The Best Summary of the Meaning Of LOST I’ve Read…

Please check out this summary of the meaning of LOST that was written on the Dark UFO Web site.

I think it sums up how I’ve felt about the show ending and the meaning behind everything that happened.

Some may think that the series finale of the show was cheesy or a “cop out”, but I was satisfied. I think too many people came up with too many theories and got their minds going a million miles an hour. This led to a lot of unnecessary disappointment.

Anyways…click the link below for the full summary and let me know if you agree.

From Dark UFO:

“Everyone dies sooner or later, kiddo…some died before you, some long after.” This line spoken by Christian Shepard was the line which made everything come together for me. The alternate-reality which we have been watching all season was not Purgatory. Purgatory implies that LOST is a Catholic show, however, given the window pain in the Church at the end of the episode shows that many faiths were used in this ending. Now, I am not a big fan of religion trying to pop its head out from the cracks to show us a hidden message, and this was not that. This was simply death, and the place that one goes afterwards, be it Christianity, Buddhism, or even Evolutionism.

This side-ways reality was just the place in which one goes after death, before they are able to move on. This place could last 10, 100, or even 1,000,000 years. But for the viewer, that might be hard to understand because in that place, there is no time – no “here and now” as Jack’s dad says. Being so used to a schedule and time as we are, it’s hard to fathom that time does not exist, and that what we were seeing of as ‘time’ in this “flash-sideways alt-reality” was not as we know time.

For example, the line “some died before you, some long after” tells us that even though most of our main characters have met back up with each other around the same time in this flash-sideways, some have been in this place long before others. The dialogue between Hurley and Ben outside the church prove this, when Hurley says to Ben, “You were a great number 2”, in which Ben replies, “And you were a great number 1.” Meaning, Hurley and Ben went on to protect the island, maybe even for a thousand years, before someone replaced Hurley and Ben just as they replaced Jacob and Richard.

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40 Comments on “The Best Summary of the Meaning Of LOST I’ve Read…”

  1. Cali Patti Says:

    wow great … thank you. I was struggling with the meaning of the ending, if the writer even had a meaning. You said it well enough for me.

  2. OneOp Says:

    Are you back yet John, with all that jet lag stuff?

  3. Honeydog Says:

    I’ve never watched “Lost”, but just reading the Text above makes me wish I had. Pretty deep.

  4. parm Says:

    Thats fine and its the one thing that most people are beginning to agree, this sideways world was exactly that.

    The problems I have with this kind of explanation is that it fails to explain all of the stuff that actually occurs on the island.

    Some things cannot be explained, I accept that, thats life, but there are just to to many things that require explanation.

    You cannot feed your audience with 6 years of this stuff and then try and explain it with philosophical stuff that goes over their head.

    I will never watch a show like this again untill after it has completed its run and I hear that the ending justifies the story. Will not waste another 6 years on anything.

    I enjoyed the ride but the makers owe us a litle more explanation.

  5. bob Says:

    Yes finales of series are usually a let down and lost has been made up as week by week. If you could watch the complete 6 years of it as one movie none of it would make any sense. It is like a song everybody has different opinions on what it means but only the person that wrote it knows the real meaning.

  6. Tom Says:

    I watched every episode. I don’t want to interpret the story myself. I want the end of the story with an explanation for all that I’ve seen. With all the science that has been thrown into the plot, the whole supernatural/afterlife angle just seems tacked on at the end. I was worried they’d trot out the ALIENS but this is just as bad. The ending was a big middle finger from the creators aimed at the audience that made them rich.

  7. zelda Says:

    I can’t believe people actually watch that stuff…………OMG!

  8. kreuzer33 Says:

    My favorite show. Didn’t miss an episode 🙂

  9. zelda Says:

    There ya go,there is something for everyone.LOL!!!!
    Good thing we are all boring if we all liked the same things eh?

  10. rahul verma Says:

    I have read the summary provided by the ablove mentioned link…….i only haf one ques….if island is a place where u take people wen they die, then how doctor has been taken there live in a submarine ?????

    mail me the best answer –

  11. Cheryl Says:

    My husband & I never watched Lost. I need to watch things from the very start. We got Netflicks in June and we can watch pretty much anything streamed onto our TV now. We were watching Weeds, but lost interest after the kid killed someone. We started watching Lost on July 25th. We were able to watch every season. It was pretty much all we watched when we watched TV. I loved the show and the characters, it was fantastic. It was great because there were no commercials and we watched when we wanted to. We just watched the last episode tonight. We ended up doing the Amazon on demand to watch season 6. My husband was less then thrilled by the ending. I think an alien ending would have at least made more sense then what we were left with. I will most likely search around looking for a site to explain what the heck happened! I have to say that they were very tight with the episodes and staying true to the what happened to who. Watching all 6 seasons consecutively with no break allowed me to see how well they meshed everything with no glaring mistakes on all the different story lines.

