Casey Anthony: Three More Depositions Taken

Friday brought us three more depositions in the case of accused murderer Casey Anthony. Not sure if anything came of the depositions but I’m sure that information will be made public shortly.

From WESH:

Lawyers questioned Jason Forgey, a K-9 unit employee with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Kristen Brewer, an employee of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

A former boyfriend of Anthony, who was identified as Ricardo Morales, was also questioned.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Three More Depositions Taken”

  1. Molly Says:

    Looks like there were 5 depos taken on Friday:

    Another one of the witnesses is a friend of Casey’s who was at Caylee’s second birthday party. He also owns the condo where Casey spent a lot of time.

    Casey’s defense attorneys walked in to the State Attorney’s Office Friday morning without answering any questions. They are scheduled to depose five prosecution witnesses under oath, including one of Cindy Anthony’s co-workers who told investigators Cindy told them in July that Casey’s car smelled “like a dead body.” Also, the co-workers said that Cindy refused to call police after Caylee disappeared, telling them she would give Casey a chance to explain.

    The defense is questioning under oath the Anthonys’ next door neighbor, who said Casey borrowed his shovel days after Caylee disappeared and returned it in less than an hour.

    Casey’s defense team is questioning Casey’s most recent boyfriend’s roommate, who told WFTV that Casey never mentioned Caylee was missing and went on with life as if nothing was wrong, cooking for them and partying with them.

    The defense is also scheduled to question Orange County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Samara Melich. She’s the one who followed up on a tip that Caylee had been seen at the Orlando International Airport on July 2.

    The witnesses being questioned were not going through the front door, probably because they want to avoid media questions.

  2. Molly Says:

    This quote from baez after to wftv:

    “As a policy, I don’t talk about what we talk about in the depos unless they’re filed and we have a reason to make them public. We try to keep them private,” Jose Baez said.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Thanks for the details Molly! Let’s hope these people
    were smart enough to recognize how the game is played by Defense Lawyers, and weren’t swayed from the things they knew and felt sure of.

  4. Andrea Says:

    I just want to thank you for keeping us updated through mature posts on this crime. I have always lurked on this site, through everyones posts. However, lately alot of these posters have been reduced to childish namecallings and ridiculous tantrums…what I would say is on the verge of cyber bullying. I am a high school teacher and see less squabbling amongst teenagers! So again Kreuzer, thank you for keeping you site clean, I hope you can continue to lead by example. 🙂

  5. kreuzer33 Says:

    I only do what I can. I don’t get involved in any in-fighting. If people want to have an ADULT discussion, they may participate. I post the stories that I find interesting and allow people to discuss. But all that I always ask is that people try to remain civil 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. OneOp Says:

    Andrea, You are so right @4:35 John has a presence that makes us want to respect his blog. I have noticed if the blogger does not get involved and promote the trashing the commenters are not inclined to either. John gives the best example and even if we slice into temptation his very pleasant way of reminding us is very much appreciated..

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