Casey Anthony: Please Welcome Cheney Mason to the Circus

That’s right! We have a new player announced today in the ongoing saga that is the Casey Anthony case.

Ladies and gentlemen…Cheney Mason! More details about Mr. Mason can be found below and you can read his profile by clicking on the My Fox Orlando link below.

From The TV Guy:

WFTV-Channel 9 legal analyst Bill Sheaffer highlighted the addition of high-profile Orlando attorney Cheney Mason to the defense team.

“This is the most significant event to the defense and the prosecution since the discovery of  Caylee’s body,” Sheaffer told WFTV anchor Vanessa Echols.

“Cheney Mason does not believe in the death penalty,” Sheaffer said. “And because the state is seeking death in this case it is his commitment to 1) win this case on the facts and have a verdict of not guilty entered.  But failing that, he wants to make sure she does not face the death penalty.”

From My Fox Orlando:

Casey Anthony has a new attorney. Orlando attorney J. Cheney Mason has joined Casey’s defense team. He said he would work on the case pro bono.

According to Mason’s website, he began his private law practice in Orlando, Florida in 1971 after admission to The Florida Bar. His areas of practice include Criminal Defense, Marital and Family Law (Divorce Law), Entertainment Law and Trial Practice, with a strong emphasis on Marital and Family Law and Criminal Law. He is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, certified by both The Florida Bar and the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Mason is frequently a guest lecturer before various Bar and Legal Associations and has published numerous legal articles. J. Cheney Mason is often invited by the news media to provide expert commentary on legal issues involving criminal law and marital and family law, and he is active in numerous local and national legal organizations. He has volunteered his time to teach trial techniques to young Prosecutors and Public Defenders at the annual workshop at the University of Florida, College of Law.

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58 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Please Welcome Cheney Mason to the Circus”

  1. Hilde Says:

    Cheney Mason makes the Impression that he does know what he is talking about and no Doubt he very well is a seasoned and good Attorney. However he is coming off as very disrespectful when he was talking to Judge Strickland today to the Point that he was rude talking to the Judge. He seems to be a Hot Head and loosing his Temper very easily. He sounds like it’s my Way or the Highway! JMO
    This should be interesting in the Time to come.

  2. Molly Says:

    He did seem to be ordering the judge & demanding things. Strickland cut him right off.

  3. Jon Says:

    another one working pro bono for the publicity!

  4. james flannigan Says:

    BECAUSE OF ALL THE INJUSTICE TOWARDS RIVER CRUZ, I just to clear up a few inconsistencies, I have known these two girls for some time now; I’m far more familiar with what’s going on in River’s life though.

    Despite what the news media is reporting, River does not have a prison record. She DID NOT LIE to authorities when she called the police regarding a domestic violence incident against her sister, by her sister’s husband (Rafik Benhaida) in 2008.

    The prison/arrest record can be easily verified. Skye had been threatened by her husband and was afraid to press charges against him, hence this is the reason that she wrote that letter to the authorities HOWEVER, the state DID pick up the charge and Mr Behhaida did serve time for this incident in 2009. I CAN UNEQUIVOCALLY SAY THAT NEITHER SKYE NOR RIVER EITHER AUTHOIZED OR WAS PAID FOR THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER STORY.

    When asked on the Nancy Grace show, Skye truly was unaware of anything coming from the NE. River has not profited by this at all and has been dogged by the press. She has now retained legal counsel, something which she should’ve done long ago. RIVER is epileptic and is not in the best of health, SHE DOES NOT NEED NOR DOES SHE WANT TO BE IN THE LIMELIGHT.

    Had it not been for the authorities, all of this would’ve never come to light.

    RIVER WILL BE VINDICATED when the police records are released and we can all see that she was truthfukk and passed the lie detector test. How do I know all of this? I am the owner of the home where she resides, she is a very dear friend and I support her both mentally and financially. She does not need the money.

