Casey Anthony: Injured in Fall…Misses Hearing

Accused murderer Casey Anthony suffered injuries when she fell at the Orange County Courthouse yesterday. The fall caused  her to miss a two-hour hearing.

According to WOKV, Anthony got caught in her restraints and fell out of the prison van, causing her to chip a tooth and bust open her lip.

From the Associated Press:

A Florida mother charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter missed a court hearing after she suffered some minor injuries in a fall at an Orlando courthouse.

Twenty-four-year-old Casey Anthony fell when her hand and leg restraints became entangled. She fell forward, and officers escorting her were unable to stop her fall.

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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Injured in Fall…Misses Hearing”

  1. JCfromGa Says:

    This newsstory is incorrect. She didn’t fall getting out of the prison van, she fell getting into the elevator at the courthouse, the video of her falling was released and is all over the internet. It wasn’t a van, it was the elevator.

  2. JCfromGa Says:

    here’s the link:

  3. JCfromGa Says:

    I guess what comes to my mind, is that’s more attention than Caylee got when she was being killed. No one rushing around her to see if she’s ok, no one rushing her to get medical treatment. How lonely must that have felt for the baby? As you can see, it’s a natural human response to want to see if a hurt person is ok, why oh why couldn’t Caylee have had someone rush to her side & rush her to medical treatment? It just doesn’t seem fair.
    sunsetfire30606 14 hours ago

  4. kreuzer33 Says:

    Great video! Thanks for posting!

  5. luvanrs Says:

    ahhh…did they bandage her mouth with duct tape??

  6. Honeydog Says:

    I can just hear Baez’s new Motion…. My Client’s Shackles are “Unconstitutional”, and the Officers let her Fall on purpose because they’re “Biased”. (LOL)

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