Casey Anthony: Witness List Revealed

It looks like Zenaida Gonzalez’s witness list includes more than 150 people.

Included are Casey Anthony, man of her friends, George Anthony and Cindy Anthony and her defense attorney, Jose Baez.

There are additional names that can be found below. Looks like a “who’s who” in this case. Thoughts?

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Attorney John Morgan filed the witness list Friday in Orange County Circuit Court.

Also among the potential witnesses: Private investigators Dominic Casey and Jim Hoover; California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who helped post Casey Anthony’s bond; FBI agents; FDLE agents and detectives from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Morgan could call Anthony’s ex-boyfriends as witnesses — including Jesse Grund, Ricardo Morales and Anthony Lazzaro, according to his list.

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Witness List Revealed”

  1. Boston Says:

    It will be very interesting if, after ZFG has her day in court, Casey will have hers. If ZFG wins her defamation claim then it might be the impetus for Ms Anthony to reconsider her chances for acquittal or whether or not she erred in taking the plea deal offered her in November 08.

    Does the death penalty worry her? Probably not. She’s always so optimistic.

  2. Boston Says:

    line 4: in NOT taking….

  3. luvanrs Says:

    She doesn’t seem to have a care in the world Boston. She continues to live off of others..enjoying her life of leisure, not having to listen to her mother, not having to deal with her child, etc.

  4. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I truly Hope and Pray that, somehow, someway, someday, this poor Woman is awarded Monetary Compensation for all she’s been forced to endure, and that she spends some well-deserved time enjoying the Hell out of every Penny. As well— rather than Casey being permitted to “Speak” at ALL and simply say she’s Sorry (like the Apology to Amy)— I would love to see Casey demanded to stand in front of Ms. Gonzales, and permit only MS. GONZALES to Speak, and give her a damn good piece of her Mind, like Murder Victim’s families are allowed to do in Court. Not that Casey would at all Fall to Pieces, but, just for the Satisfaction of it. Don’t know the possibility of either Scenerio, but it’s not only High Time for Ms. Gonzales to receive all she deserves, but it’s High Time for Casey to get Knocked-down a few Pegs in front of EVERYbody, and the Courtroom Camera she seems to love so much. Yes Sir, I sure wish they’d allow THAT. I’d then at least feel that Ms. Gonzales truly had her Day in Court, and that she was Paid “in Full”.

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