I’m Back…

But terribly jet lagged!

Great trip to Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, though. Hopefully I’ll have time soon to share all the stories and some photos.

Anyways, glad to be back 🙂

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19 Comments on “I’m Back…”

  1. Diana Says:

    Welcome back *John

    A few pictures and comments would be great and a nice diversion from the blog wars……… Did you end up getting a camera there or just use a disposable the whole week? What did you bring back for the kids?

  2. kreuzer33 Says:

    Disposable camera was all I ended up with. Got my daughter a doll and my son an airplane (a toy of course) 🙂

  3. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer, Welcome Back. Good to see you again and hope you get over the jet lag soon. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip and pics would be nice too. Have a good day.

  4. OneOp Says:

    Good to see you John, you are a sight for sore eyes, I think that is supposed to
    be a good old welcomeing. I hope!

  5. OneOp Says:

    John, I read that petition Lona1 wants signed. I will not because it does not
    literate what they claim as a lie. In other words they have not directed to anywhere
    that Judge Strickland has stated that Dave Knechel lied about him. Until they do I hope people realize to put their name on such a petition could be in for their questioning for lying/defamation of a local citizen. I just think this does not compliment your blog. Sorry if I am mistaken and speak uninformed. Thanks, delete if needed.

  6. Lona1 Says:

    last time I checked this is not a a private blog. If Mr. Kreuzer wants to delete my prev. comments, thats fine. If you don’t want to sign it, that’s fine also. So while you are telling Mr. Kreuzer the reason as to you won’t sign it (he did not put up the link), you should realize that wordpress is an open forum where everyone can post their views.

  7. Lona1 Says:

    ..as to why you won’t sign it (it’s the heat)

  8. OneOp Says:

    Stay cool Lona1, I was telling John to delete my entry, not yours! No heat here!
    As to signing, I won’t sign anything that doesn’t state the claim as proof. Put it
    out there where Judge Strickland said someone lied about him and I’ll reconsider.
    Fair enough? Feel free to delete ME! ME!! OneOp! Not YOUR LINK Lona1.

  9. Lona1 Says:

    Oh my, OneOp, it’s the heat, I tell ya. Totally misread your comment…so sorry. Thanks for letting me know. I understand what you mean and must admit that the picture on the petition site is ‘overboard’, but there is much truth to his doings and the court house visits.

  10. snoopysleuth Says:

    John, can you check out that link that Lona1 posted? Thanks.

  11. OneOp Says:

    Lona1, seriously, when you say “much truth”, does that mean it is not complete or it is fabricated to some extent. I guess it is like when a politician distributes a petition for people to sign where people don’t know what they sign, legal and all perhaps but if effective it will in the end have to prove factual or else someone can be liable. because it is not just a signature page it is promoting an opinion and not everyone that may sign knows this person that is being slandered or any facts about him, just hearsay, enemy suggestion, it could even happen to you or me under like circumstances. Where is this originally registered. Just where it is?

  12. OneOp Says:

    I know I typed every word in succession and why does this happen? All the spacing? Sorry!

  13. kreuzer33 Says:

    Don’t worry. I can fix it for you 🙂

  14. snoopysleuth Says:

    Lona1~~did you read the terms of service summary to that petition site? I see someone has signed it using my name. I suggest you read this.


  15. Honeydog Says:

    Hi John! Can’t believe how the time flew-by (Not so on that Plane-ride though!). So glad you’re Home safe-n-sound. I bet the Kiddies went wild to see you! How lucky you were to have experienced what you did, and after you take some much-needed R&R, it’ll be wonderful to get to see some of your Memories. Thanks for stayin in touch, and I hope you and your Family have a real nice Memorial Day Weekend.

  16. Honeydog Says:

    P.S: My take on signing ANY type of Petition is, you should first be wholeheartedly Interested. Then, if you don’t understand it thoroughly— and, more importantly— if you yourself do not personally know more-than-enough about the Subject to warrant absolute Belief and Confidence in your position in Taking a Stand, you shouldn’t do it. Signed Petitions contribute to “Effects”, and should be treated as voicing a serious and knowledgable statement For or Against the Issue, with total Regard for the possible Outcome.

  17. Lona1 Says:

    SS, why would you tell me that someone signed the petition with your name? What do I have to do with that? I did not invent this petition, hello?

  18. kreuzer33 Says:

    Yes, I have seen the link to this petition. I don’t get involved in games that people play both offline and online. You guys can fight back and forth over whatever it is that you want, but I will not respond or take a side. Life’s too short for that.

    Thanks for your understanding 🙂

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