Casey Anthony: Psychopath?

Interesting words from criminal profiler Pat Brown on the Today Show today as a term that many of you have used to describe Casey Anthony came out: Psychopath.

I missed the segment. Did anyone have the opportunity to watch? What did  you think?


Pat Brown, a criminal profiler, told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira that in her opinion, Anthony is a psychopath who is trying to get potential jurors to feel sorry for her. The letters are the way she does it, Brown said.

“This will prove she’s a new woman. After all, she’s found God,” Brown said, adding that juries will frequently sympathize with a woman who claims she was abused and mistreated but now has found the light.

“A lot of time women go to court, juries start feeling sorry for them,” Brown said. “It’s manipulation.”

Brown called the letters “a wonderful window into how a psychopath thinks.”

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21 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Psychopath?”

  1. Venice Says:

    I agree 100% with the criminal profiler….BRAVO!

  2. Andrea Says:

    I think she was coached by her DP lawyer’s people

  3. Ideas Says:

    I think the letters show how delusional she is. She talks about what she wants to be true. And so, what she thinks and believes changes in her letters.

    I don’t think she wrote the letters thinking they’d be made public. She writes because she wants always to be the special one, the victim, the overcomer, …whatever will make her look interesting and good to someone else and to herself.

    Her DP lawyers told her not to talk about Caylee and the case.

  4. Hadley Says:

    Call her what u will. I just know she brutally slaughtered her beautiful 2 year old Caylee. I hope she pays with the DP, or LWOP. (I call her EVIL)

  5. OneOp Says:

    A psychopath does not think, they just are! No matter what passes before them they believe they exist beyond any human reality. Superiority is their goal, others are an inferior object. Power and control, using others like a puppet is appealing
    and most satisfying to their twisted need. They do not know they are phycopath.
    It is as natural for them as I see myself natural to me. A state of being. Is a psychopath born or are they made by parenting and society. Probably some of both.

  6. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I think *OneOp*’s interpretation is a good one— in Layman’s terms— and, it’s true, in Casey’s own Mind, this is “Normal”. I’m no Psychiatrist of course, but I think there’s a little “Bipolarism”,
    “Narcissism”, and Depression thrown-in with Casey’s state of “Being” too. Doesn’t matter though…. With no previous “History” or “Diagnosed Condition”, can’t go there now in an attempt to save her. And, if that Footage we saw of The Prosecutor’s horrific detailed description of Caylee’s “Final Momments” is any indication of how The State intends to pursue its Goal, I don’t believe a Jury is going to “feel Sorry” for her— Woman or no Woman, Finding “God” or not.

  7. Boston Says:

    OneOps description of a psychopath is about the very best I have read. For anyone who reads it and is astonished by its’ simplicity, please reread it again.

    I would amend the following with this caveat,”They do not know they are a psychopath”…. but they know they are not like others. It is not so much that they are without feelings that bothers them, it is the need to learn and mimmic appropriate behaviors and ways of being (sad, empathic, remorseful, etc) that is important to them”.

    Examples: Casey Anthony was proud of the fact that while in high school and beyond she was known as “the mothering type”.

    Casey states in her letter to Ms Adams, “I WAS a good mother.” It does not matter that she is charged with Felony Murder in the First Degree and that a boatload of evidence is stack up to convict her of murder-the murder of her child.

    Their life is ruled by logical inconsistencies.

  8. JUST ME Says:

    Another thing that I find very odd. Casey said in her letters that she would wake up at night and her bra would be pulled up. She is claiming that Lee did this. Please, a show of hands ladies, how many of you wear your bra to bed at night?

  9. Boston Says:

    None of us. Sports bras are so tight but loosen up over time but even then it is tough to take them off and they are never comfortable at night for either a small or full figured woman. If one takes the bra and just lifts it over the breast it would, in my opinion, be something which would wake a sleeping person. If in fact it did happen what about the fear and alarm she would have registered? Her parents bedroom would have been close and on the same floor.

    There are “sports bras” which buckle in front for woman who have had breast surgery-I doubt Mrs Anthony purchased one like that for a 12 year old girl?

    The sexual abuse just didn’t happen imo. Giving so much additional information about a serious event like being sexually molested by a brother no less, is just another occasion where Casey expresses her psychopathy. Why would the type of bra ever come into the equation?

    Do rape victims talk about their underwear or do they just stick to the fact that they just experienced a violent act of assault and a near death experience?

