Joran van der Sloot Confesses to Murder of Stephany Flores

Police have confirmed that Joran van der Sloot, the prime suspect in the disappearance of missing teenager Natalee Holloway, has confessed to murdering Stephany Flores.


A high-ranking Peruvian government official confirmed to NBC News Monday night that Joran van der Sloot confessed to the slaying of a 21-year-old Lima woman.

According to La Republica newspaper, he said that his anger exploded and he broke Stephany Flores’ neck after she grabbed his laptop without his permission, and found out that he was involved in the disappearance of an American woman.

The paper quoted Van der Sloot as saying, “I did not want to do it. The girl intruded into my private life.”

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37 Comments on “Joran van der Sloot Confesses to Murder of Stephany Flores”

  1. OneOp Says:

    An interesting confession, but why the overkill! I am surprised and can’t help
    thinking he was offered something to make the confession. Will he change his
    story tomorrow. This is a similar approach, as with Natalie Holloway he gave
    different scenarios therefore getting away with her murder. I hope it is over
    but still leaves me suspicious. When I see her follow him into his room at
    5 in the morning it just sets me back a little as to why she felt she should go
    there. Has anyone said for sure that he took the 5,000, that has been mentioned
    she had won at the casino. Why in the world would she just pick up his laptop
    and start looking for information? Just seems like something is not all together.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I tend to think that, when Joran was captured, he came to the realization that the Authorities KNEW he had done it, despite perhaps not yet being told all the Specifics about HOW they knew. I think this, because he’s “been around”, he’s “Street-wise”, and was more-than-likely aware that there were Cameras at the Hotel in the first place. While he may NOT have intended to kill this girl, after it happened he DID have to LEAVE, and I think he knew that the Cameras had shown them both going into the Room, and only him coming out. And, even though he had TOLD the Hotel Staff not to disturb the girl, HE didn’t know if they in-fact followed his instructions— for all he knew, the girl could have been found shortly after he left…. HE didn’t know it wasn’t for 2 days. I don’t doubt that he was HOPING to get away with it, but I really think he knew he HAD left TOO much Evidence behind to be able to. I also think he realized that the things found in his Luggage would tell on him. I truly believe he knew, this time, that there was no way out, no way he could even make the attempt. In Natalee’s case, it was a “remote” area, no one or no Device was “watching”, he had the opportunity to dispose of all “Traces”, he was on his “own Turf”, AND he had his Father’s “Pull” to back him up. But you could see the difference in his Face and Demeanor this time, as though he was mentally-accepting that his Goose was Cooked. Personally, I’m totally confident that it IS over.

    Hi and P.S. to *OneOp*: We might never know why Stephany went to Joran’s room, but, JMO, I suspect it had something to do with the Cash she had won. I suspect he thought-up something that was of interest or intrigue to her to Lure her there, and she innocently believed it. The Computer thing IS Confusing. Maybe he was in the Shower or something, and she was using it while waiting, and simply decided to do a little “Checking”, then when she found-out who he was and what he was connected-to, she made an Excuse to leave, he Caught-on, and since he hadn’t yet accomplished his Plan, it all started from there. God only knows. The Police did find Cash on Joran (one of the News Clips shows them fanning it out and counting it), but I don’t honestly know if it WAS the 5-Grand. I’m sure we can expect much much more on this Story.

  3. Lona1 Says:

    He is hoping for a lighter sentence, that’s why he confessed. An extended friend of the family (a friend the family didn’t know they had) will pay $100.oo to one of the terrorists or rebels incarcarated in the same prison with him, and his throat will be cut. The length of sentence doesn’t really matter and they know it. He will be killed.

  4. sophie Says:

    He may have confessed hoping for a lighter sentence, they may have indicated to him that he might be able to go home to serve a sentence there, who knows? They may have beaten it out of him.

    He does indeed, as mentioned above, have a habit of confessing and changing his story.

    I think he thought if he could somehow get enough time to get to Aruba, he’d get away with this.

  5. Lona1 Says:

    Yesterday’s article in a Peru newspaper indicated that he had 4 police officers by his cell and that he was on suicide watch.

  6. Lona1 Says:

    ABC News:

    “He’s going to get a very long sentence in Peru,” Black said. “By the time he gets out of jail, if he ever does, this would be a footnote in history.”

