Enjoy The Pictures…

So…I took a line drive off my face tonight playing softball.

Enjoy the pictures!

Another Good One!

Ain't I Cute!

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9 Comments on “Enjoy The Pictures…”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    YIKES!! Well, despite looking like a “Thug” in that second one (Yo Man, Whasssup?) (Sorry John, I couldn’t resist— YOU know, the Comical “First Reaction” thing!)(LOL)— it takes a REAL Man to put-up his Pummeled Mug on his Blog Site! Whew… Seriously though, CLOSE CALL… Could’ve lost your Eye. I know that must have REALLY Hurt when it Hit. Hopefully the Swelling and Bruising won’t be too bad, but I guess it’ll be quite Sore for a couple days. Lots of Ice you know. Anyway, next time, try to remember… it’s “Take me out to the Ballgame”— Not TAKE ME OUT! Feel Better Soon!!

  2. kreuzer33 Says:

    …and I didn’t miss a play. Stayed in the game 🙂

  3. zelda Says:

    Whoa…………..that had to hurt Dude!
    And you stayed in the game too……..sheeeeze.!
    Take care.

  4. cali patti Says:

    Next time use your mitt, lol. Sorry about the face. At least you are showing that “real” men do live in California.

  5. kreuzer33 Says:

    Ha Ha! Wild horses couldn’t pull me off the field! The ball was going right in my glove and then it took a bad hop. Unfortunately, nothing I could do about it. BATTLE SCARS!!!!

  6. OneOp Says:

    Nah, John, that’s not what happened, Your little guy put on the gloves and gave
    you a right jab. looks like it hurt too! lol Just funning with you. Poor guy!

  7. kreuzer33 Says:

    You got me. It was Johnny! 🙂 Nah, ball took a wicked hop. Not good!

  8. Linda From New York Says:

    OUCH! And YES, you are very cute!

  9. kreuzer33 Says:

    Ha Ha! Thanks, Linda. I try 🙂

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