Casey Anthony: Why The State Is Seeking the Death Penalty

Prosecutors have filed the legal reasons why they are seeking the death penalty against Casey Anthony.

They contend that the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony was a particularly heinous, atrocious or cruel crime, and said that they believe her death was the result of a premeditated crime.

From CNN:

Under Florida, law, prosecutors need to raise only one of 15 possible aggravating factors to support their decision to seek the death penalty. Assistant State Attorney Jeffrey Ashton cited five circumstances, according to a document obtained by CNN affiliate WESH and other Orlando, Florida, media outlets.

In death penalty cases, jurors are asked to weigh aggravating circumstances that make a crime especially heinous against mitigating factors that favor mercy, such as a lack of prior offenses.

Among the legal reasons cited: Caylee’s death occurred during aggravated child abuse, was especially “heinous, atrocious, or cruel,” and was committed in a “cold, calculated and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification,” according to the document.

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20 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Why The State Is Seeking the Death Penalty”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t think we could argue with the Factors filed.

  2. luvanrs Says:

    that about sums it up

  3. Zelda Says:

    there ya go

  4. Ina Says:

    “Caylee’s death occurred during aggravated child abuse, was especially “heinous, atrocious, or cruel,” and was committed in a “cold, calculated and premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification,” ”

    If that was true, why didn’t any evidence of that child abuse made it to the public I wonder.

    @Boston, YKW published your mail and real name. Don’t feel bad, a lot of people get that treatment. I was surprised to read it (in backtype) If you don’t like my blog, feel free to say so – to me for instance 🙂

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *Ina*~ My guess is that you have to “read between the lines” regarding The State’s quote…… Caylee died during, and as the result of, what her Mother was doing/had done to her (Chloroform, Duct Tape, Car Trunk Evidence— thus, “Abuse”). At least, that’s what I’m getting from it.

  6. Ina Says:

    Hi Honeydog, but where is the prove that Casey did it? I think this still is just speculation.

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Well, I suppose it’s one of those things where the “Proof is in the Pudding”. Yes, they claim there is no “Direct” Evidence, and, of course, there are no “Witnesses” to the Crime, but the “Circumstantial” Evidence here is very strong, and really quite enough. In simply considering the same factors the Jury will consider— Failure to report Caylee
    “Missing”, Lie upon Lie, a “non-Existent Abductor”,
    Home Computer Searches for Chloroform, the “rarity” of the Duct Tape which matched Home-use, the “Stain” in Casey’s Car Trunk, “Partying” while the Child was “Missing”, Caylee’s “Winnie the Pooh” Blanket and other personal items being found with her Remains, no Proof of any other individiual being involved, etc— I ask you, are you “Speculating”? I think a Jury would honestly come to the same Conclusion as the rest of us. There’s only one to draw from all of it.
    No one else out there could possibly be responsible.
    It’s a fact that overwhelming Circumstantial Evidence is often more powerful than Direct, and I don’t think The State is lacking in what it needs, at least to “Point the Finger”.

  8. Ina Says:

    The stuff belonging to Caylee that were found on the spot, proofs to me someone else put Caylee there, someone who didn’t want to keep any evidence connected with him/herself. It would not have been suspicious if Casey had that blanket and other belongings of her daughter, so no need to get rid of it and make it more easy for the police to make an identification. Same with all that other ‘evidence’, it is no proof of anything really. What will jurors, who say she is guilty, say if years later someone comes forward with a confession? “Oops, too bad”? When in doubt, don’t mess with a person’s life I think, and here is reason enough for doubt. IMO.

  9. Diana Says:


    If Casey Anthony was innocent (as you say), then why would she LIE, and puposely mislead LE when they tried to find her baby? This is HER WORDS. She said: I PURPOSELY MISLEAD YOU. Is that the actions of an innocent mother who lost her child. NOOOO!!!!! You can sugarcoat this all you want, but any MORON would know that the person responsible is sitting in jail right now.

