Casey Anthony: Trial Thoughts From Dan Abrams on The Today Show

Hal Boedeker has an interesting post today discussing the appearance of NBC’s Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams on The Today Show today. During his segment, Abrams discussed the Casey Anthony trial and the addition of Judge Belvin Perry.

Check out a snippet below and be sure to follow the link to Hal’s blog for more information.

From The TV Guy:

“Be careful what you ask for,” Abrams said. ”They [the defense] had asked to disqualify the previous judge, saying that he had some sort of connection to a blogger who had strong feelings about the case. They got that judge removed. And now they’ve got a judge who may be even tougher.”

And Abrams added: “You always have to be careful when you’re seeking to dismiss a judge in a case, because you never know what you’re going to get.”

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13 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Trial Thoughts From Dan Abrams on The Today Show”

  1. J.H. Says:

    Most everyone whom knows this case are very pleased with this judge.I love to see the defence sweat…………they looked very worried.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Funny… Just the opposite was stated by Lisa Bloom on JVM the other night, claiming that the switch in Judges is not hurting The Defense as much as some people would like to think. It’s not so much that Perry is “Tougher” (in the sense of the Word), but rather a whole lot more “Timely” in comparison with Strickland, who usually took days to Ponder-over things. The Wheels are just turning more quickly than what they’ve been used to, and, while Baez may not be accustomed to much of the goings-on anyhow— Slow OR Fast— Andrea Lyon is “Seasoned”, and knows how to keep-up with the Pace. Basically, just a switch of Gears.

  3. Ina Says:

    The blogger had strange feelings? I didn’t get that part?

  4. Ina Says:

    Oh strong feelings lol. need new glasses.
    Anyway, there was more to it, the blogger also stated they had lunch and the judge had phoned him.

  5. art tart Says:

    Honeydog, jmo, weighing the opinions of Dan Abrams, Chief Legal Analyst for NBC & Lisa Bloom who is now representing Micheal Lohan against Lindsey Lohan, there is simply no comparison. Dan Abrams is a “Legal Expert,” Lisa Bloom is an Attorney that offers her “personal opinion of the case.”

    When discussing the case, Lisa’s opinions seem less popular with the panels & especially those other analyst that keep up with everything on the case. I don’t know if Lisa isn’t up on all the facts, but her pleading to the public “what great people the Anthony’s are, that they have absolutely done nothing wrong, & they are victims” makes me think she might “just be reading up on the case before she appears with other analyst. She’s really pounded by more informed guest when she pleads this as most of us know what the Anthony’s contributions to Caylee’s case have been.

  6. Ina Says:

    Art tart: contributions like what? The other family memebers are not under any suspicion so far I think? Well blog commenters probably hate their guts, but they hate everyone. Where is any proof for any Anthony to have anything to do with Caylee’s death?

  7. Honeydog Says:

    *art tart*~ Oh I agree wholeheartedly that there’s a bit of a difference between their “Titles”, but Lisa’s position with CNN doesn’t quite make her Mashed Potatoes either. As with so many Experts on Prime News Channels whom I’ve heard Discuss this Case, who’s to say who is truly Right— they are ALL “Opinions”, Legal-based or otherwise. I have
    alot of Respect for Dan Abrams— he’s one of the Best— but, sometimes we agree with the Best, and sometimes another’s Opinion on the same subject seems to make more Sense. I don’t consistently put my Faith in someone’s Judgement simply because of their
    “Rank” or “Popularity” in the Business…. It depends on what they say. Personally— on this one— I just happen to see things the way Lisa explained. I don’t really believe The Defense are kicking themselves in the Ass as much as we all want to point and Laugh at them for. They wanted Judge Strickland out, they knew what they were doing, and I’d be willing to Bet they were aware of who would take his place as well. They did what they wanted to do, and the only real Consequence is that they have to move on things alot faster. Judge Strickland might have been more Laid-back, but, remember, he wasn’t easy on them either— denying practically every Motion they filed— and I don’t think he thought too much of Casey as it was. Perry’s methods are not something Trial Lawyers are Blind to, unfamiliar with, unsuspecting of, or even surprised at. I just don’t see The Defense as being lost in the Dark, sulking, and wishing they hadn’t left their Flashlight behind. These are the things that happen… and I’m sure they anticipated the Change. I must have missed, or don’t recall, Lisa’s
    defense of The Anthonys, so I can’t say anything about that, and, although I do know I’ve not agreed with her on certain things in the past, we all consider different Opinions differently at different times, and, I just feel she’s more-than-likely more accurate than Dan, about this particular Issue. As is yours, it’s JMO too.