  10. Boston Says:

    Honeydog-Right on again. Jurors do not feel sorry while they are deliberating-they feel sorry for the victim not the perpetrator. They often times are so broken down by the enormity of the crime that sympathy for the victim is overwhelming. But Casey is always looking out for her best interests and of course she is going to think that mindless, hapless jurors will exist or ones that she can tacitly manipulate. Goes to show what dangerous people they are.

  11. Molly Says:

    justme – lol! I don’t know anyone that wears their bra to bed at night. That’s one of the first things that comes off when I get home.

    I don’t buy the “abused” while she was asleep story either.

    The prosecution is going to reveal what a liar, manipulator & disconnected from emotions person that she is. and I’m sure the jurors will be more influenced by the scenario they will lay out as to how caylee was murdered than by any image control or “feel sorry for me” ploys the defense will try.

  12. jon Says:

    I still say if there was incest between her and Lee, even as kids, it might have been consenual. I wouldn’t put anything past her.

  13. Boston Says:

    Her psychopathy would have begun to emerge around the age of 14-15 and from reading Dianne Fanning’s book I would say that we see the lying, stealing and manipulation going on up to and including senior year in high school. Mr and Mrs Anthony apparently were unaware that she did not attend classes on a regulat basis in her senior year and that she was known to “foll around”. Both parents went up to the school during May of 2004 and “raised a ruckus” about not being told sooner that Casey would not graduate. Of course, all they had to do was ask Casey. We know she was notified in her junior year that she was meeting the state regs for graduatio and was advised as to what she needed to do in order to meet the standard.

    Even though Casey did not graduate Cindy and George went to graduation with her. She was also given a graduation party and all her high school buddies were invited.

    About the sexual abuse if it started during middle school-let’s say around grade 8 we know that Lee was being treated for a fairly serious illness as well as clinical depression. Casey doesn’t mind kicking someone when they are down.

  14. […] Casey Anthony: Psychopath? « Kreuzer's KornerCasey Anthony: Psychopath? Interesting words from criminal profiler Pat Brown on the Today Show today as a term that many of you have used to describe Casey Anthony came out: Psychopath. I missed the segment. … Read more […]

  15. Boston Says:

    What is that all about?

  16. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Boston*… I asked this Question on another Post but no one answered— What, if known, was the Cause, or “Triggered” Lee’s “Depression”????

  17. Boston Says:

    IHoneydog-i don’t know what triggered his depression but before or after his treatment or possibly during his treatment program he was afflicted with a serious illness. For the life of me I cannot actually recall what it was-but it did have something to do with accetone? Gosh, you know what? I’ll look it up in either Dianne Fanning’s book or search around and see if I can find it. It was serious and Cindy was very concerned.

    I often wondered why she never took Casey to her pcp and had her turfed to psychaitry…it was all private and needless to say and Act of god or a court order would have prevented its release.

  18. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Thanks *Boston*, at least I know a little more than I did, and I’m still curious about Lee’s Illness/Depression if you do uncover it. I didn’t buy Fanning’s Book. Had heard from other Readers that the majority of it was what the Public already knew from the Media Coverage, simply written in her own Style. How did YOU find it?

  19. Boston Says:


    I think the Anthony’s home was a very sad and disturbed place to be. Cindy was not prepared to parent a psychopath and she obviously wasn’t going to throw her grandchild or daughter out onto the street but what happened there happened long before Caylee was born.

    I was chilled to the bone to read Tim Miller’s impression of that house. Casey was home at the time and his observations were telling.

    Everyone who walks in and out of that house is harmed. We have no idea about the “reach” a psychopath has but we know that parents spend a good deal of lives getting them out of one mess after another. Now that she has been arrested and charged others are taking over where they left off but this time they have no emotional interest in her or we would hope they don’t. Surely Mr Mason understands her. Mr Baez doesn’t understand the law so I doubt very much he understands the criminal mind.

    I liked Ms Fanning’s book. It was a chronology of events and it was a good little read. It was fluff then and will always remain a puff piece of journalism. I anticipate those at Northeastern University have been following this case and I am sure there will be a fascinating book written in the years to come.

    You never know maybe there will be a group of Harvard 3L students who will work on her appeal. There’s another great read. ( ex:von Bulow)

  20. Honeydog Says:

    *Boston*: I remember watching and listening to Tim Miller’s account of the “Inner Workings” of The Anthony Household during one of his TV Interviews.
    Quite Eye-Opening, and Scary… to say the least. A Testimony, for sure, to Casey’s Character, Actions, and overall Existence. All I can say is, No Wonder.

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