  12. Austin Says:

    One question, why did ben decide to stay outside? Did he think he did not deserve it, or what?

    Other than that,BEST show ever. I love how everything got explained and how it all sort of mushed together. Any other suggestions of good tv shows similar to this or prison break? loved them both

  13. tracy Says:

    What I got from the ending was that the flash sidways was their death and someof them didn’t realize till they met one another and helped eachother. But I did get that the island and everything else was real because you see each of them die and I believe jack was last to die. Which he was the last to find out he was dead and accept it! Very good show and addicting

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I dont think this was a “Christian Show” either but it did have religious undertones. For the record, in evolutionism we die and thats the end. Since we form by chance there is NO afterlife. Same for Buddhism. The end result is annihilation. These are basic facts.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve just re-watched the entire series via Netflix and enjoyed it much more. no commercials and no waiting between episodes made the storyline easier to follow.

    I’ve been around a long time and watched a lot of TV. In my mind “Lost” was absolutely the best show I’ve ever seen. The complexities and subtilties of the story require actual thinking. I believe that it offers a chance to ponder and think about things many of us rarely do in a way that gives us opportunity for some self-discovery along the way.

    I don’t want to be overly dramatic here, but I believe that “Lost” gives us an opportunity to actually think, something that rarely happens from TV or movies. I think spending the time revisiting this entire show was extremely fulfilling and worthwhile.

  16. Kreuzer33 Says:

    My favorite show of all time. Yes, it had it’s moments that was like “WTF”. But overall, a fun story!

  17. Jason Says:

    Lost is the best show I have ever seen, all except for the last 15 minutes or so! I still believe that the ending was a cop out! The thing that makes me so upset is that, beyond the fact that it was a great show already, it had SOOOO much promise! Lost probably had more promise than any other show could ever even dream of! The writers are obviously very talented but I feel they took the easy way out with this ending! So much happened in the show that could not be explained and the writers just cut us off with this cop out ending and not even a hint as to what they were trying to accomplish. I love Lost more than any other show I have ever seen and want to watch it again but every time I try I get upset allover again.

  18. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Said that it was planned from the beginning, but I’m not 100% sold on that. He had its peaks and valleys. Tried to get back on track in seasons 5-6. A little far fetched at times, but there were some REALLY good episodes. Loved Jacob and The Man in Black. i would have liked to have seen a better ending…but still my favorite show!

  19. Angel Says:

    Just finished this series…. I am bawling my eyes out…thinking of missed opportunities… I was angry at first, pissed in fact, why were none of the questions answered? No plausible reason for the island, then I got it. Life is not about the details, the things we don’t know, the things we can’t figure out or control. They throw in those details in to confuse you, to show you what kind of person you are. The thing we focus the most on tells us something of how we see life and living. I found myself severely lacking.

    Life…the most important part is about the relationships we form while here. That in the end is all we have.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    It was such a cop-out ending — a lousy excuse for an “explanation.”

  21. wesley Says:

    I could not have agreed more or said it better Angel.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    So in this place with no time they have to die again?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    It’s all about control, whether you are in the “real world” or the island, they are being controled by someone or some force.

    No one will ever truely be free no matter where you are.

    In the end, the Island still still got these poor bastards.

  24. sal Says:

    I’m Lost

  25. Anonymous Says:

    My hub and I just finished the series on Xfinity. It was really a fantastic series, and I miss the characters already. We wish the ending had explained more of what the island was and the whole thing about the babies…but I think Angel is correct, that it was meant to be about the relationships we form and how really important they are. Great series and hoping something like it comes around again. Also, love seeing the actors in their new roles!!!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    In my opinion there was only limited explanation in the last episode for a reason……the rest was most likely open to your own interpretation and theories. This is what I liked about lost, It make you think a lot more than regular TV shows

  27. Anonymous Says:

    in reply to a previous comment about death being the grand finale and no afterlife then i will say i hope this person lives their life to their best ability.the vast majority have blind faith that there is something after our meagre existence but there are others i for one have been lucky enough to experience what some would call a near death experience so all i will say to everyone is just like lost everything will be revealed right at the end.

  28. Scott Says:

    Just watched the entire 6 seasons over a 2 month phase, averaging 2 episodes a night….I guess the only explanation is that the Island is a limbo where people go to rescue their lost souls. Most of the “survivors” died with an unresolved guilty conscience. To the question above, regarding Ben not wanting to join them…He wasn’t done working on his guilty conscience. So, he elected to stay outside the church. Also the reason he stayed on the Island. I was confused about why Jack saw Kate, Sawyer in the church, but I guess it was possible because of what his dad told him when he said “there is no now” – So, all of the “Lost” survivors were able to have that reunion because the “afterlife” has no timeline. It’s a non-linear world.

