Casey Anthony: Hearings Set For Tuesday

Judge Belvin Perry has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday to consider a number of motions filed by Casey Anthony’s defense.

From WESH:

Judge Belvin Perry made a change as to what controversial issues he will consider at a hearing in the Casey Anthony case on Tuesday.

The prosecution and defense have been going back and forth regarding how much prosecutors must reveal about why they’re seeking to have Anthony executed.

Both sides have insisted they’re right. The defense filed a motion to strike the state’s so-called notice of aggravating circumstances because it lacks the detail to which they believe they’re entitled.

When Perry ordered prosecutor Jeff Ashton to reveal the aggravating factors the state will argue to seek death against Anthony, attorney Jose Baez called it a major victory.

“We’re elated by the fact that the judge is ordering this to occur,” Baez said.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Hearings Set For Tuesday”

  1. luvanrs Says:

    I am not so sure that Baez will be “elated” for long. I think the judge is just laying the ground rules and getting everything out on the table. There are so many extenuating circumstances in this case that can lead to the death penalty.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I think Baez calling this a “Major Victory” is just because practically everything The Defense has done and tried to do has Failed, and it’s kind of like they’ve finally “won a Prize” at the Fair. I actually don’t understand why they’re so happy about it— The
    Prosecution’s list of Circumstances has already exceeded the minimum required. They say it “Lacks Details”? Hold on, comin’ right up….

  3. OneOp Says:

    I think they are elated because they have had so many denials, not that any good
    will actually come from it. It is late, I don’t think I know what I am saying. lol

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