Casey Anthony: River Cruz Attempts Suicide

Wow. It seems that River Cruz’s sister told WFTV in Florida that Cruz was taken by ambulance to Florida Hospital South after she apparently swallowed a full bottle of pills.

No matter how you feel about anyone involved in this case, this is truly a sad development and I hope that all is well with River Cruz/Crystal/Krystal Holloway.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

A woman who claimed she had an affair with Casey Anthony‘s father tried to kill herself by swallowing pills, is reporting.

River Cruz was rushed to Florida Hospital South, the report says. Her Twitter post says: “SUICIDE PACT.”

George Anthony‘s attorney has said his client has not had an affair with River Cruz.

From the TV Guy:

WFTV cited Cruz’s comments on Twitter last night that she was “”tired of all this” — evidently a reference to media coverage of her. Her other Tweets include “so now its time” and in all caps “suicide pact!!!”

WFTV anchor Vanessa Echols quoted Cruz’s sister as saying Cruz took a bottle of pills and was taken to Florida Hospital South.

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13 Comments on “Casey Anthony: River Cruz Attempts Suicide”

  1. Boston Says:

    I just read the article at the Orlando Sentinel. I am assuming that when they used the word “sister” that they meant Skye. She reported that River took pills and her facebook documents her depressed state of mind. You know, I want to say I am sympathetic and horrified to hear this news but I cannot, in good conscience, say that I am. Simply reporting that someone did something and ended up somewhere because of it, doesn’t make it true. Does anyone fact check at the Sentinel?

    It is just another story in a long list of sensational stories about those who would insinuate themselves into the death investigation of Caylee Anthony?

    Ms Cruz stated that she had an affair with Mr Anthony, went to the NI and sold that story and now she is reportedly in a Florida Hospital because she is so broken up about why the Anthony’s didn’t report what they knew and when they knew it relative to the death of their granddaughter. How could this possibly be true?

    Mr and Mrs Anthony did not know before, during or after the fact what happened to their granddaugher.
    They knew all they needed to know once they went to Johnson’s towyard and smelled decomposition eminating from the trunk.

  2. lona1 Says:

    why do they not post an update on this story? The same text of what happened has been on the OS and WFTV all day long.

  3. auntdeedee Says:

    Fact: River received a phone call from NI offering her $7,000 for her stoty-she turned it down, which is why the story they ran had nothing in it that hadn’t been said already.

    Try to remember that LE tracked her down, not the other way around, so that means that she did not insinuate herself into this case. Her only mistake was the affair with George, which is a mistake no matter who the married man is. Had she had ill-intent she would have exposed George long ago.

  4. OneOp Says:

    auntdeedee, Understand your comment, but how did the NE get it and how did the LE get it in the first place. Do you think it possible that the LE got it after the sisters went to the NE. Don’t you think there was a leak somewhere and that is what brought the LE to her door? They didn’t just pop in out of the blue if River never contacted them, somebody must have. Naturally if there was anything to do with the Anthony’s the LE would follow up. I just don’t understand yet how the story got out in the first place if not from River thru Skye and I think, since they have now made it all public people are only interested to know more facts wherever they may fall. for or against either George or the Sister. There is something missing in connecting the dots. Have you heard how River is today? No one wishes River harm in any way. Well, I
    don’t There is more than just the issue of these sisters that has given thought
    to question in the murder of beautiful Caylee Marie Anthony.

  5. justice Says:

    First of all its been said that LE got her number off of georges cell phone records by rivers sister. I personally feel for river, however her sister went on blogs answering questions. River is on tweeter etc etc..if they truly did not want the attention they would not be all over commenting about it. No comment is a good way to stay out of the in a sense they brought it on themselves. Do I wish her bad no, not at all, wouldn’t want to walk in her shoes, but why can’t people just not talk?