  29. Allen Says:

    What made me realize what exactly this show was about was when Sun made the comment in earlier season”…do you think we are being punished?” That’s when I got it. I am a Catholic and this show haunted me until I heard that line. I then was able to pick out the road signs, so to speak. My hats off to the writers and producers. It was a bold statement to this Country, and only the ones who have a soul GOT IT. And loved the ending. Just missed the characters…..!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    interesting ………….rethinking this show

  31. Anonymous Says:

    I think the ending was pretty damn perfect. I just finished it for the second time (the whole series that is) and I will admit that the first time I felt the ending was a bit “uhhh.. ok the only thing we can do to end this show is to say everyone is dead.. there’s your finale”, but I do not think it was like that at all. Whether the ending was planned from the beginning or improvisational is irrelevant; especially considering the themes of death, timelessness, alternate realities, quantum mechanics, etc.. I am very surprised that no one mentioned the connotation of the bardo states in the Bardo Thodol (or Tibetan Book of the Dead), also, “Liberation Through Understanding in the Between”. In this ancient Buddhist text, we are taught that the experience between death and birth is quite an extraordinary one, often metaphorically likened to “islands” of experience. I thought about this throughout the show, both times I watched it, and even before seeing the end the first time. Everything that was subjectively experienced by the characters in the show and even by the audience is DIRECTLY linked to the ideas of the Tibetans’ science of death. I have always been enamored and in awe of the insight of the Tibetan people. According to their doctrine, we experience many realms and undergo extreme trials throughout our journey through life and death. The characters in LOST are all fulfilling their dharma (hence, THE DHARMA INITIATIVE, hence, the number 108 {see significance of 108 in Tibetan Buddhism for in depth explanation). And each of them, in order to fulfill their dharma, must also rid themselves of said lifetimes’ karma. They are all connected via “rnanubandhana”, which is simply a debt they owe to one another, to the group, to themselves, to God, to the island, however you wish to see it, this, I believe, is the reason for their journey to the island and the time flashes (memories {of past/future lives}). It is all part of the cosmic play! They are simply fulfilling their dharma in order to “move on” or be liberated… just like we all are 🙂 “This doesn’t matter you know.” -Desmond to Jack

  32. Adama's Dharma Initiative Says:


    When this first came out years ago, I saw clips and it just didn’t look like the kind of show I would be into so didn’t bother. I have some more time on my hands now so catching up on stuff and thought I’d watch Lost – was completely hooked after watching the first episode. Love the complexity of the show and how it takes you in and keeps you guessing. (It is a science experiment, aliens, supernatural, etc)

    I think the show is at heart about people sorting their issues out while they are alive. Ibsen’s play Ghosts has this idea of earth as a place beign haunted by humans – full of trauma and pain. Never resolving their feelings/situations/issues. I think we all fall into that trap. Imagine if you died tomorrow what would your regrets be – most likely that you never said sorry to a person or never made it up to a friend etc. Not that you never got that pay rise. So you can be a lot happier right now in life by doing things like that. I’m trying anyway….

    I’ll be honest and say I did not like the 4th and 5th series with all the flash sideways and being off the island stuff. I think the writers said they wanted to wrap it up in 3 series but were told to carry it on and the far fetched desperate nature of it really shows. Which is a shame really.

    In terms of the ending – it does seem to me that the way they did the ending is the only way you can make all the different things make any sense – I haven’t heard anyone suggest a good alternative yet, at all. So anyway, I’ve been watching other stuff like Battlestar, Sopranos etc but something keeps bringing me back to this amazing show. I am the kind of person who never says things like that about TV shows or movies, even really good ones!

    So I’ve started watching it again and surfing the net about what the different meanings of ‘Lost’ are. At the end of the 3rd Episode of the first series ‘Tabula Rasa’ – Jack says to Kate ‘I don’t care about your past. 3 days ago we all died so we can start again’!!
    Isn’t that amazing or coincidental – trying to figure out what that show means by reading all these different websites and Jack tells me/us right there at the end of the 3rd episode!

    I’d advise everyone to watch it again and you will suddenly pick up loads of stuff like this which you missed the first time round!!

    Maybe this time round I might even enjoy the 4th, 5th series as well!

    Thanks for reading this. It means a lot to me.

    Take care

  33. Jack Bowman Says:

    am damn lost last night 7th Nov 2013 after watching the final series n undrstnd nothing at all what the hole movie is all about

  34. Richard Fitswell Says:

    The point is … no one really knows what happens when we die. One can believe in a heaven of their own imagination OR what they have been fed as a child. Our death is just that, OUR death. If you think about where we go after death while living (OR even after dying) you will be just that … LOST while you waste time instead of just letting go. Jack was the last of the souls to “let go” (move on) and stop being “LOST” so he can move on to the next place with loved ones.