  8. art tart Says:

    Honeydog, we can agree to disagree on Dan Abrams & Lisa Bloom as I am usually on “the same page with you on your comments & respect your opinions.” I base my opinions on the BEST Legal Facts available & it doesn’t matter to me who makes them, it is not about popularity, it is simply about the LAW, not the personal opinions of the Analyst making the comments.Personal opinions are not legal facts. I have followed Dan Abrams career for years & although I don’t always like what he says, it is legally fact. You have to be “one of the best legal analyst to represent a National Network, ABC,CBS,or NBC & I tend to rely on their opinions as they are giving information on the case & not contributing personal opinions or showing up on JVM, Mike Galanos, or NG to participate in these tabloid shows. Lisa Bloom was on a panel with many others on Dr. Phil early on in this case before Caylee was found & it was very well done, BUT, Dr. Phil is a National TV show, it was put together like 48 hours or Dateline.

    I have seen Lisa Bloom defend the Anthony’s two or three times, the last time on JVM in the past couple of weeks. Mike Brooks who is “on top of Caylee’s Case from day one” & a female Attorney on the panel made Lisa’s opinion look foolish as they pointed out repeatedly all the Anthony’s have done in KC’s case.” Of course Lisa continued to argue in defense of the Anthony’s but I simply think she isn’t aware of the Lies the Anthony’s have told related to depositions, washing KC’s jeans, giving the FBI a different hairbrush than Caylee’s & then sending an email & laughing about it which was turned over to the FBI. The Public, as you know, is usually so compassionate towards the Victim’s family, but in little Caylee’s case, her grand parent’s haven’t even demanded that “The Murder Be Brought to Justice.” In the past I have felt Lisa Bloom was very fair & I respect her still, but CNN has less than 400,000 viewers. Lisa Bloom offers “her personal opinions” in the case as this is not a legal fact, something NBC Legal Analyst don’t do usually, not even Matt Lauer or Meridith V when covering a crime story.

    I like R Hornsby, also Bill Sheaffer, & Mark NeJames, all living in Orlando & knowing the Judges both seem to think that Baez/Mason didn’t really consider the “Chief Judge,” as we all know, he is CHIEF for a reason as BS has said in the past,” would take this case as there were so many other Judges available. Hornsby said they would regret the day they did this as YOU never file a MOTION to remove a Judge UNLESS you know who you will get, as well as Sheaffer said this will be a lot harder for the defense & their past behaviors. Mark NeJames said that Judge P doesn’t suffer “fools lightly” & unprepared attorney’s as we have seen Baez in the past.

    Honeydog, we just view this differently, we are both seeking the best information we can & evaluating it to the best of our abilit, but, most of all, we want JUSTICE for the only victim in this case, Caylee Marie Anthony.

  9. art tart Says:

    STATE Response to ORDER Regarding the Deposition Schedule.

    The STATE has responded to Baez & Company with “Aggravating Circumstances” quickly also. Baez will need to provide an updated witness list so the STATE can finish their depositions as the witness list & the Defense experts are preventing them from doing the rest of their depositions. jmo, Judge P will not tolerate Baez on this & the State has already filed two motions to compel Baez to produce the updated witness list. Even if the Expert’s aren’t ready. other names can be supplied to the STATE. It’s a good thing KC has so many attorney’s as they have a tremendous amount to do to meet the deadlines Judge P has put in place.