    BTW, as far as the aliases go, “River” was a nick name that here father gave her when she was a little girl and “Cruz” is her mothers maiden name. She uses these names not to hide from anyone but to keep memories of her childhood close to her. UNDER THE ADVICE OF HER NEWLY APPOINTED LEGAL COUNSEL, RIVER WILL NOT BE TALKING TO THE PRESS ANY MORE.

    Skye has also been asked, and has agreed not to speak out as well, until this can be righted

  5. Ina Says:

    Okay mr Flannigan, and she is very right to do so I suppose but “truthfukk” what is that…

    I thought Skye mailed WFTV herself btw. Benhaida sounds like Zenaida. Coincidence of course.

  6. ~LisaG~ Says:

    Mr. Flannigan,

    Maybe you should call Nancy Grace tonight, and set thr record straight, being you are in her life.

    And she was smart to retain legal counsel. They may try to blame her for Caylee’s murder, just like they did with Roy Kronk. You know what they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

    I’m sure she didn’t want to be in the limelight, but a beautiful, little innocent baby, Caylee was murdered and any and all information anyone has, should contact the authorities. That baby needs justice, and if George did tell her it was an accident, that snowballed out of control, that puts him in the spotlight in a totally different way.

    I’m sorry if your friend is being pestered and bothered, and rumors are out there, but at least she is alive.

    What about Caylee, she no longer has a voice, and we all have to be a voice for Caylee, no matter how much it may inconvenience them.

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us those details.

  7. Boston Says:

    Finally, someone who will fight tooth and nail for his client- a real bulldog. No one can sit back and say all these appeals were because Mr Baez hasn’t done his job. Let them all get in there and tear their hair out and shout from the highest mountain top that their client is innocent. Dig long and deep to find something to exonerate her. Once that is all done the jurors will get together and evaluate who was the most convincing and who brought forth the evidence that exonerates Ms Anthony or sends her to prison for the rest of her life.

    The good citizens of Florida deserve nothing more and nothing less. Casey will have her day in court and we can all walk away from the proceedings knowing that it was a fight to the bitter end-ooops, a fight to the end.

  8. ~LisaG~ Says:

    Ok, can’t edit, but just wanted Mr. Flannigan to realize, I was talking about calling Nancy because he is in her life, not Nancy’s life, but River’s life. The way I posted looks like he was in Nancy’s life.

  9. Boston Says:

    Hilde-Does he ever.

  10. ~LisaG~ Says:


    We all know even Casey’s defense team does not believe she is innocent, but its their job to defend her, to the best of their ability.

    This new lawyer was rude to Judge Strickland, but thats the way he is. Let him fight for Casey, while prosecution fights for Caylee.

    Anyone who would want to be on her defense team,and work pro bono, is only looking to get their name out there, book deals and whatever else comes with being a lawyer on the defense team, of such a sensationalized case.

    Bottom line, Justice for Caylee.

  11. sophie Says:

    I’m glad this guy’s now on the defense. While Casey sat there smugly smirking…just wait till he’s got her in private. He’s not going to take any crap from her, and just might rip her a new one for her smirky little face today. I really hope so. I bet she winds up being just a little afraid of him.

  12. Boston Says:

    Lisa-They do not have to believe in her innocence to defend her only find evidence which will exonerate her. I believe in a level playing field whereby both sides fight the good fight and leave the rest up to the jurors.

    No defense attorney who defends anyone from fraud to murder sanctions the theft or the loss of life. It is their job to defend the accused to the best of their ability.

    I do not want some weak and spineless lawyer to pave the way for endless appeals.

    She ruins everything she touches. Everyone who has ever known her is harmed and many who knew her better are walking around emotionally and psychologically scared for life. Why should her advocate(s) walk away with their best intentions smeared by her last ditch effort for freedom and accuse them of ineffective counsel? Her attorneys work hard and move forward with the best of intentions-working countless hours for nothing so that this defendant has her 6th Amendment Right to a fair trial. Mr Mason is what this trial needs. Cheney Mason will set the record straight and he will see that she has a fair and just defense.