    But most important … ITS A TV SHOW!!!!
    The fact that there are questions needing answered in peoples lives about this show is a compliment to how friggin awesome this series truly was. Time for some of you to “move on” and stop being LOST about LOST ……… 😛

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Tough to take someone’s explanation as definitive when their spelling and grammar are so terrible. Also there is no afterlife in Buddhism, at least not in the way you’ve described it. Nor is there one in “Evolutionism,” though I should point out that there’s no such thing and, to the extent that there is, it’s not mutually exclusive from any other belief and it doesn’t have some canonical concept of an afterlife . Sorry to be kinda mean but this explanation is just so fake-deep and not at all insightful.

  36. I love pie er ma gerd

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  38. commorancy Says:

    Actually, the ending is not about death at all. It’s about awakening. The Dark UFO site is partially correct when they said it’s a sideways reality. It seems that the Lost writers heavily delved into metaphysics when writing the show. In fact, it seems that they modeled the show after the 13 (or more) planes of existence. It is theorized that the first plane of existence beyond Earth is a reality conceived of imagination or thought. It is said that this plane allows the visitor to use their imagination to create a place of their own choosing. Because we have just spent anywhere between 60-100 years in the Earth reality, the most likely reality we are to conceive is one that is most recently familiar. That is, a place that looks like Earth.

    For those who die and do not know they are dead (as was true with those people in Lost), their reality would seem as real as the reality here on Earth because that plane of existence is like clay. Think of it as a kind of holodeck. A place where anything you can imagine becomes convincingly real.

    And yes, the concept of Earthly time doesn’t apply there. This plane is also a kind of waiting room or cool down area. You’ve just left the Earthly plane which is a somewhat jarring experience. Imagining you are still alive on Earth lets you ‘cool down’ from having been on Earth and slowly awake to your new existence and that you are no longer flesh and bone or on Earth.

    Let’s understand that the jet crash with the ‘plane’ on the island was the metaphor for the alternative ‘plane’ of existence. It served a dual role. It was the vehicle of their demise as much as it is as a metaphor that they are no longer on Earth. The title ‘Lost’ actually doesn’t mean what you think. Yes, to those on Earth these passengers were physically lost. To those on the Island, being ‘lost’ means being unaware that your earthly body is dead or that your consciousness is now in an alternative plane of existence.

    Note that the Island was imagined by Desmond. And yes, according to the planes of reality, others can visit someone else’s imagined reality. This would explain why many of the jet’s passengers visited Desmond’s Island. This is also why Desmond was so important to the island as he is the one who imagined it. Desmond likely died on an island not unlike the one he imagined.

    However, the ending was not about death. Yes, they were already physically dead on Earth the entire show. Instead, the ending is about awakening to a new existence. They were initially unaware they were no longer on Earth or alive. At the end of the show, they were finally ‘found’ and no longer ‘lost’. They finally ‘awakened’ to the bigger picture and understood that they needed to move on to the next existence and out of ‘the waiting room’. This is why they were no longer on the Island. Some of the show’s characters moved on earlier than others. Once a character became aware they were no longer alive and ‘awakened’ to their new existence, they didn’t need to stay on the Island. The Island wasn’t a trap. It was just a place to cool down and allow those people’s consciousness to awaken and move on in each their own time. But, you can’t move on until you become awakened. So, in that sense, it is a kind of trap.

    If anything, the ending didn’t really explain the awakening process fully, but I also understand why. The above theories are not necessarily endorsed by most religions. To go too deep into explanation about the above treads dangerously close to religious belief systems. So, they left the ending nebulous to avoid religious backlash.

  39. Robert Says:

    See the page I link to. If you’re in a hurry, read just the 1st & last few entries. If you’re in a big hurry, just #17 & the main page.

    “Lost” was based primarily on “The Lost Special” by A.C. Doyle and “One of Our Aircraft Is Empty” on “Department S”. 2 people, Widmore & one the fans dubbed Benry, who’d worked with business magnate Alvar Hanso plotted to kill him & replace him with their own stooge, a lookalike of Hanso. They brought down an airliner, killing all aboard, and each supplied a team of lookalikes of some of the passengers, brainwashing them to believe they were those passengers & had survived the crash. Then the 2 teams infiltrated each other, often trying to rub each other out. The winning team would be the ones who convinced the world they’d actually survived such a crash and would vouch that a lookalike of Alvar Hanso they’d seen was on that flight & survived as well.

    In the process there was much more deception, such as convincing characters they’d traveled in time and had been pursued by a living monster that appeared to be composed of smoke. The show abounded with simulations of magic tricks that the characters subjected each other to.

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