FBI Gave Joran van der Sloot Travel Money

It appears that the FBI inadvertently provided Joran van der Sloot with the money that funded his trip to Peru.

Interesting development…

From ABC News:

The FBI denied today suggestions that it moved too slowly after monitoring alleged extortion payments to murder suspect Joran van der Sloot, allowing him to travel to Peru where he admits he killed a woman he met in a casino.

The attack on Flores came nearly three weeks after the FBI admits that it monitored payments to van der Sloot in what it says was an attempt to extort $250,000 from someone in Mountain Brook, Ala., the hometown of missing high school girl Natalee Holloway.

From The Epoch Times:

Inside sources reportedly said the FBI handed over $10,000 in cash and transferred $15,000 to Van der Sloot in an undercover investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in 2005.

The agent acted in name of the victim’s mother Beth Holloway, to whom Van der Sloot offered to disclose the location of Natalee’s body in exchange of $250,000. The FBI official said they had no reason to believe Van der Sloot was about to commit another crime and wanted to solve the 2005 disappearance, while not building a “white-collar extortion case.”

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30 Comments on “FBI Gave Joran van der Sloot Travel Money”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Latest report is that the Money came from “Private Funds”, not the FBI, but they did Monitor the Transactions. I’m listening to alot of Controversy about why Joran wasn’t Arrested right away, but the Opinion I agree with most is that, if Natalee’s remains HAD been found as the result of this “Deal”, no one would be complaining, or blaming the FBI. I don’t think either, that they expected Joran to Flee, or, of all things, kill someone else. They were acting as they would in any “Sting” Operation— building their Case, which takes Time and Evidence— and, while it IS very unfortunate that it all went South, personally, I don’t feel that the FBI can be held responsible.

  2. sophie Says:

    I don’t feel the FBI is accountable either. One would think he’d be on his toes behaving in order to prevent being arrested again before receiving the entire quarter million dollars. He’s a moron.

    If we want to blame a governmental entity for this additional death, we should be blaming Aruba.

  3. Lona1 Says:

    Private Investigator Labels Van Der Sloot a ‘Serial Killer’.

  4. Lona1 Says:

    Van Der Sloot confessed with a wealth of details,


  5. Lona1 Says:

    Peruvian interrogators restricted their questioning of Van der Sloot to the case of Flores, the daughter of a circus promoter and former race car driver whom he met playing poker at a casino, Guardia said.

    He told the AP in an interview Wednesday evening that the 6-foot-3 (190-centimeter-tall) Van der Sloot, 22, impressed investigators with both his intelligence and brutality.

    “He grabbed her and smashed her with an elbow,” Guardia said, pointing to his own nose. “A lot of blood spewed out … Then he strangles her and throws her to the floor.”

  6. Hadley Says:

    Lona1: Tks. for all the new info.! I am sure that the Holloways are thrilled that he is finally behind bars, and will probably tell them the truth about Natalee when more time passes.

  7. zelda Says:

    I don’t believe any version this pos pukes up.
    His dad schooled him well in how to beat a rap.I am assuming it was his dad.Probably part of who is is anyway.
    Fact is he is a killer………a murderer.
    I feel the statement about his intelligence sickening.
    It’s crafty manipulative controlling bullshit.
    He is a monster……
    No one of his caliber should ever be able to outwit the laws of the land.
    I wonder what his mother is thinking now…..I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or not.The normal mind would gravitate to thinking she must be horrified…..but she may think he is being railroaded again.
    At any rate…..these monster murdering pos that butcher women and kids should be shown no mercy to my mind.None. They have forfeited any compassion due a human being.They made their choice as well as ours in that regard.
    I understand that he goes before a judge(or three) on Wed>?Let’s send good energy to those judges.
    Already vandersloot’s atty is saying his confession should be thrown out.OMG!
    This is insane……

  8. zelda Says:

    On topic………the FBI was doing their job.

  9. Lona1 Says:

    Crime scene photos (graphic)….evidence of his skin under her fingernails.