    He’s tough as nails and comes off rude but Judge Strickland can handle it. He’s a sensitive, caring and brilliant judge and before too long Mr Mason will be walking away with more than a bag of oranges-maybe a couple between his eyes. Mr Mason cannot afford to alienate anyone-surely not the judge.

    I think Mr Baez is repulsed by Ms Anthony.

  13. Boston Says:

    Sophie-Casey met her match. She manipulated Mr Baez and he thought he could handle her. Sorry, didn’t work. I doubt very much if they are going to pick names out of a hat and blame some unsuspecting stranger. Zenaida and Mr Kronk have had their day in the court of public opinion and both will survive but will be long remembered.

    River and Skye and the Moon Up Above will walk away with their earnings from the NE only to have to restore their names and their standing in the community by giving a large portion to yet another lawyer representing another person who thought the world was in need of another “Breaking News” story in the never ending case against Casey Anthony. This is the price one pays for 15 minutes of fame. Pathetic.

  14. ~LisaG~ Says:

    Hi Boston,

    Very well said! I totally agree, I do not want her to be able to tie up the courts with appeals.

    And you know what, you hit the nail on the head when you say Baez is, is repulsed by Casey. Who isn’t. The way she was smiling today, she couldn’t control her laughter. But I guess to her, it is fun. Afer all, this new lawyer who was ready to retire, said he took the case because it would be fun.

  15. OneOp Says:

    Sorry folks, I have no sympathy at all for River and Skye. To know that a man has a horrible thing going on in his family, he has a wife, he has a daugher, God only knows what is going on with her and he has a missing grandbaby, River sticks herself into his life like she is going to satisfy all that pain. Excuse me. any woman who knows all that going on and whines she loves him is as selfish and conniving as any can be. I don’t care if George begged for her, it was her place to get the hell out and “stay out of his life” She’s very ill? She should be taking care of her problems, not George’s. By the way, just who is their attorney? Is it by any chance the same as Zanaida’s. maybe Jose Baez, he’ll have time now, and these pictures of George and River in comprimising whatevers, who took the pictures, do you know Mr. Flannigan?

  16. Honeydog0629 Says:

    First— HI *BOSTON* and *INA*! Where the heck do you two DISAPPEAR TO!! Glad to see you back.

    Okay, let me get this out of the way…. While River and Skye do not have “Prison Records”, they DO HAVE Criminal Pasts— BURGLARY, FORGERY, LARCENY, PROBATION VIOLATION. Neither River nor Skye have Jobs, and River has children to support (Can you TELL us, Mister “*James Flannigan*”, how River can Fork-over Five DOLLARS, let alone Five THOUSAND, much less now a LAWYER). The results of the Polygraph remain
    “Unconfirmed” and “Unofficial”— River “told” Skye she Passed— this doesn’t mean a thing. As for the
    “National Enquirer”, BULL SHIT on Skye “Not Knowing”— These two Sisters live together, are both
    “Involved” in what’s going-on— Yet one doesn’t seem to know what the other is up to (Skye’s answers to Questions were alot of I-don’t-Knows and I’m-not-Sures). Furthermore, all THREE (River, Skye, AND the Magazine) failed to put their Money where their Mouths were, as to all the “Pictures”, “Proof”, etc, they so “Claimed” to have. I don’t know who you are, Mister “*James Flannigan*”, but, you left alot out in your generous Defense of your “Dear Friends”. Granted, you may very-well know them better than we, but, “Supporting” one “Mentally and Financially” usually also very-well means that you’re coming from a place of “Sensitivity” to their needs, rather than Proving any other Point to us. And, personally, I for one, am glad to hear that neither one will be Speaking to the Media. If you were truly a caring Friend, it’s a shame you yourself didn’t step-in and Stop them in the first place.