    The lawyer said, however, that the Holloway disappearance could be used “as evidence of proof in Peru,” and the Holloway family may ask a Peru court “for a longer sentence because of Natalee’s murder.”

  7. zelda Says:

    The latest I heard was that his sentence would be anywhere from fifteen to thirty five years. I have to say that I am disappointed that “life” is not an option.

  8. zelda Says:

    I have no interest in dissecting what he has to say. He is a liar and a nutbar and will say anything to lessen his punishment.He is caught like a rat in a trap and he knows it. Already he is blaming the girl for her own murder/ “I didn’t want to do it..but she was getting into my private things etc”.I have a hunch this maniac never had to own up to anything in his entire life.
    His only remorse is for himself.

  9. OneOp Says:

    For what he has done it does not seem long enough but if the prisons are as bad as we hear he probably will not survive in that time anyway. What really eats at me is that he got away with what he did to Natalie because of political pull in Aruba
    and if justice had been done as it should this young lady would not have died by
    his hand.

  10. zelda Says:

    Yes……….the Aruba debacle is beyond a worldwide disgrace. To watch what happened there made my stomach turn.What an obvious load of crap that was.My heart was with Natalee’s parents.I can’t imagine them ever having a full nights sleep again.
    Perhaps now there will be some form of closure for them and for we out here that have had to grind through this horrific crime as well.
    I try to feel sorry for the Van der Sloot family too…….it must be horrible to have a son,/sibling that is an infamous murderer.Who knows how he was raised……..?And in the final analysis , how much of that applies?
    This case as well as other high profile murders certainly takes it’s toll on all of us.

  11. zelda Says:

    A very revealing article. I suspected as much.
    Thanks Lona1

  12. mixologist74 Says:

    Did you see where he said he murdered the Flores girl because she got on his laptop and found out that he was involved in the Holloway murder? Hopefully his confession will ensure that he’s convicted of Holloway’s murder as well.

  13. Lona1 Says:

    A ‘psychopath’ who ‘hates women’
    In Peru, the public anger over this case – fueled by the media – has been at a boiling point for days. Even before his confession, the local Lima press labeled van der Sloot a “monster.” He has been called a “serial killer” and most articles on Tuesday, the day after the confession, called him a “psychopath.”

    Two of the principal dailies here used that word in the headline.

    Many Peruvians, when asked, echoed that sentiment, even if their conclusions seem more based on rumor than fact.

    “He’s a psychopath. I heard that he has been killing women every May 30,” says Dario Morales, a physical trainer at a local gym.

    A similar opinion was shared by large group of people reading the headlines of tabloids at a Lima news stand while waiting for buses to get to work.

    “This guy hates women. I bet something happened to him, he was probably raped or something, and is killing for revenge,” says Miguel Torres, a university student.

  14. Lona1 Says:

    Only six years in prison for murder?
    There is general agreement on the streets of Lima that Peruvian authorities need to make an example of van der Sloot for Flores’ murder.

    There is speculation that the confession is a ploy to get off easy. In fact, that may have been fueled by an article in El Comercio, a major daily newspaper and website, that quotes a lawyer saying that van der Sloot may have confessed to get a reduced sentence. The lawyer explains that if the murder was an act of anger, and not premeditated, then the sentence would normally be six to 20 years under Peruvian law.

    “He only confessed because he doesn’t want to go to prison for life. I think the police should continue investing and set an example with him,” says Maria Hernandez, a bank employee.

    Van der Sloot could be sentenced on different charges, depending on the investigation. The most serious would be aggravated robbery, which carries a life sentence. Murders cases carry sentences up to 30 years, depending on the intent.

    Out of prison by the age of 30? Maybe.
    Van der Sloot, now 22, could actually be out of prison before he turns 30 if he is sentenced on second-degree murder charges.

    That van der Sloot is a foreigner has created yet another subtext in the case. Several dailies have highlighted other cases of Peruvian women dying at the hands of foreigners, warning that young women should take special care.

  15. zelda Says:

    Let’s hope so.
    I see where he goes to court next Tuesday I believe.Let’s hope the Peruvian judicial system is better than ours.In that it is swift and deliberate.
    The Anthony case is STILL flopping around our system…..gaaaaaaaaaaawd!

