Casey Anthony: Will We Hear 911 Calls?

Prosecutors filed a document today laying out arguments for allowing jurors to hear 911 calls made back in July of 2008.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Anthony’s legal team has argued that dozens of statements made by her friends and family amount to hearsay and should be kept out at her trial scheduled for next year.

But in Monday’s nine-page filing, Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick argues that the 911 calls made by Cindy Anthony, the defendant’s mother, should be heard. The prosecutor contends that the calls help show the progression of stories Casey Anthony told to explain the disappearance of her daughter Caylee Marie.

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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Will We Hear 911 Calls?”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    I believe that the Telephone Calls— especially Cindy’s reference to the smell of a Dead Body in the Car— should be heard at Trial, as, not only is this one such a compelling piece of direct and clear Information— having been willingly-stated and with personal Knowledge— but the Calls ARE an integral part of the Story. While the State’s Case would still be strong without them, there’s no denying the added Weight they would provide. I myself can’t even dismiss Cindy’s Calls from the whole Picture— they are that Relevant and Significant. I’m not so sure though, that the Judge will deem them neccesary, as I suppose they could be considered “Leading”, and of Negative Influence right off the Bat. Hard to make a call on this one.

  2. Diana Says:

    Who has NOT already heard those calls a million times already? You would have to have been living under a rock if you haven’t.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Right, *Diana*, but that’s just the kind of people The Defense wants on the Jury— Those out there somewhere who just MAY have been Living under a Rock.
    Be good if they were privileged to this stuff in Court.

  4. luvanrs Says:

    I think they should be heard too. They will cast doubt on anythng else that cindy has to say, as she changes her story right after they lawyer up.

  5. Barb Says:

    It really ticks me off that Casey Anthony has this dream defense team. Plus all the graduate student teams working to find holes in the case. I think the prosecutors should have their own grad student team working to convict.
    I hope even the defense will get sick of her lies and psycho problems.
    Cindy Anthony’s 911 call should definitely be part of this case. It really shows how much she trusts her own daughter. And, what kind of mother Casy really was.

  6. zelda Says:

    Why is this even a question? It insults anyone with the brain of a walnut to not see the importance of ANY evidence. Let the jury weed it out, not the zealous lawyers.

    Good thing this crime didn’t happen in Peru. Jurisprudence still reigns there it seems. Not many bloggers there frustrated with injustice, I would assume.

    Just a wild guess.

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