President Obama to Sign Abortion Limits Order

President Obama plans to sign an executive order today that will ensure that existing limits on the federal funding of abortion remain in place under the new health care overhaul law.

From CNN:

Unlike the signing of the health care bill into law Tuesday, which was conducted under the glare of media cameras, the event Wednesday will be closed to the news media.

It will be attended by Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan and 12 of his anti-abortion Democratic House colleagues, without whose help the landmark overhaul bill would not have passed, political observers say.

The White House said the executive order reaffirms longstanding restrictions on the federal funding of abortion in the new law.

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7 Comments on “President Obama to Sign Abortion Limits Order”

  1. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Well, I don’t know if the “Existing Limits” are really enough when it comes to this Issue, but I’d rather see those Boundaries kept, than expanded.

  2. Ina Says:

    Does it mean that abortion is not payed for by the new health care insurance? I hope the pill is?

  3. OneOp Says:

    The more free care the more people will screw around with using it and getting pregnant. As with abortion, knowing they can get the baby murdered and not
    have to pay for it, leaves the door wide open for more. Have we noticed more and more babies are the victims one way or another, because after the partying
    parenting is not wanted. I am not too clear on how this abortion health clause
    is planned to work, why behind closed doors. Where do we read the long standing restrictions. I think we should read the old ones before anything is
    finalized. I don’t like behind closed doors at all. Can’t words be changed and
    we never know the difference? I DON’T LIKE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS !!!

  4. Honeydog0629 Says:

    This is an “Executive Order”, not a “Bill”. The signing of the brand-new “Health Care Bill” was a Big Deal— considered an “Historical” Event— which is why it was covered by the News on every Channel (even though most “new Bills” the President signs are usually given a Clip on Television anyway). The
    “Abortion Bill” has already been in Existance, and this “Order” is only to make sure that it remains the way it is— with its restricted Government Funding— so, there’s no need for “Media Coverage”. It’s just to say, there’s “No Change”. Granted, the average person doesn’t know what those Limits are, but I suppose the Doctors and Facilities that perform Abortions would. I have no idea about Abortion being “Covered” in any Health Care Insurance, let alone the new. I’m sure there are Stipulations, but I’ve never cared or been concerned with that part. As I said earlier, I’m just glad there’s no “Expanded” Funding. That would be a real bad thing.

  5. Ina Says:

    Here abortion and the pill are in the health insurance. We have the lowest number abortions in the world so I am told, if you don’t count the foreigners who come here to get an abortion, so I doubt screwing around like crazy is a side effect.

    There is a strickt limit, 20 weeks I think, only early pregnancies can be aborted, before a foetus can live outside the whom. It was explained to me as follows: That is the time a baby is not a human being yet, no feelings, no working brain, but just a bunch of cells, like sperm and an egg are not human beings. I suppose that is a scientific approach to the beginning of life. I personally think a 20 week old foetus is too old for an abortion, I would put the limit down to 10 weeks max, but I am no doctor.

    Now I see that this can be a matter of great conflict for a mother, esp. if she is religious.

    Abortion is a horrible event no matter how you look at it, not something to be promoted, and I think abortion can be avoided by puttiing the pill in the health insurance and good education. Taking precausions is a lot better than a pregnancy that can’t be.

    The thought behind the abortion to be in the health insurance is: If a woman in medical or social need can’t get an abortion because of the costs, what kind of life will this child and this mother have?

    Of course she (and her partner) should not get herself into this position in the first place, but reality proves that it happens all the time, esp. with stupid teens and not very smart adults.

    Education and free perservatives, I think, might help a lot?
    I am not pro abortion at all, I think it is awfull, but I think one has to be realistic: if it isn’t done legally, the knitting needlework is the only way for a lot of women to go. And that is horrible also! Of 2 evils, legal and safe abortion is best?

  6. OneOp Says:

    Ina, Really enjoyed reading your comment. Your opinion is explained in a way to give insight and reasoning and avoids argument. I do not believe in abortion
    I believe in abstaining, yet who is ever going to get the young bucks from doing
    that???? The “I love you”s” easily persuade young female participation, although they do not need persuasion anymore. Some of these subjects are hard to discuss for many because it is a very personal subject. You did a nice job of approaching
    it here. Thanks

  7. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Ina* and *OneOp*: I’m against it too, and I think it’s become too much of a popular Choice. If it didn’t exist, there would BE no Choice, and perhaps would facilitate the Change needed in steering and altering the decisions of Young Girls, especially, who are normally the most “Takers” of this Procedure.
    This is just one of the numerous Issues which is too far out of Control at the hands of Bad Parenting, Insufficient Education, and ultimately making it too Easy not to have to suffer the Consequences of irresponsible actions. Nothing is ever going to change as long as there’s a “Convenient Way Out”. Then, there’s the Flip Side— If legal Abortion and Government Funding were not available, the “Back Alley” procedures would undoubtedly soar, and more problems would stem from that…. Then, there are always those “Special Circumstances” where it simply just has to be done. The whole thing is a “Catch 22”. Personally, I wish the Government would not at ALL continue this “Promotion” of Abortion…. I wish we could come up with an effective Plan of Attack to end the “Choice” or the “Need” for it altogether, but, the point I was trying to make in my above Comments was that— since it appears that the Government intends on dealing with yet another situation in Society by “Helping” the situation to continue, and, since we apparently have no Say— I’ll at least settle for their decision not to RAISE the amount of Funding they give. We do, however, desperately need certain Issues to be “Solved”, rather than “Partially-Addressed”.

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