  16. zelda Says:

    Boy the stories are flying as to what the Peruvians have in place for sentencing.
    Where did the six year thing come from>?
    It was on the news (from Peru) that it could be no less than fifteen years or more that thirty five years.
    I guess we will have to wait and see.
    What a travesty to let this nut off so lightly! My gawd no wonder people just kill other people if they just “tap” a light sentence on them.It depends on who they are also………a regular joe hasn’t a prayer. No lawyer can get famous off a poor black or any other color person it seems.
    It’s all crap.

  17. eastwood34 Says:

    I have a feeling Peru will not even condider him leaving their country until his full sentence is served or his dead body is sent home for desposal. They will not let what happened in Aruba, happen in their jurisdiction. I predict 25-30 years and that he will change his story.

  18. Lona1 Says:

    He gets three meals a day…hmm. They are fattening him up for the kill!

  19. Lona1 Says:

    I can’t stop posting about this creep
    Hi Mr. Kreuzer 🙂

    “Joran told his mother crying Monday that he was being interrogated under reasonably barbaric conditions,” the paper quoted Bert De Rooij saying. “He said the police were trying to force him to confess.”
    here we go:

  20. Lona1 Says:

    barbaric conditions, ya think? He better be glad that he’s not dead yet. These people are hot blooded with lots of temperament. He better watch out!

  21. Lona1 Says:

    3;39 pm. my post.
    A dutch newspaper reported saying this.

  22. michellefrommadison Says:

    Sounds more like Joran just defended himself from her confirmed attack.

    Is it time to start blaming the victim?

    With the death of STEPHANY FLORES RAMIREZ, perhaps it may be time to begin to hold the victims responsible for their own careless, seemingly idiotic choices, and mistakes. While it is important, imo, to not blame the victim of a crime, it is important to recognize how so many “victims” place themselves through a conscience choice into harm’s way that far too many fall prey, with sometimes devastating consequences to themselves.

    In review of the many aspects Ms. Ramirez chose, it may first begin with her recognizing who she was confronted with, a Joran Vander Sloot. Not only did she fail to exit that confrontation immediately even knowing who Joran is, she walked past the reception desk where she could have alerted staff to her perceived possible problem. Not only that, she accompanies Joran to his own room, and seemingly enters his room willingly with no apparent signs of any struggle on her part. Then, once behind a closed door, she is allegedly caught by Joran with her looking up Joran on the internet searching for information about the Natalee Holloway case.

    Now she’s dead and people wonder why? It’s called “proximity.” When people allow themselves to remain in a potentially dangerous situation when they fail to exercise better options than remaining in that potentially dangerous situation, it then, imo, becomes their own fault for anything negative occurring to them if they willingly chose to remain within that potentially dangerous environment; proximity. Perhaps best exemplified that if a house starts on fire and the person willingly chooses to remain inside, but then dies as a result, the blame is that of the victim, and not the fire itself.

    Now, with Joran’s alleged confession on this crime, the people that want and got a confession are typically the same people that have said in the past on blogs, television, and sites on the internet that Joran is a liar and you can’t believe a word he says. Now, these hypocrites are satisfied with the confession and fail to pursue the issue any further since it has an immediate-redemption quality to those not familiar enough with the higher-level studies of Psychology. Plus, the facts reveal that the girl attacked Joran, now it’s a potentially over-reaction to Joran defending himself. Is that a crime in the United States? Not if it occurred in any of the 50 states right now.

    Worse-case scenario for Joran right now appears to be a possible sentence well under ten years for a confession leading to a conviction, and he’ll be out super-soon given the legal/prison systems in Peru.

    Is that true Justice for Stephany? I think not!