  10. Zelda Says:

    casey has done nothing to suggest her innocence.Nothing.There is no other person in the wings other than those she “made up” !
    You would have to have an interesting brain to come up with an innocent scenario for her .
    Good grief.

  11. Lona1 Says:

    I think there will be a foreclosure hearing re the Anthonys home tomorrow or on the 20th? Seems to me that a tip box leading to a pay pal account on a certain blog could be used to get them out of foreclosure.

  12. Honeydog Says:

    *Ina*~ Curious— What are your Thoughts about who might have had a “Motive” to do something like this?
    I mean, did Casey leave Caylee and her personal Belongings with some Stranger and make a Deal with them to get rid of her?? How did Caylee end-up in the Car Trunk? If she didn’t, why were both George and Cindy’s initial Beliefs and Statements the exact same— “The car smelled like Decomposition”. And it still makes no Sense why Casey would Lie from the get-go, continue to Lie, and go out Dancing while her Child is supposedly Missing. This last thing is quite “not Right” in itself, and, Casey would not have had to fabricate ANYthing… IF, she wasn’t GUILTY of anything. No, Ina, she got Caught. And the Web she began Spinning has tied and tightened around her own Neck.

  13. Ina Says:

    It is not up to me to come up with a suspect, that is the police’s business. My thoughts? Are you sure you want them lol? it is not to slander anyone, but if you want my thoughts:

    The car smelled like decomposition, well how would they know it was hunman decomposition, do they often smell rotting corpes over there? I wonder if they had ever smelled a corps before they noticed the smell of the car, has the police inquired about that? (“And mrs Anthony, how many times have you been sniffing corpes?”) I don’t know, a smell, a stain, it just sounds too vague to me. Casey’s parents might have thought Casey killed Caylee. I don’t think I would call that evidence.

    The fact a man, accused of kidnapping, says he thinks Caylee is burried there, on that spot (why?) and he is the one who finds the body months later, that is the crux here. There is something very strange about that. My thoughts: He wanted to be sure that the area was cleared, and when all searchers seemed to have gone, he placed the body there. Somewhere during fall. After a while, after carefully removing the traces, he ‘accidently’ found the body himself. His DNA, if they found any, would not be suspiciously there as he was the one who found the body. He wanted a sort of closure. This scenario is more logic to me. How he got Caylee in the first place, I don’t know. Kidnapped/hired from the ‘nanny’ Motive: sex abuse? But I am no sleuth. These are just my thoughts really. Don’t be mad at me lol.

  14. Carol Says:

    Ina, I reads on another blog something that really struck me funny. Let me share it with you. If Casey Anthony was SO Innocent, why did she not spend 1 dime of the over $200,000 she profited from on finding her child. And to be clear, she received this money long before she was ever arrested for murder! Yet she spent it on her defense. You will say, she knew the police were honing in on her, well I will reply, if she had spent the money to find her child, there would be no case. Another fact you choose to forget, why make up a story of a non existent nanny, when you have no job, & need to steal from family & friends. Who paid the fictious nanny…there are just TOO many coincidences for it to be any other than HER!

  15. OneOp Says:

    Ina, I don’t mind reading your thoughts on this case at all. Even though everything is so perfectly suitable to Casey having done this murder of Caylee allalone, I do not find anything to make me mad if other scenarios are thought of and discussed. My goodness there are plenty of “different” thoughts even on how and why Casey did it, that are just as uncertain as if anyone else had. No doubt everyone will think me off my noggin but I am still thinking Tony Lazzaro might also be involved or several people are not telling the whole truth within the crowd Casey ran with. Someone had to have known if Casey was drugging Caylee before when they were all partying. I really can’t say for sure until all evidence at trial is presented. Of course I am not saying Casey did not do it. I do positively believe Casey has a mental problem, maybe a combined one.

