Casey Anthony: Parents Appear on Good Morning America

Casey Anthony’s parents appeared on Good Morning America this morning where they told viewers that they’ve faced overwhelming sadness since their granddaughter, Caylee Anthony, vanished two years ago today.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

“The last two years have been just unbearable,” George Anthony told Good Morning America, according to the show’s website.

The Anthonys spoke about their thoughts on their daughter’s innocence, Casey Anthony’s jail letters, Cindy Anthony’s panicked 911 call about the smell of a dead body in the car and George Anthony’s suicide attempt, among other topics related to the case.

Cindy Anthony said she still believes her daughter is innocent.

“I’m not angry about it so much as I am frustrated because I might be able to better understand why she’s where she’s at now. Because, I still truly believe that she is innocent,” Cindy Anthony said. “There’s got to be a motive there that’s much greater than this whole picture.”

She admitted that her daughter lied to investigators, but said, “A liar doesn’t make you a murderer.”

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15 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Parents Appear on Good Morning America”

  1. Diana Says:

    Blah Blah Blah………same crap as always. Someone needs to tell Cindy Anthony that if a liar makes you a murderer then you and George would both be behind bars as well as your daughter. Who would lie about their missing baby? I wish someone would interview them that would ask them some tough questions instead of these same ole creme puff interviews. YUCK

  2. Ideas Says:

    So…Cindy needs a motive from Casey to understand her guilt?

    Maybe she could speak again with her mother, Shirley. She understood the motive. Or, maybe, she could listen to LE. Seems the problem is NOT a lack of motive, but Cindy’s acceptance of it.

    I suppose it would be hard to accept that Cindy herself was part of that motive that was “much greater than this whole picture.”

    That doesn’t mean Cindy is guilty in any way with what Casey decided to do.

  3. midget48 Says:

    ….And the beat goes on….and on and on……what a waste, a HUGE waste giving these delusional “grandparents” an interview. GMA, why not interview the victims of this pyschopath…jesse grund, amy H. richard grund, zanny, roy k….and the list goes on… GMA does not have the fortitude to ask the hardball questions! in fact, i do not believe they want to ask the REAL questions! Justice will prevail for precious Caylee in spite of these kc kool-aid drinkers.

  4. veniceborn Says:

    This interview was to simply gain sympathy from a death-qualified jury. BOTTOM LINE.


  5. Kim Says:

    Again I ask – why on earth would an innocent person sit behind bars for years if there is proof of their innocence?

  6. veniceborn Says:


    NOBODY faces the DP and sits in jail for 2 years and NOT point a finger at someone to eliminate themselves as the primary suspect. NOBODY!

  7. zelda Says:

    Amazing…….yet another lame interview with george and cindy………yegawds.

    What for?

    GMA couldn’t ask a real , hard hitting question if their ratings depended on them..oops..

  8. veniceborn Says:

    George exposing his tacky-looking tattoo like that was just off the top! GROW UP you two parasites!

  9. eastwood34 Says:

    2 Sick sub-humans.

  10. veniceborn Says:

    Hi there eastwood.

    You said it WELL!

  11. Deborah Says:

    Motive: Cindy, you were being the mother to Caylee and Casey did want you to be. Jealousy. AND you had no business being the mother to that child, you are the grandmother. Casey left the house after that argument with Caylee because Caylee was her child and not yours. Casey wanted to party and not be a mother but would not let you win by letting you bring up Caylee. Casey chloroformed her daughter (like the many times before)so she could party leaving Caylee in the car so that she could party. Came back to car – oops shes dead – drive around – can’t go back to Cindy’s house – party some more – asked brother to dispose of body or did it herself. Left car so that it looked like it was stolen, maybe part of the plan that she had to say that someone killed Caylee and stole the car… humm don’t know. Put tape around the head after death so that it looked like someone else murdered her. There you go Cindy – bottom line your daughter is a murder. Sad but true you will have all of the proof given to you on a silver platter and your stubborn attitude will still not let you see it. Sad but true YOU were part of the reason that Casey was not a responsible mother and that you kept telling Casey that you were going to take her daughter away and raiser her as your own daughter. Casey acted out of jealousy and not wanting you to have Caylee.

  12. I can only imagine how difficult it has been for them. I believe most parents would have difficulty beleiving their child could do such a thing.They care more for her than she did for them, but, what parents aren’t like that?

    Maybe someday they will have closure to this whole ordeal.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    EVERY time something potentially-Damaging to any of the “3 Musketeers” (Casey/George/Cindy) begins floating-around the Public, these two conveniently pop-up at the TV Station’s Stage Door to get-in their 15 Minutes of Excuses. The one from Cindy about her 911-Call really takes the Cake…. Saying she said what she said ONLY to get the Police there right away? Yeah Right Cindy… Referring to the Smell of a Dead Body in the Car WOULD be the FIRST thing ANYbody would think of saying! Too late. Not gonna Fly. And Uh, Excuse you, but the Police don’t Lock-up and Charge a person with Murder just for having Lied to them. Cindy wants to “better Understand” why Casey is where she’s at?— Think she needs to instead Understand why CAYLEE is where she’s at.

    *Kim* and *Veniceborn*: Casey is sitting behind Bars because she HAS to, until her Trial. And, she DID point a Finger at someone else.

  14. TPM Says:

    Aye yi yi! 1st, I was VERY disappointed with Ashley. So much for me theory she earned her spot through talent. I guess being a prostitute is really just a matter of the price. When it is Larry King asking the hardest questions, you really have to wonder how news turned into such a joke in the US. Disney owning ABC maybe? nahh. $indee sure had a lot of work done and must of had a pretty good coach. Georgette living up to me usual low opinion. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE EVEN ON THE NEWS? I would love for the Holloway parents to BLAST them publicly. Sorry for the rambling nature of the post, it is hard to type about them without swearing. I can hardly wait for the day they become as relevant as Scott Peterson’s folks.

  15. Ideas Says:

    Are Cindy and George looking for closure?

    Maybe for their mortgage war, but for Caylee? I don’t see any pursuit of closure.

    They aren’t raging to find the real murderer while proclaiming in the media Casey’s innocence.

    To them, is Casey’s guilt up in the air, waiting for a verdict? No. If found guilty, they would say the jury was mislead. I’m sure they’re waiting for the trial to be over, but is that closure for them? Will they ever be able to get on with their lives, if after two years, they haven’t been able to?

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