    On to today’s Hearing— I just couldn’t believe my Eyes and Ears…. Casey smiling, laughing, rolling her Eyes, “Enjoying” the whole thing…. Andrea Lyon putting-on the “Gentle Lamb” act…. Cindy purposely acting Non-Challant for the Camera, as though she didn’t have a Care in the World…. $163,000.00 of
    “Defense Money UNEXPLAINED”…. ONE-HUNDRED-THIRTY “Witnesses” WANTED by The Defense…. Baez admitting to being approached about a “Book Deal”…. A new Rude, Arrogant, and Cocky Lawyer in it for the “Fun”…. Casey having NO “Resources” WHATSOEVER, when she is indeed able and Legally-PERMITTED to Sell-off anything she has concerning herself or Caylee as long as she remains “Un-Convicted”………. MY GOD,
    I want to smash each and every ONE of them up-against a Wall, shove Caylee’s Picture in their Faces, and yell-out “This poor sweet little thing is DEAD, and ALL of you are NO better than your CLIENT… A “FAIR” Trial is NOT a Trial fit for ROYALTY”! That said, I’m just Flabergasted, and leave it to Fame, Fortune, and the Judge.

  17. Boston Says:


    We all have to realize that when a psychopath is running the show-even if it is from behind bars-tragic things happen. This is something that the media has lost sight of but something you have described beautifully in your vivid and honest writing style.

    Caylee was meaningless to her and she cannot understand what all this fuss is about. For Casey it will never be about why or how Caylee died it will always be about how her freedom. She is an empty vessel who is violent and dangerous.

    I wonder if she will find the day to day mishaps in prison as funny as the things that went wrong in the courtroom yesterday?
    I wonder if she will be able to control her urge to laugh out loud when her shower time is disrupted by another inmate?
    I wonder if she will remember stopping for a quick burger and fries at the nearest drive thru knowing now hers will be sliding through her door three times a day?

    She’ll never have to fill out a change of address form. She’s home.
    She’ll never be able to walk down the aisle with anyone other than the woman who will walk her to her shower three times a week. She’ll be in shackles.
    She’ll never have an opportunity to change from jeans to sweats or worry about the latest styles.
    She’ll never be torn between heels or flats as flip flobs, white socks and sneakers will be provided.
    She’ll never be able to close the door when she goes to the bathroom but she will always hear slamming doors night and day.

    This is the same person who will show anyone who looks into her cell a picture of Caylee.

  18. amazing Says:

    Honeydog, the fact about the Holloway sister giving George $5000 can be easily explained because there are nine corporation listings at her address on Brookwater Circle in Orlando. And for one of the companies she (Krystal/River) was a director. And for some of the other ones Jeffrey Allen (Rivers ex-husband) is the owner.

  19. Boston Says:

    She can explain giving Mr Anthony 5K simply by proving she has employment. If she does not work and is living on a trust fund that will explain where the money came from. How does 9 corporate listings eminating from her home address prove anything?

  20. amazing Says:

    Krystal was the director of a company incorporated July 7 2008. Directors sometimes/usually take a salary and her ex is self-employed many times over also.

  21. Boston Says:

    I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say.
    How does an x-husband who has been self employed for many years factor into how Mr Anthony received 5K from River or anyone else?

    Perhaps Mr Anthony was paid from her alimony account? Has River been known to be philanthropic around the Orlando area or donated to family of the missing, abducted or murdered children throughout the state and in the past?

  22. amazing Says:

    Look at for 3468 Brookwater Circle Orlando Florida.

  23. OneOp Says:

    I understood the amount of $5,000 was an accumulation of smaller amounts. If
    $20.00 here and $20.00 there in cash gifts, she has nothing to claim. The money
    received from NG and NE if any is probably what they really were after, not so much that George had to pay her back. The George thing was just a horse to ride
    to the fair. JMO.

  24. Boston Says:

    OneOp-I just laughed and laughed at your post. Yep, just another person waiting for “pay day”. What a sad and pathetic universe some people live in.