  10. Honeydog Says:

    Appreciate your Thoughts and Points as always, *art tart*, and, Yes, your description of Lisa, overall, is pretty much Right-on. She’s never been one of my personal Favorites, and I do know that she gets alot of “Head-shaking” from other Panelists. Again, as I’ve listened to literally EVERYbody’s Opinions on this, hers just struck me as being “Believable”. I mean, it’s not like The Defense had been “Chicken Farmers”, and were suddenly told they had to become “Cattle Ranchers”. A big “Adjustment”— Absolutely…. A “Slap in the Face”?— I just don’t think so. If you recall, Strickland only took this Case because he was asked to. He was actually being moved from Criminal to Civil Cases, and agreed to Postpone it to accommodate. All the Attorneys were aware that Perry WAS the Judge who would have taken Casey’s Case if Strickland had not agreed, and I still remain doubtful that they did not know it was him who would more-than-likely be taking over. If Attorney Mark Eiglarsh (Orlando) and others knew this beforehand, I find it hard to believe that The Defense didn’t. At the risk of “Nit-picking” (all with due Respect though), I noticed you said, in your 3rd Paragraph, that they “both SEEM TO THINK”……
    Ultimately, Facts and Opinions go “Hand-in-Hand”, and Abrams, Hornsby, Schaeffer, NeJames, etc, are each proof of it, stirring the Mixture around in the Pot— only with larger and better-quality Spoons than us… and they’re all Good. This is why we listen and evaluate, and why some people out here don’t like their Recipes, and some of us do. Anyway, despite Lisa’s opinion, ours, or any of the rest for that matter, only The Defense themselves indeed actually know whether they are Sorry. They acted upon their firm objection of a Judge whom they believed was involved in inappropriate actions while on the Bench, and, it’s now a new Can of Worms. As you say, they’re under greater Pressure, but with Andrea Lyon’s experience and familiararity with all kinds of Cases and Judges, this new Cross to bear shouldn’t be as heavy as we think it looks.

  11. art tart Says:


    Hondeydog, I have been no fan of Baez starting with his lack of experience & not keeping T Lenamon, who wanted to check into a “mental defense for KC” and a seasoned DP Attorney with many years experience. But JEEZ! To be an attorney with 3 years experience, he could have NEVER foreseen the lies, the jail house letters, the civil suite, the fraud trial, the list is endless that KC’s case has encompassed that most murder cases don’t have. The phantom plea, the fanthom Zenieda, etc. What a terrible mess KC has created for any defense team to untangle.

    We will have to see what transpires with Judge P in the future. Gone is the “showboating of C Mason, which, imo, had no place in the courtroom & the Defense has finally SHUT their mouths NOW that they want to claim how “sensational KC’s trial is going to be.” I re-read this morning the MOTION the STATE filed for a GAG Order in 08 in this case, but Baez & the ANT’s didn’t want it, CA claimed “they were trying to shut them up.” Constant Interviews by the family & Baez on National Shows claiming KC was innocent is ironic. Well, it looks like finally they have all shut up, even C Mason, NOW that they want a “change of venue.” R Hornsby said 8 months & gave the Statute that due to FLA. Law, the jurors would be brought in. The defense keeps wanting to make “exceptions for their client,” but that isn’t going to happen. RH gave the link to the statute & it was clearly written, I just can’t understand why Baez can’t understand a statute.

  12. Honeydog Says:

    *art tart*~ I sure do agree with all you’ve said. Like you, I now believe The Defense is running a bit Scared. They were all so Pompous and Definite… all things would be “Proven”… but, along the way, they let the Hype and their own personal Motives go to their Heads. They’ve tried, and pursued just about everything, but their Choices certainly failed to help them, and none of it has worked-out according to Plan. I too have my Doubts that much can be Salvaged out of their Mess, as they Blew-it a long time ago, and continue to do so, despite probably knowing better. To me, The Defense has been a Classic Example of something already having been so Bad, turning into something so much Worse and so Far-gone, and, even with Ms. Lyon as perhaps their only Saving Grace, it’s clear that it’s going to take a whole lot more than what they ever imagined at the Onset, to Rise above this at all, let alone On Top.

  13. This is great stuff i enjoyed reading about all this stuff. thanx

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