Casey Anthony: Judge Wants Deposition Schedule

Prosecutors want more time but Judge Belvin Perry wants a schedule SOON on when they plan to take depositions in the case against accused murderer Casey Anthony.

From Central Florida News:

Judge Belvin Perry wants the defense and state to give him a schedule of when they will take depositions.

Prosecutors say they’re having difficulties because the defense hasn’t provided a list, defense attorneys will not cooperate or they’re still working on the case and can’t be questioned.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Judge Wants Deposition Schedule”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    So The Defense seems to be Lagging-behind, huh? Guess it’s kind of hard to act like real Lawyers now.

  2. art tart Says:

    honeydog, the defense always wants to “keep secrets,” or implies that there is an important reason to keep it secret due to their strategy but the strange thing is, they have tried to “float a lot of theories in the media” & they have all failed miserably. T Masculsa told Judge S they had proof someone else put Caylee’s body at the dump site & they were given 4 months to provide the STATE with the names/addresses of people the defense claimed were involved. Of Course the defense produced nothing.

    The cost alone for the 8 transcripts for the defense are going to be very expensive, R Hornsby said approx. $500.00 each. Baez sat through those depositions except the one for D Casey, that was abruptly canceled by the STATE, I pray he has ask for “total immunity” in exchange for information during the time he made the infamous video & from Oct. 8, 2008 in which he went to work for the Anthony’s in which he had “no confidentiality w/them per Judge S.

    Also, I read CA goes to court on Thursday over the
    foreclosure of their home.” She better lose the attitude & gum smacking she has shown in the past, jmo.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *art tart*~ Yeah, your first sentence is a proven Fact alright. Can’t help remembering how they came out Blasting in the beginning like a one-sided Gun Fight at the OK Corral, then just started shooting Blanks, and have literally been out of Ammunition for quite some time. I never believed for a minute that they ever actually HAD any “Secrets” to keep— It’s just been Bull Shit.
    Interesting about Dominic Casey…. I always thought, and kind of still do, that he wasn’t simply poking-around in those same Woods on a “Psychic’s Vision”, but rather either on a Hunch or a Tip by way of his Employers at the time, The Anthonys. It’s too Coincidental that Caylee’s remains WERE found there later. As well, I maintain my belief that Roy Kronk was also Tipped-off. Nobody would keep going back to the exact same location, three times, if they didn’t know something. Kronk’s then-Girlfriend or something worked at the same Jail where Casey is, and I still think that Leonard Padilla’s “Daisy Chain” Theory is not so far-fetched. That whole part of this Case is the one thing that’s definitely Odd to me. SOMEbody knew SOMEthing…. Too many Flies buzzing-around in the same spot.

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