    I do not believe a word coming out of River or Skye’s mouths. I heard that River went up to George and said she matched the description of Casey’s babysitter to be so embarrassing, unreal, heartbreaking and cruel. To think that George would be remotely interested in having an affair with someone who looked like his granddaughter’s killer is just so unbelievable.

    If he felt that he was “under the microscope” how did he get out to see her and carry on a conversation that should have been shared with the Grand Jury?

  25. Boston Says:

    It was reported on the Hinky Meter that Skye was incarcerated in the Orlando jail from 8/2008 and released in 1/2009.

    Joyless Wray, Ms Kerley, Crystal Sparks, Skye and River Bruhaha along with Zanny the Nanny, et al all want to “incorporate” their ideas in an upcoming new book. They are presently fighting over an acceptable title but rumor has it that it could be……..

    How To Manipulate the Media While Serving Time, Receiving Chemotherapy and Lying to Law Enforcement

    How To Insinuate Yourself Into A Felony Murder Trial and Not Serve Jail Time

    The Female Intelligencia

    How To Meet Nancy Grace

  26. yui Says:

    I’m sure she didn’t want to be in the limelight, but a beautiful, little innocent baby, Caylee was murdered and any and all information anyone has, should contact the authorities. That baby needs justice, and if George did tell her it was an accident, that snowballed out of control, that puts him in the spotlight in a totally different way.

  27. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Boston*: You absolutely have it all OVER me, with that incredible “Rewind and Fast-Forward” of a person’s Memory, and Editor-worthy Cleverness in YOUR vivid writings at 7:54am and 12:24pm. I can’t think of one thing to say. Oh wait! You’re doin a great Job of covering for both of us on this Sea (ooops, I mean River) Cruise (darn, I mean Cruz) dispute above…. (Sometimes I get pooped-out after my lengthy ones!)

    *OneOp*: LOL! YOU are becoming an Official Member of the “Hot One-Liners Club”!

  28. Boston Says:

    Honeydog- We all have our their unique style and that’s why the conversation is insightful, informative and funny. I was working on book titles above but I know I should work on those neat one liners.

    I did that “Rewind and Fast-Forward” because when I looked at that girl and saw her laughing I thought to myself,’You’re going to a place where that urge to laugh out loud won’t happen often-enjoy it while it lasts.
    You’ll meet your match in prison where a majority are just like you.
    You’ll get used to and even come to enjoy bologna sandwiches and cold slaw.
    Maybe on visiotrs days Cindy can get permission to bring in some of her fab chilli.
    The “comforts” of prison and the ability to “go about the cabin” unshackled look pretty darn good after years on Death Row.

    Mr Mason will work hard for Casey but it was Mr Baez, the only one who took a fee for service, who didn’t know what he was doing and would have been the focus of her appeal for ineffective counsel. An appeal she would have won. Another trial. Another circus. Would she finally be acquitted? Thank the gods above he plays no primary role in her defense. Ms Lyon is all tough talk at law clinics and an intellectual weakling in the courtroom.

    Mr Mason thank you for rescuing someone who deserves the very best defense, a fair trial and an impartial jury. The system works.

    When Mr Ashton and Ms Burdict examine the crime scene Caylee will scream out from the grave. It will be up to the prosecutors to bring this victim to life and describe her last day on earth.

    We know Caylee never went missing. Why? She was never missed.

  29. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I just truly hope, when all is underway.. and all is said and done.. that Caylee won’t be, and didn’t end-up, “being Missed” underneath it all— For it is she, which deserves equal, if not better, than the very best Defense.

  30. Boston Says:

    All of us who took the time to write about Caylee really did what her mother could never do-remember her.

    It is up to each and everyone of us to keep her alive in our hearts and when we write about her we are offering up a “gentle prayer” of remembrance.

    When we see children abused or neglected, we might be more inclined now to reach out and give them a hand up and not a hand out as our Judeo/Christian values require us to do. It is only then that we will know how Caylee sanctified our lives. And to think she was so young but brought out the best in us and made our words “sing”.