  23. Hilde Says:

    it took seven Hours of Questioning by the Perudian Police for Joran to break down and confess to the Murder of Stephany Flores. Joran’s Confession tells in detail why and how he murdered Stephany. Did it really happen they way he tells it, that is questionable!
    Once all the forensic Evidence comes in there will be a clearer Picture what really happened.
    Joran has been proven to be a habitual Lier which means
    his Story of the tragic Event that Day Stephanie Flores was murdered might not be the real Story. JMO

  24. Hilde Says:

    Stephany F. did not know who Joran was till she already was in his Room and he went out to get Coffee, that is when she looked on his Laptop and figured out who she was with. He came back, she wanted to leave, he stopped her from leaving and the Rest is History.
    Myself I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the Victim in this Case for one it isn’t our Place to do so.
    We don’t know why she went with him in the first Place, that is also a mystery to me, especially since her Friend told Reporters, Stephanie would never go with a Man in a Hotel Room willingly, she was a Lesbian according to her friend.
    I feel like that poor Girl paid with her Life for trusting some one. One good thing in this whole Tragedy, Joran finally will be held responsible for one of his Murder and that is a start! Who knows what else will come out of the Closet concerning Joran.
    I doubt very seriously that was his first Murder!

  25. zelda Says:

    Hey John, are Honeydog and Hilde one in the same? Just wondering….I don’t know the protocol on this so whatever works.
    No offense to anyone. Thanks

  26. kreuzer33 Says:

    Some Web sites show IP numbers next to the persons name when they comment. I don’t believe that my site is set to that.

    But, I can tell who are the same people, commenting under different names, or at least multiple people commenting from the same IP addresses. I notice that this does happen…

    With that being said, I’ll let them answer. Not sure of the actual “protocol” anyways 🙂

  27. OneOp Says:

    I have had visitors who use our computer, sometimes we blog and comment without changing location or home e-mail back and forth, this means that
    on occasion there must be different names at same IP. I learned that it is best to ask them to log in with their own location, well if they are nice, I guess it is ok. lol
    Also, if husband and wife, etc in same household, must show different names
    at same e-mail. Wouldn’t it?

  28. zelda Says:

    Thanks !!

  29. Hilde Says:

    zelda~~ no I am not honeydog, I am just Hilde and always have been, never changed my name,no need too.
    I must say I do like honeydogs Comments.
    I realize some people do go under different names, I amnot one of those people. 🙂

  30. zelda Says:

    Thanks Hilde.!!!!

  31. Hilde Says:

    no problem zelda 😉

  32. daveshu4 Says:

    Its a shame that Peru doesn’t have stiffer penalties for committing murder. 35 years maximum seems way too short since this young woman’s life was take at such a youn age. At least he should spend the rest of his life in prison since Peru doesn’t have the death penalty. Hopefully his confession wasn’t part of a plea bargan for a lighter sentence. Maybe he will now admit to having some involvement in the Natalee Halloway dissapearance.

  33. daveshu4 Says:

    Hopefully this confession isn’t part of a plea bargain because Peru’s maximum sentence for murder is only 35 years and no death penalty. He deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Maybe now the truth will come out with the disapearance of Natalee Halloway.

  34. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *Zelda*! Just curious…. Why on Earth did you think me and *Hilde* were the same person?? Completely different Writing Styles. It’s funny though, I notice that your Avatar has changed, *Hilde*, and Purple just happens to be my favorite COLOR!

    On the very-latest Developments, it’s not going to matter to a Hill of Beans that Joran is now saying that he was on Marijuana and not in control of his Faculties, was treated Barbarically by the Peruvian Police and “Coherced” into a Confession, and has made yet ANOTHER Confession regarding the whereabouts of Natalee’s remains— as, starting this kind of Trouble now is a huge Mistake, and, as Clever as he thinks he’s being, he’s just Digging himself in Deeper. I can not WAIT to hear that he’s Convicted, and I’ll be Applauding throughout my Standing Ovation as they take him away and throw him to the Lions.

  35. zelda Says:

    Hi Honeydog…..on the contrary, I think you and Hilde have similar writing styles. LOL!!!

    I was curious because of something John said awhile back that sometimes the same person has two or more names..IP address. Glad you like purple. LOL!

    As for joran (no caps on purpose), he is an arrogant bastard.

    And THAT is the nicest word I can come up with for him. I hope they sock him away for as long as the law allows. Imagine HIM getting ANY considerations. I guess we will know next Wed.

  36. kreuzer33 Says:

    Honeydog, OneOp~

    Since you’re always looking for my “Friday Movie”, be sure to check out the homepage for the kids and I at the A’s game. Our rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” 🙂

  37. I really love this blog… Such great posts all the time!

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