Casey Anthony: Did You Send Her A Birthday Card Yet?

If not…it’s too late!

Casey Anthony turned 24 years old today and she will be spending it again, this year, behind bars.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Anthony, who turns 24, will usher in the day at the Orange County Jail with a meal of oatmeal, a sausage patty, cheese and bread.

At lunch, she’ll feast on Spanish rice with meat, carrots, bread and cookie or cake.

She’ll round out the day with scalloped potatoes, turkey-ham, peas, bread and fruit.

It’s unclear if Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, plan to visit her today.

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25 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Did You Send Her A Birthday Card Yet?”

  1. Carol in VA Says:

    Good morning all. Well, it could be worse she could have been killed by her mother just like Caylee was.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Geesh! It totally slipped my mind. Will this day become a National holiday in the future? Lol!

  3. John, I made the last comment, but, my avatar didn’t show up. I checked my dashboard and it says I commented on a new blog (Hello world) yesterday. Hmmmmm

    In case it does it again, this is Thinker Belle.

  4. Sanny Says:

    I’m running out right now. LOL

  5. Never mind, I did comment on a “hello world” blog yesterday…Tulpjes.

  6. kreuzer33 Says:

    Ha Ha! Interesting! 🙂

  7. Yeah…did it show the same IP address on both comments?

  8. Jon Says:

    Maybe Cindy will bake her a cake with a file in it.

  9. Hilde Says:

    Casey Anthony’s Birthday is not a Priority for me, matter of fact I couldn’t care less when her Birthday is. JMO

  10. knight owl Says:

    Hi kreuzer, no card but my cat Louie caught and sent her a huge rat. lol

  11. Hilde Says:

    knight owl, thats just to funny 😆

  12. Hilde Says:

    (oops) too

  13. Diana Says:

    I hope for her birthday someone sends her a roll of duct tape to wear over her mouth in court so we don’t have to look at her laughing while they discuss Caylees murder.

  14. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I couldn’t buy a Card because I ran out of Money, and I’m waiting on some really-close Friends to get some for me from people in my State. For some reason though, I don’t feel Bad about it, ’cause, you know, it’s not my fault.

  15. OneOp Says:

    Honeydog, Yeah, times are tough Casey! lol

  16. Ideas Says:

    Well, I’m surprised at you’all’s lack of compassion. I think we should all send a card, perhaps a postcard…picturing the outside world, the beach, a sunset, a garden, a scratch and sniff…there’s so much beauty beyond the walls..

  17. knight owl Says:

    Honeydog, your so funny. Well i am indigent now after my cat Louie and i mailed Casey that big rat. It is expensive to mail a live rat ya know but we thought Casey needed a furry

  18. knight owl Says:

    Ideas, well Louie and i did send her a furry friend to keep her I thought your postcard idea was a lovely idea and i love that scratch and sniff. maybe videos of fusion would be nice too.

  19. knight owl Says:

    Diana, love the duct tape idea. can we please add some to her hands too so she cannot pat her hair and continue smoothing it and wiping fake

  20. Diana Says:

    *knight owl

    Yeah..she can’t keep her hands off of herself. She should be made to wear handcuffs in court. I hate when she does that thing with her hands of rubbing them together with anticipation …….. like a person excited to open a gift….a small child.

  21. Bankin Says:

    Her lawyer is amazing. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

  22. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Yeah, and what’s amazing to me is, Casey undoubtedly thinks she’s actually going to go Home afterwards.

  23. jc Says:

    Darn, I missed it! I was going to hook her up Joran Vander Sloot for a night on the beach…….

  24. OneOp Says:

    Jc, I wish I had thought of that. lol

  25. luvanrs Says:

    I wish her hell…I mean well…NOT

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