  31. OneOp Says:

    Boston, I like what you said about our remembrance of Caylee leading us to be better people, not just by claiming Christianity but by changing something in myself to be an all around better human.

    Might take me awhile but for more than a year reading comments based on the murder of one precious innocent baby I have learned a lot about expressed hate, compassionate hearts, patience and no patience at all.

    I don’t take sides with an axe to grind about any of it, but am really surprised how our emotions can be so stirred.

  32. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Boston* and *OneOp*: Beautifully-written… So True.

  33. Boston Says:

    OneOp-I seldom reference a “religious” connection but in response to Honeydog’s comment I thought it was appropriate. You are right about change we all experience in ourselves as a result of a horrific life event-we cannot help but be changed. Some feel outrage and contempt for the perpetrator but at the end of the day it will always be about redemption and forgiveness. Casey will have that option and she can embrace it or she can throw it away. There won’t be too many people who will be around to listen to “I’m innocent and I will beg, borrow and steal to prove it.” It’ll be too late. Of course she will always have her penpals.

  34. loralee Says:

    besides mr. flannigan, it shows no ownership by you of any property in thinks you are full of truthfukk as you say..yourself.

  35. Boston Says:

    Don’t worry about people who want to defend rumors. We all know that River and Skye are scammers and two woman out for their 15 minutes of shame. Give Mr Flannigan a little slack-his writing style tells me he is a female friend or possibly Skye, River or the Moon Up Above.

    Skye was in the Orlando County Jail from 8/2008-1/2009. River is also know to LE. This is the same person who told George she resembled Zanny the Nanny-she was a “10”. Some people just need to be ignored.

    I feel George has had a lot of grief these last 19 months but maybe, just maybe he had a good laugh after he heard this fairytale.

  36. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Ignoring is for the Weak, Stupid, and Vulnerable…. (I don’t mean you *Boston*)— Sometimes, people who believe they are “Getting Over” on us, and revel in it, deserve to be snapped-back and realize that they are not. YOU know, like WE’VE been saying— “Go find another Fool”.

  37. Boston Says:

    Honeydog- If I thought Mr Finnigan was in possession of the facts or had any credibility I would have responded to him/her. He doesn’t.

    1. He claims to know about the finanacial transactions between River and the National Inquirer. No one but the account holder and the payee know what was deposited into her account. LE couldn’t care less about River’s ability to scam the NI (but Mr anthony sure does). Watch out River-the Anthony’s are also in need of funds.

    2. Skye and River are grifters.

    3. River did not take a Lie Detector Test administered by LE in Orlando.

    4. No one gets “vindicated” simply by saying they took a polygraph test and passed. I recall Misty said that as well.

    5. Who “takes” their mother’s maiden name.Usually names are “given” one at birth.

    Mr Finnigan, begin again.

  38. luvanrs Says:

    *Boston* and *OneOp*: Beautifully-written… So True. And you as well, Honeydog. I hope one day Casey gets that smirk wiped right off of her face and knows true misery.

  39. Boston Says:

    I can just see the tears and hear the pleas for mercy during the penalty phase. I don’t think Mr Mason will allow that to happen though. Who knows? Maybe she will be begging for Life without the POP long before trial begins.

  40. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Boston*: Just want to say, regarding both our Comments on March 23rd, I wrote what I wrote in defense of *Loralee*, who obviously did some Research and felt compelled to call this *Flannigan* person’s Bluff, which, after all, is simply the Mark of an individual with strong Convictions. While I myself am guilty of the same— having to disprove an insult to my Intelligence or Knowledge with a “Direct Hit”— I admire your “Underlying” Hits, and the Subtleness with which you convey that you’re “not Buying it”, and proving your Point. I don’t have that kind of “Restraint”, and it’s a nice Quality to possess. Just wanted to let you know, in case you took my last Reply the wrong way, or thought I was attacking you.
    It was honestly nothing Personal… Just my Shooting from the Hip, and realizing later, that it may have sounded Offensive. As always, great discussing with you.