  6. linda Says:

    We’ve been hearing for a while now how much River hates all of the bad press and negative public comments generated toward her through the Internet. Then why does she keep getting online to see all the s**t written about her? If she stands behind the truth as she told it, then why give a d**n what anyone else thinks?

    In fact, who cares what anyone else but Law Enforcement, who made initial contact and questioned, thinks?

    For someone who doesn’t enjoy the attention the spotlight brings, a “suicide attempt” doesn’t relieve the attention, it actually heightens it. Not to mention that a suicide attempt means that she cares MORE about what Internet strangers think that what her own children think. This isn’t the mentality of a stable, fit mother. Perhaps Children’s services should evaluate River and her children in light of this recent drama.

    It appears as though she is deep, down a drama queen!!

  7. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Overall, I have to side with the last two Comments.
    No matter what’s True, or what isn’t, with this whole
    River Cruz/George Anthony thing, it all boils down to the fact that certain people simply don’t know how and when to use Discretion for their own damn Good. No matter Who sought-out Who, a “Leak” or no Leak, etc.,etc.,etc., all it takes is a Zippered Mouth or the Word NO— to anybody and everybody with a Camera, a Microphone, a TV Show, or a Tabloid association— RIGHT from the start.. and KEEP it that way. No one FORCED either of these two to say a single Syllable to the Media. In a situation like this, when you Open the Door a crack, you’ve gotta know damn-well it’s not going to take long for it to fling Wide-Open and slam you in the Head. They had a Choice… It was their Call, and I don’t feel Sorry about the “Uninvited Guests” and “Mess in their House” which both River and Skye themselves willfully permitted and continued to entice.

  8. OneOp Says:

    Yes Honeydog I tried to say all that, but not very good at it. I need to be more straight talk and not beat the bushes, all flowery like.. or zip my lip. love it! lol

  9. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Uh Uh *OneOp*… How YOU do it is what YOU’RE good at, and no one else thought of the same things, or said what you did, and HOW you said it. That’s what makes it all great. NO “Zipped Lip”, ya HEAR! (LOL).

  10. Boston Says:

    Let’s look at what has been published or spoken about for the past 10 days relative to River Cruz and her sister. My source is the Orlando Sentinel.

    What do we know? This doesn’t imply or infer that the following are FACTS.

    River and Skye are reportedly twins.
    Skye is the family spokesperson.
    Skye said River had an affair with Mr Anthony.
    Skye said that she saw the intimate pictures of Riiver Cruz and Mr Anthony.
    Mr Anthony denied the relationshhip.
    River Cruz is now on the Witness List for ZFG v Anthony.
    A story appeared in the National Enquirer.
    Skye denied that she knew anything about the story(she might have had a break from her PR duties when that decision was made).
    A sister of River Cruz informed the media that River took pills and her Facebook account reveals a depressed state of mind.

    affair with Mr Anthony to the best of my recollection.
    The one picture of River walking out of the police station is the standard picture that the media uses when reporting on this story.

    Skye was known to LE and was incarcerated in an Orlando jail from 8/2008-1/2009.

    If River is deposed by Morgan and Morgan River will have to swear to tell the truth. She cannot rely on the family spokesperson.

    Let’s all sing, “Fly Me To The Moon.”

  11. Boston Says:

    Line 18: “We have not seen the picture depicting the affair with Mr Anthony to the best of my recollection.

  12. A voice for George and Cindy Says:

    Krystal, River what ever your name is..You really need to mind your own business and get over your affair BS with George. C’mon you look like a man, do you really think that WE the People of the United States believe you..You are just out for the notoriaty and the money..You are another Casey!!! Leave the Anthony’s alone!!! I think maybe you need to seek Mental help..

  13. A voice for George and Cindy Says:

    So if this River Cruz or Krystal Holloway is well known to law enforcement and was incarcerated..Does anyone else think it’s possible that she was in jail with Casey and maybe that’s where she maybe made a deal to have Casey’s back..After all George is a good looking man. Another habitual LIAR that will be shredded apart on the witness stand.

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