Casey Anthony: The Fall Heard (And Seen) Around the World

A few more details have emerged in Casey Anthony’s fall earlier this week which was caught on a security video camera.

You can also read a statement about the incident by clicking here.

From WESH:

Anthony said her leg chains became wedged in the door shaft and she immediately fell face forward. She said the officers present helped her to her feet and called for medical assistance.

Anthony also said she was provided with paper tower until paramedics arrived and transported her to a local hospital.

As for the injuries Anthony suffered, the report indicated she had a chipped tooth, cut lip and bruised knee.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: The Fall Heard (And Seen) Around the World”

  1. annie Says:

    its too bad that she could of be worst.l think she fell on purpose to avoid going to court.maybe its bozo that told her how to fall so that she dont need to attend court hearings.l dont know about all of you but these lawyers high powered people famous for thier names for what ever they do however no one works for free.adrea lyons needs to fly in linda kenny baden as well where is this money coming from?l think casey got more money after the 200.00 hundred dollars from abc show.bozo gets his money fast and then he tells court that there is no money left l dont buy that.they all got something at least for flying to florida to get to court ansd assist the killer.cindy her mother buys all new clothes because she cant WORK and now she can afford it maybe be working or else he wants to stay away because of what he heard that casey wrote letter that he abused casey along with her brother.l bet anything right now she casey l mean she will get off watch and see.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Yes Annie, lots of Questions that we may not know the answers to till someday well-after all this is over, but everything does usually dribble out in the end of such Famous Stories.

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