  41. Boston Says:

    Honeydog-I know your writer’s voice- that is my focus here.

    There are a lot of people who say things on the internet simply to hurt and offend and then there are just people who come across “in the know” but at the end of the day they know nothing. When I see you post a centered argument about something, I really appreciate the time you took and I also know how exhausting presenting a rational argument takes.

    When I read your posts sometimes I can “hear” the resignation and the joy and the sorrow. I may have deomonstrated “restraint” but it was always about the respect I have for you as a writer and a thinker.

    This is a conversation and every opinion and feeling matters. If you read a pack of lies don’t let ’em off easy. We are discussing the loss of life not a day at Disney.

  42. james flannigan Says:

    To all of you “arm chair” attorneys and speculators; just be patient and ALL the facts will be eventually released by LE. River Cruz WILL be vindicated and no Flannigan is NOT my real name. I am the owner of the home; River resides here but Skye does not. The sisters have separate lives. There are letters from Anthony and I’ve seen one incriminating picture with he and River, this will eentually come out. The sisters are NOT griters. River’s rap sheet consists of being arrested for: 1) Failure to sign a traffic citation in 2008. 2) Writing an NSF check in 1999. The last charge was dropped: she purchased an item, wrote a check, came back the next day to replace the check with cash and neglected to get the check back. The merchant mistakenly ran the check through several weeks later and it bounced, hence the arrest. The charges were dropped. As for Skye, yes she does have an extensive record but every one of us has committed wrongs in our lives; who are we to judge and her previous record not mean that Skye’s lied at all about this case. Krystal is not looking for money, as a single mother, she even qualifys for a nice monthly welfare check and food stamps but she chooses not to receive this; she doesn’t feel right about it. I’m sure that I will get many negative reponses to this because some people only want to believe the worst; just be patient my friends and you’ll see that the truth will set River free.

  43. OneOp Says:

    Flannigan, When you tell us who took the incrimminating picture with George
    and River then I may put some weight in what you say. WHO would take a picture like such if not to use it to gain money or to intimidate submission. Sorry, I for one need more than what you are stating here. You are tellling us a lot. So tell us, how does River survive, No welfare, no food stamps, and not work? Does she sell pictures of unsuspecting partners to a porn site. I would apologize for mentioning such things but gosh Flannigan, you sure got me wondering. Sounds like Skye and you run the operation, whatever business you are in. So George screwed River, so what? What you need to do is put that recording on here where George told River he knew Caylee was dead when she said he did. Word for Word, His recorded voice to River. If it is being held by LE, let it happen then, we are all adults. and we only want Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony. I am open to anything you prove and open to apology to River
    should the conversation be proven to be damning. JOP

  44. james flannigan Says:

    River lives at my home with her daughter, I support her. I have been self employed for years and in no way am I affiliated with Skye in any business dealings. River took the pic with her cell phone, during an intimate moment. She has not sold it to any site. She does not have a recording of George saying that the death was an accident but she has passed a lie detector by LE and will testify, if called to do so. BTW, George Anthony said this to her well over a month before the body was discovered. She has nothing to gain by this and didn’t want the attention this is creating for her, especially some of the negative attention.

  45. OneOp Says:

    OK, but why would River be inclined to take an “incrimminating” picture?
    and it is my understanding that she took a lie detector thru National Enquirer
    not the Orlando LE. Your name here sounds like that of a Catholic Priest.
    Just Irish i suppose. lol Oh, but you said it is not real? Neither is mine. lol
    Well, at least you were polite to me in your reply after my being pretty snippy.

  46. Boston Says:

    James-I wonder why you need to advocate for two people who, in my estimation, are doing quite well all by themselves. They have insinuated themselves into Fl v Anthony, exposed an alleged relationship with the grandfather of the deceased, misrepresented the facts on the Nancy Grace show and related what they knew and when they knew it to the NI. They are presently on the witness list in the upcoming Defamation civil lawsuit(ZFG v Anthony)and have been interviewed by those who are investigating the murder of Caylee Anthony.

