Casey Anthony: Audio of Phone Calls From Robyn Adams Released

Pretty slow news day all around today but WESH is reporting that audio recordings of phone calls in the case against Casey Anthony were released this morning.

From WESH:

The recordings were made public just days after hundreds of pages of jailhouse letters between Anthony and her jailhouse pen pal, Robyn Adams.

The calls released were between Adams and her father, and Adams talked about the Anthony letters.

The calls were recorded in 2008 and 2009 while Adams was an inmate at the Orange County Jail.

In a phone call, you hear him coaching her about what’s called substantial assistance. As a federal prisoner, if you help the government, you can apply to have your sentence reduced. Adams is serving 10 years for trafficking marijuana.

  • Adams’ Father: You may be eligible for substantial assistance.
  • Adams: Yes, but I think it’s a safety valve.
  • Adams’ Father: Substantial assistance is what you need to get.
  • Adams: Keep praying for it, Daddy.
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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Audio of Phone Calls From Robyn Adams Released”

  1. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Well, that one says it all, doesn’t it. With Adams father being a former Police Officer, he was probably “Coaching” her all along on getting close to Casey and using their Relationship to gain some Leverage. Why else would Adams even keep all of Casey’s letters. You would think she and her Father would know though, that their Phone Calls can be Recorded and not to mention or discuss having an “Ace in the Hole”, as it only makes it all look like it WAS a “Con-job”, as well as casting Suspicion on Adams credibility. If Adams really IS Credible at all, I think she should have played her Cards differently, so at least she wouldn’t “Appear” so much like the “usual” Jailhouse Snitch. I suppose though, that the Government really doesn’t care HOW an Inmate goes about getting them what they want or need, as long as they get it. Oh well, it’s all for The Prosecution to investigate and determine what this Chick is all about.

  2. I am very curious about the amount of actual evidence they have. Why would they have to set the entire world against Casey to win the case if they already had evidence? What would be the point?

  3. Lona1 Says:

    from a blogger at OS. I hope this is true,
    Ft_Laud_PI at 2:43 AM April 10, 2010
    Wooo Hooooo!!! A friend who works with the SAO texted me earlier with some wonderful news. CINDY ANTHONY IS (AND HAS BEEN) THE FOCUS OF A SEPARATE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION!!! Who knows what may become of this, but IT IS ON. She and her merry band of THUGS are being looked regarding lying to authorities, manufacturing false evidence, falsifying documents, tampering/destroying of evidence, witness tampering, misleading investigators, abuse of LE time/resources and overall obstruction of justice!! WOW—I never realized she was such a diabolical ringleader (not to mention a truly mean-spiritied and nasty woman). She has stomped on far too many toes for authorities to let her get away with this……and the state of FLA intends on prosecuting her to the full extent of the law. Shame on you, Cindy!

  4. precisely Says:

    Lona. Thanks, that info has made my day! About time!

  5. auntdeedee Says:

    Love that news, lona1, if true!

  6. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *ThinkerBelle*: I agree. Unless there’s anything
    “Concrete” in these Letters and Phone Calls for The State to use, they shouldn’t, and probably won’t, even bother with it. With all the Scientific and Circumstantial Evidence already established, they don’t need this other petty stuff cluttering-up and potentially jeopardizing an already-strong Case.

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