  16. Honeydog Says:

    *Ina* and *OneOp*~ I would NEVER get Mad, I can appreciate the “Open Mind” thing, and I respect your different and interesting “Takes” on what could have happened. I want to say more (naturally!), but it’s later than I thought and I have to get ready for Work (DARN!!) I’ll be back………………………….

  17. Dani Says:

    I think Ina makes some good points. What makes me question Casey doing this not that she couldn’t have done it (although the timing of the bag showing up is strange when there were several searches with dogs who checked the area before the hurricane came in), but I have my doubts simply because of the police and prosecutor having twisted the facts when they first stated what they knew, and then the documents showed something entirely different. Why would they have to lie except to try to convict someone if they had such solid proof against Casey? It turned out there was no hair with a black death band like they claimed (just normal decomposition & only one hair – unlikely with a murdered body). Forensically, they don’t have much, and no one witnessed her harm Caylee, everyone said she was a good mother & Caylee was always happy & she never harmed her (although not much of that has been shown in the news — its in all the interviews). Not that there couldn’t be an accident, but still a lot of questions & things that don’t make sense. Casey could have lied because she was involved in something illegal and dangerous and truly was in fear, but a lot of things they said she lied about turned out to be true, so not as much as people think. But I’ve seen nothing yet that convinces me she actually killed her & she had a lot of shady characters in her life who the police never really looked into. I would worry too if they kill someone & they later find out someone else did it, plus it is kind of hypocritical to murder a murderer to show that murder is wrong. Just my opinion.

  18. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Y’all~ I’d like to add *Dani’s* Comment in to what I wanted to say before in reply to *Ina* and *OneOp’s*….

    So, like I said, there are always Two Sides to the Story— in THIS Case, many— and it’s good to be able to realize that. I’m in no way saying that I’m disregarding the “Possibilities” of the Thoughts and Theories you’ve all written above, and I agree there are “Loose Ends” still dangling, which is part of the reason we continue to discuss and question, and offer-up our “JMO’s”.

    First to *Ina*: Regarding the “Decomposition”, George admitted to the Authorities during his very first Interrogation that, having been in Law Enforcement himself, he indeed experienced “that Odor”, and “It’s something you never forget”. He stated that he had to drive Casey’s Car home with all the Windows open, because it was “unbearable”. As for Cindy, she was a Nurse, and also stated that she was familiar with the smell of Decomposition. Personally, I have no doubt that they both were sure. It might not be, as you say, “Evidence”, but these Statements and their Video-taped Interrogations are still significantly relative to the findings in Casey’s Car, and will probably be used to support The State’s Case when George and Cindy take the Stand at the Trial. I’m assuming that your 3rd Paragraph is about Roy Kronk. I have to admit that I too find the whole part of the Discovery of Caylee’s remains quite Odd. It’s just TOO Coincidental that both P.I. Dominic Casey (employed by The Anthonys) AND Roy Kronk were searching those exact same Woods. Dominic Casey claimed it was on a “Psychic’s Vision”— I don’t, and never did, believe that one. Roy Kronk, as we know, went to those Woods THREE different times— Nobody would do that if they didn’t know SOMEthing, but I don’t
    believe for one minute that he killed Caylee. What I’ve always thought is that ALL of them were “Tipped-off”— by way of a “Hunch” on the part of The Anthonys, and/or Kronk’s then-Girlfriend who worked at the Jail where Casey is. I still find Leonard Padilla’s “Daisy Chain” Theory to make the most Sense of How and Why these particular individuals KNEW they should Look where they did. THREE men (Dominic Casey and his Partner, and Roy Kronk) went to the same Location— Again, Roy Kronk, THREE times. These guys MUST have gotten SOME sort of Information from SOMEwhere. With everything else we know which appears pretty Clear and makes Sense, I agree that this particular part is the most Questionable and Suspicious.

