Casey Anthony: New Photos Posted by CBS

Hal Boedeker is reporting on his blog that CBS News has put up a new slideshow of photos of Casey and Caylee Anthony. (I’ve been kind of busy lately so these were probably posted a few days ago) 🙂

I checked it out and there are some very cute photos of Caylee as a baby and more. It really puts things into perspective.

The slide show also provides a summary of events leading up to where we are today. Links can be found below.

From The TV Guy:

CBS News has shared new photos of Caylee and Casey Anthony at its Web site for 48 Hours Mystery.

CBS News last year paid $20,000 to George and Cindy Anthony to license photos and other material. The parents of Casey Anthony appeared on “48 Hours Mystery” and “The Early Show.”

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: New Photos Posted by CBS”

  1. luvanrs Says:

    looking at these photos, you can tell that Caylee was well loved and indulged by her grandparents (mom Casey would not have had the money to purchase all the clothing, toys, etc). Such a beautiful little girl..the photos sure made me sad, and angry. I do not think that i could ever sell memories of my family, no matter what the circumstances.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Yes, you can definitely tell that George and Cindy showered and spared no expense on Caylee, and you get the feeling that it was them who were with her most of the time. They sure loved and doted-upon that litte girl. The Photo of George holding Caylee is really a good one, and makes you think how very hard it must be for he and Cindy to even look at these Pictures (and no doubt there are so many more), and try to cope with not having her, let alone the gory details they must live with. Knowing how my own Father was with my Daughter, I honestly couldn’t bet that he wouldn’t have done-away with himself if something like this had happened. I’m sure Cindy has been beside herself, but Women are stronger, and I do think George is merely a shadow of the man he used to be. I also noticed that their Home contains some REAL nice pieces of Furniture. Appears they like Oriental.
    Beautiful pool too. Little Caylee sure had it all…. except for the most important thing in a Child’s life— the complete Love, Attention, strong Bond, and Appreciation, from a good and truly Proud and Caring Mother.

  3. sophie Says:

    Wonder how much they were paid for these new photos. Bet there’s hundreds more to come…

  4. Cecelia Says:

    Caylee had lots of “things” but i wonder how much she was “isolated” with her toys and her movies and her playhouse.
    i think cindy and casey had both been using caylee as a leverage tool for a long long time.
    sindy was more worried about being casey’s BFF to worry about being a loving PROTECTIVE grandma.
    she knows case is a sociopath but did nothing to ensure caylee’s safety while playing cat and mouse with the babykiller for 31 days,,, then go into lie and deny mode.
    they disrespect poor caylee on a daily babsis

  5. Honeydog Says:

    What else can Grandparents do, when they know that the Mother is not “Involved” with her Child. They “Took Over”… made sure she felt Loved, Played with her, and provided her with the things her Mother couldn’t. Whether they definitely knew Casey was actually a Sociopath— NO one knows. We do know that Cindy at least “Inquired” several times during Casey and Caylee’s “time away”, and, more importantly, because Casey “assured” her Parents that everything was Fine and the two of them would be coming Home soon, The Anthonys took her Word— like anybody else would do. I’m sure, if either one of them had the slightest feeling whatsoever that what happened would happen, they would have done different. And who’s to say that they would have even been ABLE to track Casey down if they had tried— She was all over the place. You can make yourself “Unattainable” if and when you really want to. Their “Lying”… I don’t go for that at all— I condemn them for ALOT of stuff they’ve said and done. As for the “Denial”, I’m sure I myself wouldn’t “want” to believe it either, but then we all know that what they Convey to the Public is not what they know to be the Truth deep down inside. Of course, if they came-out and actually had
    “said” Casey was Guilty, there goes the “Fair Trial” thing, and they surely knew there was going to BE one. They were more-than-likely told by Casey’s Lawyers to say and do most of the stuff we’ve seen and heard because of it, but, still, no Excuse, they could have refused. A bit complicated, all in all. I do agree though, that, from what they show us, they’ve lost Sight of the most important person in this whole thing…. Yes, poor Caylee. But the
    “Justice” IS coming. I think we can safely Bet on it.

  6. Zelda Says:

    Sometimes I can just SEE your halo honeydog.OMG

  7. Honeydog Says:


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