President Obama Signs Health Care Bill

As you may have heard, President Obama signed the expanded health care bill into law this morning. The law expands health insurance coverage for more than 32 million Americans.

I have a feeling that this is going to continue to be a heated debate across the United States for days, weeks and months to come. So…what do you think? Is the health care bill a good thing? A bad thing?

From the New York Times:

Mr. Obama affixed his curlicue signature, almost letter by letter, to the measure, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House, surrounded by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and a raft of other lawmakers who spent the past year on a legislative roller-coaster ride trying to pass it. Aides said he would pass out the 20 pens he used as mementoes.

The ceremony included two special guests: Vicki Kennedy, the widow of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, who had been a driving force for health care legislation before his death last year, and Connie Anderson, the sister of Natoma Canfield, the Ohio cancer survivor whose struggle to pay skyrocketing health insurance premiums became a touchstone of Mr. Obama’s campaign to overhaul the system.

Mr. Kennedy’s son, Representative Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island, was also there, carrying a gift for the president: a copy of a bill his father introduced in 1970 to provide national health insurance. On it, the younger Mr. Kennedy had written a personal message to Mr. Obama.

From ABC News:

Republicans across the country are specifically challenging the mandate in the health care bill that requires every individual to have health insurance, charging that it is unconstitutional.

The individual mandate is an “unprecedented overreach by the federal government forcing individual citizens to buy a good or a service for no other reason then they happen to be alive or a person,” Republican governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty said today on “Good Morning America.”

Pawlenty said he sent a letter to Minnesota’s Democratic attorney general arguing against the constitutionality of the mandate.

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2 Comments on “President Obama Signs Health Care Bill”

  1. luvanrs Says:

    A bad thing

  2. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I’m still a bit Confused, but, from all I do know, I’ll put it this way— This Shit should not be happening… NOT the way it is. I can perfectly understand that too many individuals have been, and are, without Health Coverage, and, naturally, we know the reason for HALF of this situation (the other half would rather be on Welfare, Food Stamps, etc etc, just get everything for Free and not even worry about it— and, of course, this has drastically resulted in overall higher losses and costs for Doctors, Emergency Rooms, Hospital-stays, etc)— BUT, with the Economy at the extreme low-level it has been, and continues to be, most people are barely living Paycheck-to-Paycheck, barely able to afford Food, Gas, and pay the Bills they ALREADY have. People are losing their HOMES for God’s sake. How and where the hell are people supposed to find the Money to pay— and be FORCED to pay— for Health Insurance, no matter HOW so-called “Affordable” it’s made??!! And this “Fine” or “Penalty” thing— if certain individuals do not have the Money to get Health Coverage in the FIRST place, under ANY circumstances, how the hell does the Government even expect them to be able to come up with Money to pay the FINE??!! This is Bull Shit. And what about the countless non-Americans living and working here, literally being given Businesses, being paid “Under the Table”, not paying Taxes, getting all THEIR stuff for Free— many of them sending their Money back to their own Country— are THEY going to be required to have Health Insurance?? I just think this whole thing is NOT going to work the way the “Powers that Be” THINK it will. This is not the right Solution, and it’s going to create new, more, and worse problems in the long run. Wait and see how many people begin applying for State Medicaid and the like— until that too, becomes Drained, even with its future “Expansion”.
    All in all, while Health Insurance Companies are surely looking-forward to the ultimate Profit, the Government, AND the Health-Care System, can expect alot of Turmoil over this, and many people are going to end-up in worse Financial Distress than they are now. I don’t believe you can just “Blanket” something like this on everyone (“Accross-the-Board”), ESPECIALLY in current Times. I do know the situation needs critical Help, and, honestly, I haven’t thought about a better way…. but, in my opinion, this isn’t it.

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