    To *OneOp*: You’re not “Off your Noggin”…. I don’t know about Tony Lazzaro, but you bring-up a good Point about the possibility of other people being aware of Casey’s “Methods” to keep Caylee asleep while she Danced-the-Night-Away at Clubs, or had Caylee with her at the Parties she attended. If you recall, one of Casey’s friends did state that Caylee was fast-asleep “in a Corner” during one of those Parties. How could ANY Child sleep-through the loud combined-Noise of Music and People laughing and carrying-on around them. And I still think that
    “Zanny the Nanny” meant that the “Babysitter” was the Drug “Zanax”. It was reported that this was a Popular Drug, and Term used, among young people in the area. I know I’ve said it somewhere else before, but I’m still struggling between Caylee’s death being an
    “Accidental Overdose” and Intentional. And, as you say, we definitely know that “some people are not telling the whole Truth”— We just don’t know EVERYbody who might fit into this Category…. yet.

    To *Dani*: I don’t really know the extent of the
    “Forensic” Evidence, but one very compelling piece is from the “Plant” and “Insect” Scientists (their Scientific “Titles” escape me), who confirmed that the Plants growing through the Bag and intertwined around the Remains would have taken 6 Months to reach that particular Growth-stage— Placing Caylee’s Body somewhere in those Woods in June— and that the Insect activity was conclusive with the types of Insects found in there as well. Of course, where her Body started-out laying, and where it ended-up, can be attributed to it having been simply kept in Casey’s Car Trunk (thus, the “Smell”), then put in the Woods AFTER Tim Miller’s Search (thus, no Find), and just PRIOR to the Hurricane, which Casey more-than-likely knew was coming and thought to be
    “Perfect” in guaranteeing it would probably be Destroyed and Scattered and even pounded into the Ground by the heavy pouring Rain, and never found. I tend to believe Tim Miller (Texas EquaSearch), that Caylee’s remains were definitely “Upheaved” and “Pushed” from place to place by the heavy Movement of the flooding Water. As for Casey being a “Good Mother”, not “everyone” said she was. Cindy always claimed she was not (Casey’s Brother, Lee, attested to this), though Cindy later “changed” her Statement, for obvious reasons. Casey’s lack of Responsibility, normal Concerns over Caylee, and her Lifestyle, was much of why George and Cindy wanted to Adopt Caylee in the first place. Casey referred to her Daughter as “the little Snothead”, and, while no one may have ever seen her lay a Hand on Caylee, it doesn’t mean we know that she treated her well
    “Emotionally”. You’re absolutely Right though— alot of things are unknown to us, and, like you, we’re all Thinking and constantly coming-up short of Certainty. I also really agree with the last part of your last Sentence— Although, personally, I don’t believe there is anyone else out there who would be, or could be, “Responsible” for Caylee’s death other than Casey herself, I struggle myself with “Man playing God” in puting a person to Death. It’s not so much the “Tit-for-Tat” that bothers me, but rather, do we have such a “Right”, in God’s Eyes, to do it. By the way, I’m very interested in knowing those things Casey lied about which turned-out to be True. I must have missed hearing about that. Thanks!

  19. OneOp Says:

    Honeydog, Again I want you to know how much you are appreciated for your understanding of how other people may think regardless of your own viewpoints.
    It is rare that anyone will discuss their opinion along with that of another. Usually they have found the “facts” and that is it, leaving no room for “what if’s” and I
    am a “what if’er” even though it is all (from other perspectives) staring me right in the face, but ready to accept the ending finale. Kind of like dying, if docs tell me
    I am dying, they still can not pinpoint the exact time or what the end cause of death will be.

  20. Honeydog Says:

    Thank You *OneOp*. I know I can come-off a bit
    “strong” sometimes, but I do consider most of us here as being “Friends”, and try to remember that we’re all Human Beings with Feelings. And it’s good to be a a “What Ifer”— If there were no “What If’s”, the Talks would be limited, and alot less Interesting.

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