  10. Lona1 Says:

    he will get 30 plus years. With his Baby face he’ll be lucky if he can SIT in court. Now he gets steak and cigarettes. They are fattening him up for the kill. Even when in prison before the trial, the rebels and terrorists in there with him will be told not to rough him up too much. Soon as the trial is over, one with approval from the outside will cut his throat.

  11. zelda Says:

    Yikes………boy he is in a no win situation eh? Kinda like the women he killed were in ???? Creep!

    I will be watching for news that links him to the two women murdered in Columbia.I am sure they can easily prove the time line.

    Who knows how many people he has killed?


  12. Lona1 Says:


    Homicide Division sued Joran van der Sloot for aggravated robbery with subsequent death, a crime that is punishable by life imprisonment. Your Voice Print

    If convicted on these charges, the dangerous subject could be sentenced to life imprisonment, criminal lawyer said Mario Amoretti.

    “It’s very complicated to try to support a homicide by violent emotion. That figure does not apply in this case because, as has been demonstrated, there is no alteration of consciousness, “he said

  13. kreuzer33 Says:

    Honeydog, OneOp~

    Since you’re always looking for my “Friday Movie”, be sure to check out the homepage for the kids and I at the A’s game. Our rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” 🙂

  14. Lona1 Says:

    Peru has managed to do in 11 days what should have been done in Aruba 5 years ago.

  15. Lona1 Says:

    video of Joran being transferred and other pictures.


    under update 1, pictures of the prison where he is right now.

  16. vidkid Says:

    Now that he is ” apparently” going to come clean on Natalee’s death, I think the other guy’s that were questioned in this case will want to beat him to the punch? Learned this from a Foxnews story…


    I would make the deal and renege on it! Hope he goes down hard….

  17. Honeydog Says:

    Great Idea!! That would solve EVERYthing!

  18. blue bird Says:

    Spotting and Dumping the Criminal Mind of the Netherlands.
    The Netherlands in its entirety is often referred to as Holland, although North and South Holland are actually only two of its twelve provinces. The word Dutch is used to refer to the people, the language, and anything pertaining to the Netherlands. This lexical difference between the noun and the adjective is an attribute of the English language that does not exist in the Dutch language.
    “…Consider Dostoevsky’s analysis of the criminal mind in his masterwork `Crime and Punishment’: The criminal assumption is that one has the right and authority to take or confiscate values earned by others so long as someone else has a need for those values.”
    The Criminal Mind is a mode of thinking that lays the responsibility for taking care of oneself onto others. A person with a criminal mind constantly projects that others owe him something — be it money, a job, happiness, love, or anything else of value.
    You Dutch, Joran Van der Sloot, and his entire family pretend that didn’t do anything wrong:
    You didn’t humiliated nobody, you didn’t steal nobody, you didn’t tortured nobody, you didn’t raped nobody, you didn’t killed nobody, you didn’t kidnapped nobody, and if all that wasn’t enough for more than 5 long years, you cynically sadistically, persistently are playing and torturing the family of your victim, and kidnapping in your soil the remains of Natalee. Aruba is your PROTECTORAT…
    This is the way a Criminal Mind can think. Even the worse criminal tries to justify his self before committing the crime. The same way you are thinking too.
    Joran, the mama boy, was spoiled and transformed in a monster by his family, Dutch Judiciary System and the Government. He thinks that is very smart, and is in full disregard for others. The Dutch Government covered up the Joran’s crime, protected and still is protecting him. They are as guilty as him for the Natalee disappearance in Aruba, and the murder of Stephany Flores in Peru. Netherlands and Dutch people are not able to enforce a SAFE and PREDICTABLE environment in Aruba.
    For me, a US citizen born and Raised in Europe, and for all American People, the Joran Van der Sloot will be the (ICON) THAT WILL REPRESENT NEATHERLAND, AND MANY OF THE DUTCH PEOPLE WHO THINK LIKE HIM, for a long time.

