Have Natalee Holloway’s Remains Been Found?

UPDATE: A dive team has been dispatched to search for the possible remains of Natalee Holloway.

A Pennsylvania couple believes one of their underwater photos shot while snorkeling in Aruba may reveal a skeleton on the ocean floor.

Credit: AP

Could it be the remains of Natalee Holloway?

From the Associated Press:

The Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era reported the photo could be a human corpse, and that John Muldowney claims he has a gut feeling it’s Natalee Holloway.

Natalee Holloway has been missing for almost five years. The Alabama honors student disappeared in Aruba, the same Caribbean island where Patti and John Muldowney went snorkeling.

While there has been much speculation about what happened to Holloway, no one has ever been tried in connection with her disappearance. Suspicion has hovered over Joren van der Sloot, who has twice been arrested in relation to the disappearance. Holloway has never been found.

From Gather.com:

Nancy Grace’s all-time favorite story to cover is back on the front burner, thanks to a couple’s vacation photo taken while snorkling in Aruba. The underwater photograph, possibly showing human remains, is being treated as a lead in the case of Natalee Holloway, the Alabama high school student who disappeared in Aruba nearly five years ago.

“It’s been sent to our legal attache in Bridgetown [Barbados] and they will work with local authorities in the matter,” spokesman Brian Herrick said this morning. The FBI will assist only if requested. “This is just a foreign police cooperation case,” Herrick said.

From Fox News:

Patti Muldowney took the shot while snorkeling near the Caribbean island. Only later did the couple notice one photo shows what could be a human corpse or skeleton..

“It just seems so strange that that girl never showed up, and here we are right off the shoreline, right where she disappeared, and there’s a body lying there,” John Muldowney, 78, told the newspaper.

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39 Comments on “Have Natalee Holloway’s Remains Been Found?”

  1. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer.

    Oh my God. when i read your title i almost passed out. What a revelation this would be if it turns out to be Natalee. Natalee is from my home state and i followed the case and felt so badly for Natalee and her family. As sad as it would be should this be Natalee it would at least for sure give her parents Beth and Dave, her brother and the rest of her family final closure and i am getting ahead of myself but just maybe put Joran vandersloot behind prison bars where he belongs forever.

    I believe the Kalpoe brother’s Satish and Deepak are accessories as well and should be also locked up. I will now be following to see how this turns out.

    Thanks John for the update.

  2. kreuzer33 Says:

    It will take time to figure it out. Who knows but I’m sure there are a lot of people looking for closure that are actually hoping that they will find it with this discovery.

  3. knight owl Says:

    oh i forgot to say at first view of this pic it sure looks like a skeleton of a human body. What i see is a head, some body and one arm that loves curved sort of liked it is posed to the side. hmmm. time will tell us.

  4. Honeydog0629 Says:

    It sure does appear to be in the “formation” of a Body and Head, but I notice no wide Rib Cage, and, whatever it is, it seems small in comparison with that of a Body of Natalee’s size and proportion. It’s hard to tell from this particular Shot. God knows I would LOVE for this to actually BE something, but, what I don’t understand is, this Couple only noticed the resemblence “later”— apparently AFTER they had taken their Underwater Pictures and had them Developed. If whoever took this Picture was THIS Close, you would think it would be obvious, right then and there, that they were seeing a Human Corpse. I mean, the Skeleton of a Body IS what it is— it’s clearly-defined and doesn’t change. I’m sure there are alot more Details about this Discovery than what we’ve got here, and I’m really anxious and looking-forward to hearing more. What a truly wonderful MIRACLE it would be if this ends-up a Reality.

    P.S. to Everyone: Nothing to do with my Comment above, but, DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? Stare at the
    “Head” part carefully. Beneath the solid
    “Horseshoe-shape”, it looks exactly like there are two Eyes, a Nose, and a Mouth. The Eyes look Open, as well as a partially-open Mouth. A rounded “Cheek” would be on your right. The whole thing almost looks like a Baby’s Face. This is Creepy, but I just had to point it out.

  5. OneOp Says:

    If Natalie can never be found alive and is dead, even Joran says she is dead, then
    I pray this is her remains and her murderer brought to pay for this crime. She
    certainly did not put herself there if it is Natalie. Certainly looks like for real.
    Thanks John for putting this up.

  6. Hadley Says:

    The bones appear to be too large to me. The skull has no eye sockets, and the chin area of skull appears to be shaped wrong. I hope I’m wrong because it would be wonderful for Natalee’s parents to be able to give her a proper buriel. They have suffered far too long.

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  15. knight owl Says:

    To me it looks like if it is natalee she is laying face down on the ocean floor and it is the back of her head looks like to me in the pics. I hope we find out soon. It is just a shame Natalee couldn’t have had a fun trip and come back home safely like all the other students. I bought Natalee Holloways Mom and Dad’s books. Dave Holloway’s was more on the corruption in Aruba which was a good book but Beth’s broke my heart reading about her dreams she would have of Natalee and how good it was to see her. She said she and Natalee were close and loved going shopping together and when she went shopping she would end up looking over and expecting to see Natalee. It has been so horrible for this family.

  16. knight owl Says:

    now i am looking at the pic and it looks more like the head to the skeleton if it is a head that is and i believe it is, looks like i see a mandible so i think the body is laying face down with the head turned to one side. Like this means anything as we don’t have much to go on yet.

  17. Boston Says:

    I just saw the HLN interview previewing what will be on NG tonight. This couple appears to be very keen on doing the right thing.

    They first showed the pic to the primary care physician and he stated that it looked like a body with eye sockets and limbs, etc. Apparently he suggested that they call the police. The police called the FBI and they sent it to Quantico.

