its way to that same Spot at another point in time afterward. The Weather Conditions played a big part in the Search of those Woods, and I have no doubts that Tim Miller and his Team covered every Inch they were able to. Considering that the area was under Water for quite some time, it’s Logical that, as they were going back and forth, and at different times, so was the Bag. In any case, no way do I believe that anyone BUT Casey put Caylee there. It’s just a shame that, due to the Hurricane’s effects on the Search of those Woods, the Search itself is under Scrutiny, leaving the
    “Opening” for The Defense to argue that Caylee was not there to begin with, and placed there later by someone else while Casey was already in Jail. Thankfully, Tim Miller and EquaSearch do have their shit together, and I think The Prosecution does as well.

  4. Molly Says:

    Who is Bradley Wright?

  5. OneOp Says:

    Molly, I am not too sure but I think he is/was a room mate of Roy Kronk, but haven’t really heard anything specifically about him.

  6. Venice Says:

    This case is so cut and dry, it’s pathetic! Casey should have been convicted and sentenced a year ago!!!!

  7. toasty1 Says:

    Venice, I agree! This trial should have been over MONTHS ago! I just wonder how many more years it will drag on? Maybe that’s what the Defense wants…people to forget Casey Anthony, and her nutty lying family. (can’t say I blame them!)

  8. OneOp Says:

    I think it is true that the impact of the murder will lessen as more time goes on
    and the defense believes that will help. If the State does not have much to present
    in “pictures” to set their frame of mind to disgust it will also help the defense.
    And we all know little Caylee was found skeletal, different than seeing the actual
    body bound with duct tape and all in true form. I have been looking at Stephany
    Flores pictures as example, what was done to her. so badly beaten. I believe it
    makes a difference, absolutely when the trials come about sooner than later.
    A real shame in the case of Caylee.

  9. zelda Says:

    It’s MORE than a shame OneOp it’s a travesty.
    I have no faith in our legal system any longer.It’s “upside down” to me.
    We have gone nuts on “criminal’s rights” in my opinion.
    Why are we not focused on the victim instead of the lawyers being able to delay this crap for ages????Could it be that we need to just follow the money here too? Yup….that’s it.Our system sucks.
    This whole circus with casy and the anthony gaggle just make a mockery out of all that I held dear in this process.He flies in the face of reason.
    I am sick of it.
    Sick of van der sloot……..and all the rest of these high profile cases. It’s nuts that they should have any rights IMO.

  10. zelda Says:

    I made a lot of typos in the above statement…sorry……it’s very upsetting and I get on a roll.
    it should say “it” flies in the face of reason…..not “he”.etc. etc.

  11. OneOp Says:

    It is hard for me to think of a case that everything has been stretched out so long.. Absolutely ridiculous that our system tolerates the delays like they do. I’m reading the documents, the depos, the letters, Each minute step takes weeks, months. Money has to have something to do with it. I read Richard Grund, Rick Plesea, (Cindy’s brother) making it look like they are so up front and telling everything. I have a feeling there are skeletons in all the closets, They all give me the thought they are going to reach out in the end and sell their stories to the tabloids. I know there is a lot about Cindy, but who, in this scenario is any damn good. I don’t see it. I mean it is sickening all around. There is no “family” in this case, they are all so strained with each other. That precious baby, is a victim of all the disfunction, family and our system. Unbelievable. Last night on Larry King the judge in the Anna Nicole case who had vowed he would never dip into the bucked after the case was over, but guess what, he has his book out. He changed his mind! What do you know! So you see, the heart pounds harder for the almighty dollar than it does for honor and justice. jmo

  12. Honeydog Says:

    *OneOp* (RE: 6/25@9:16am)
    Don’t worry… Despite the condition of Caylee’s remains, I have no doubt that The Prosecution will provide a sufficient and compelling Presentation of this little girl— “Before” and “After”. When the Jury observes what was “left of her”, I think it will be quite enough to leave a strong Impact. WE have not seen the Photos, but you can imagine. I know it would surely affect ME.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    P.S: It really won’t matter how much Time has gone-by when the Trial begins. That day will “Resurrect” each and every Momment of what happened back then, and will be experienced by the Jury as though it were Yesterday….

  14. zelda Says:

    I hope so Honeydog.

  15. Honeydog Says:

    Yes *Zelda*, that’s how it’s done. The Story will be “Brought to Life”, and, as it Unfolds in the Courtroom, the Forensic and other Scientific Evidence will be mixed-in, as well as the Witnesses for the different aspects of the Case. Even if there IS a Juror or Jurors who either aren’t aware at all, somewhat aware, or aware but forgetful of this Case, they will learn of it and know it, and/or Memories will be Refreshed. I don’t think we have to worry about Judge Perry making sure everything is done “Righteously”, but my Hope is that no Key Evidence is left-out (not like it was in the O.J. Case), and that the Jury is a good one.

  16. zelda Says:

    Won’t it be great to finally get closure on some of this crap? I guess it bothers me on a fundamental level that connects us all right down to our DNA.Gezus.
    When casey gets sentenced..when HALEIGH GETS FOUND………WHEN KYRON GETS FOUND…..when dozens of perps get put away………..maybe the air will be fit to breathe again.
    The sad truth is there is always a killer out there..we can’t protect the innocents and that makes my skin crawl.The ones we do catch I want to see “gone” one way or the other.

    It’s a tough world.

  17. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s like, nothing is Right with the World as long as Killers and Sex Offenders continue to Roam and Violate, but it always makes me feel a whole lot better and quite Satisfied when any of them finally get what they deserve.

  18. zelda Says:

    Me too.

  19. zelda Says:

    Hi John……I think the postings are off again……look like they are going backward.See what I mean?
    I know this has happened before …………

  20. kreuzer33 Says:

    They’re in order with the most recent comments first. I can change but have had many requests to do it in this way so that people can read the most current comments instead of having to scroll to the end.

  21. Honeydog Says:

    Hi John~ Me again about the order of the Comments (already mentioned it on the other Page)….

    I can understand that some Readers don’t care about what was “at the beginning”, but this is just so Confusing— especially since it’s normally always the same people returning to Read and Post every day, and that most of us are usually “responding” to each other’s Comments. It’s hard to maintain the “Flow” of things and Play-off of the Discussion this way. While I do know that some other Sites list the most-recent Comment first, those Sites always seem to be the ones where the Bloggers aren’t really interested in what the person before them had to say— rather only in making their own statement, and jumping from one Site to another to do so. I think the people who have been here on yours, including myself, appreciate that we can “Take-in” others Thoughts, Opinions, Ideas and Questions, beforehand, and then actually keep a good Conversation going, which is usually the case.

    Anyway, Sorry, I honestly didn’t mean to go on like this (but you know how I AM.. LOL!)— I just wanted to express my own feelings about it. I realize it’s not easy trying to please everybody.

  22. kreuzer33 Says:

    Fixed πŸ™‚

  23. Honeydog Says:

    Thank You John. (If you had just waited a little longer, I was going to try to Bribe you with Money!
    LOL). Anyway, you’re the Best!

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