  19. Honeydog Says:

    Nice work *blue bird*.

  20. zelda Says:

    I have posed the question on this blog as to , “I wonder how his mother feels and or if she still thinks he is innocent” . Not verbatim but the idea.
    Well….her latest statement is very telling in my view. She says,”he is not a monster”….he is being set up.There ya go.
    He has been given the green light by her all his life no doubt……….he was never exposed to consequence.His dad may have done the same thing……It looks as though he may have help “dump” Natalie’s body. Gezus………
    You know if you look into the mind of joran I would suspect he learned very early on to play his pat hand. He was NEVER who ANYONE thought he was.He played life and the people around him just like he plays his poker hand.
    The sappy stuff an old girlfriend is yakking about now is interesting. I submit he has not “changed” since then ………he was ALWAYS who is is and played those around him for suckers to get what ever he needed.It’s a gigantic game to him.It always has been. He PRACTICED on his family and girlfriends etc. etc. to finally get to the real person he is….a cold sociopathic murderer.
    I have two sons……and believe me if one of them was in this mess I would not be defending him.It would kill me…..but there would be no way I could dodge the reality of his deeds.
    So it is telling as to how he was raised to hear his mother say he is being “set up”.
    He is exactly what he is and always has been..a monster laughing at how dumb everyone around his was and how easy it was to fool them all.

  21. Honeydog Says:

    Even nicer Work *Zelda*! You’re exactly right. Just like Scott Peterson, vanderSloot Fooled and Sucked-in alot of people along the way with his “Charm”. Did you happen to catch his Friend’s interview with Nancy Grace?— The guy actually STILL supports him, even with knowing he killed Stephany. Unbelievable. And as for Mom, I doubt she barely even SEES her Son, let alone KNOWS him all that well, with all his Escapading all over the Country all the time. She has no Idea what he’s even about and the kind of stuff he’s been involved in. (Sounds Familiar— The
    Anthony Family all over). Anyway, Mrs. vanderSloot can try to Twist it up and Defend him till the Cows come Home in Holland…. A Murderer he surely is, and there’s not a Snowball’s Chance in Aruba that she, or he, or any Defense Attorney on the face of the Earth they think they can Buy, Beg or Con, will ever be able to Prove otherwise. Accepting the Cold Hard Truth is difficult for any Parent, but, as you say, these kind of people, like The Anthonys, will always believe their darling Children can do no Wrong, and Blame everyone and everything else for whatever Befalls them— even when the “Blanket” fits, or the “Blood” is on the Shirt.

  22. zelda Says:

    Honey dog……..
    I have seen this scenario several times in my long life.Always with negative results up and down the scale.
    Sad..scary and oddly enough more preventable than we like to think I believe.There is of course that individual that all the good parenting in the world could not effect…….but I suspect we may need to take the time to KNOW our children and react very early on and it could temper the outcome.
    It’s a goofy world..and most of us are ill equipped to deal with it’s realities.Yikes……….

  23. OneOp Says:

    I have never heard, Is Joran an only child? So this mother has no conscience either, obviously she would have him running loose and be killing others.

  24. oneOp Says:

    Not the appropriate page, but HAPPY FATHERS DAY dear commenters
    Happy Fun, family, memories and love to all wherever you are.

  25. zelda Says:

    Oneop……I have heard he has two brothers.
    I wonder what’s going on with them.
    Be the pitts to be a sibling of joran…….geeeze.
    Yes……the mother is way off…..She thinks joran is being set up even with this last murder. OMG!!!!!!

  26. zelda Says:

    I just heard the joran’s mother is facing that he”did something” to the Peruvian girl.
    She says he is sick.They should have sent him to a clinic after the Holloway case.She does feel that he was innocent there. At least for now. Her mind is fighting against her heart and her mind is slowly winning.Terrible beyond words for any mother.
    Her last statement was “that it is time to let joran go”
    Gaaawd…………how terrible.

  27. Honeydog Says:

    Wow. That’s heavy.

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