    If the remains are lifted and taken to the ME’s office and identified as Natalie’s than I think the day of reconning is fast approaching for Joran vanderSlut.

  18. knight owl Says:

    Boston, Thanks for the updated information. If it turns out as Natalee’s remains i hope it will be Joran’s final stop as a free man. The Kalpoe’s too as i do believe they were in on a lot of what went down that nite too and are accomplices. They sure cleaned up their car big time and later on in the case they sold the car.

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  20. lona1 Says:

    Is the body still under water? Did they take it out of the Ocean yet? Better hurry, Arubia and it’s ineffective police force will mess this up.

  21. lona1 Says:

    Even if theya re not sure what the picture represents, they should still lift whatever it might be!!!!!!!!

  22. Jon Says:

    Actually, if they are human remains they might only be partial remains. Might not it be the same as when a body is left in the woods? Small animals, etc. They’re down there in the ocean too so maybe they scatter bones as well. Whatever it is that’s down there, at least if it turns out to be part of Natalee Hollway’s remains at least the parents will be able to know and try to come to terms with it, although I have to say that it appears that they have begun to do so. I doubt they’ll ever get over it though and can’t blame them; I don’t think any parent would be able to. In the recent interviews I’ve seen, Beth appears to be quite resigned and also acts with a lot of class.

  23. Boston Says:

    Knight Owl-I think they drove Joran to what would become Natalie’s final resting place but were in a matter of speaking, at the wrong place at the wrong time. Did they know more? Yes. Did they witness a killing, perhaps. When I looked at their faces I saw pure, unadulterated fear. Who is to say whether or not Joran threatened them with death if they said anything. He had status and credibility simply as a result of being “the judge in training’s” son. They were Joran’s fall guys. I hope they come forward and tell authorities and the court what they knew, what they saw and how vulnerable they felt. The long arm of the law will be reaching out for them both soon.

    Joran’s hands will be, as Casey Anthony would say, “literally tied” and hopefully the Kalpoe brothers will no longer be in fear.

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  25. DG Says:

    I’ve seen the underwater picture several times throughout the day and I couldn’t make out the shape of skeletal remains.
    I found a picture of it online and used Photoshop to filter the blue, which is always difficult lighting for good images.

    I uploaded the photos to tinypic.
    Here are 3 of the photos I filtered:

    If this is a skeleton, the black and white photo makes it seem like there is a large rock on the chest area and the right arm is ‘cradled’ over it. This could explain why a body wasn’t washed up on shore. It also looks like the left side of the skeleton, laying face-up, is partly buried in the sand; so the skeleton is not laying flat on the floor bed, but more of a 45′ angle.
    The other thing I noticed is the right arm appears to be covered in a patterned material, but I don’t know if cloth can survive in salt water for 5 years.

    It’s tough to filter a picture which may have been a 10th generation copy found on the internet, so perhaps it is just a visual misrepresentation because of lighting.

  26. Honeydog0629 Says:

    In a way, I wonder if it was the right thing to publicize this Story. I’m afraid of “Curiousity Seekers” and “Souvenier Divers” getting out there and disturbing and/or removing whatever it is. I don’t Trust the Aruban Authorities either. I sure hope this is being handled with the utmost Urgency.

  27. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Heard on the News Coverage tonight that Natalee’s father (Dave Holloway) doesn’t believe it’s a Skeleton, or Natalee. Wonder why?

  28. OneOp Says:

    That is interesting Honeydog, I would think he might jump at the possibility but
    maybe he is protecting himself from being dissappointed or facing the fact.
    Also he may still suspect that Natalie was trafficted like Joran tried to do with
    girl from Thailand. With that he would remain hopeful that she is alive. Those
    are only reasons i can come up with.

  29. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Yes, *OneOp*, I’ve thought of the things you mention, and any of those reasons could very-well be possible.
    I just wish the News (or Mr. Holloway) would have given the reason. Maybe he’ll be on someone’s Show and tell us. I’m sure we’ll be hearing alot more on this Story as it keeps unfolding.

  30. heather Says:

    i hope its her i want to watch this prick to go jail…..he desirves the death penalty… pay taxes to feed the moths of skumbags like him….they should just put him on death row for sure ! 22 year old female….i deff would not have even though twice about leaving with that scum but all people make mistakes ….

  31. jjoshuajj21 Says:

    My research says “YES;” however, it will be much more difficult to find her and close this case >> http://thepopeimprisonssusannamaiolo.wordpress.com/ <<

  32. luvanrs Says:

    Seems odd that the skeleton would be intact after five years. Too many underwater scavengers would have scattered the bones. I hope they have found her, for her family’s sake.

  33. Jimmy Says:

    I think there looking for her body on the wrong side of the island.

  34. OneOp Says:

    Very interesting, all they need to do is identify just where the couple who took that picture did their snorkling. They did say it was around a boat, that should
    not be hard determine. Something still doesn’t smell right with the Arubian
    authority. Can the USA send its own divers? I would think the picture could
    be blown up enough to really tell something positive as it being a skeleton or not.

  35. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Nothing located so far, and the Search has been
    “Halted”…. Reports are now saying it was probably a Rock or Coral formation, but no “final” Word on if and where the Investigaton is going from here.

  36. sandra holmes Says:

    That animal did it again!Why they didn’t listen to that girl mom when she said this man is dangerous and he could do it again. He did five years to the date on Natalie’s death, want to know why? because he killed Natalie all over again. Trough that poor girl in Peru, he killed Natalie all over again, to me he is a serial killer who if not stopped will continue to kill every five years, because his guilt is overwhelming him. Hopefully they won’t let him get away with it again…Hopefully someday he will confess and bring Natalie home to her mother so she can have a decent burial God bless her and her family.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    i dnt think so

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