    My questions to you are as follows:

    Why do you believe River Cruz has to be vindicated? Didn’t Mr anthony already deny an intimate relationship with Ms Cruz?

    What motivates you to disclose Ms Cruz’s personal, private or criminal behavior/information on the internet? Does her criminal past make any difference to anyone? What would be more germaine to the argument is if she had an affair with Tom Hanks and sued him for “denial of affection” once his wife forbade him to see her again.

    How does your owning the home that either one of these two woman live in factor into the equation?

    Why would your claim that you saw intimate pictures of Mr Anthony and Ms Cruz together be believable? Just because you say so? Who goes around taking these kinds of pictures and showing them to their landlord? Wouldn’t you think if she shared them with you she shared them with the NI and Mr Anthony?

    What difference does it make to this discussion whether or not Sky/Krystal(?)receives a welfare cheque or food stamps? If she is gainfully employed, receiving alimony or living off a trust fund she wouldn’t need nor qualify for welfare or food stamp assistance.

  47. james flannigan Says:

    Answers to Boston says (I must then sign of):

    1) Being vindicated for telling the truth to LE. The affair is really not the issue.
    2) I disclosed her history because there have been false accounts in the media claiming that she has a lengthy record. They confused her record with Skye’s
    3) River lives at my home; not Skye. I disclosed this so that you’d be able to understand that I have first hand knowledge of what an emotional wreck River is right now. She doesn’t want attention. She has turned away all media on this. She appreciates the support but the incorrect reporting of “some” facts in the press and some of the negativity in the blogs is literally ruining her. I’ve told her not to read these blogs and not to listen to people’s comments but she still does.
    4) Quite frankly, I do not care whether you believe me or not. She showed me the pic after all this started. She has no reason to lie about it. I am just trying to convey to the openminded people a little bit of what she’s going through and yes, I know that has nothing to do with the case itself.
    5) I am trying to demostrate to people her character here. She qualifys for food stamps but declines them. She has also declined some lucrative offers from the media as well. The reason that she does not work is due to her health; she has seizures and heart troubles (enlarged heart).

  48. james flannigan Says:

    One more point: LE gave her the lie detector and she passed, I am not sure about the NE. The pic was taken after he admitted that Caylee’s death was an accident. Perhaps it’s her insurance policy to add more credence to her claim of anthony’s statement. BTW, this was one of the questions that was asked on the lie detector.

  49. OneOp Says:

    Seisures and heart problems, man I sure would not have sex with George of all
    people, the mess he is in, and take a chance I would die right there in the middle
    of it. Now that would really be a picture. WOW! River needs to care for her health
    and not get into such a mess as this. i am referring to her (or Skye’s) statement of her approach to George. I mean seriously, who with these serious problems want
    to get involved. Did she do this for Caylee?

  50. Boston Says:

    James-I was on a Blog when this story broke and Skye came on and wrote all about River. I told her at that time not to say too much. I wished her well and I think my advise would have been something to the effect of, “say less and smile more”. I was really quite taken aback by her comments and did feel some sympathy for her. I went back to the blog later on that evening and it was posted that Skye was over at The Hinky Meter. I feel badly for anyone who is in pain and is suffering. Seeing one’s name and character discussed must be a harrowing experience for the faint of heart(no pun intended)as well as the well connected.

    In the interest of full disclosure I must tell you that I do not believe there is any validity to the story. They were introduced to us as TWINS. They are not. I lost interest after that.

    Yes, River and Skye and those that live in this “parellel universe” where the planets spin and the cameras click at the most intimate moments, move about the “real world” as strangers.

    They exist as people but we do not know the extent to which they will or have gone to discredit themselves or Mr Anthony. I believe Mr anthony when he says he never had an extramarital affair with Ms River Cruz.

    You don;t need to be responsible for their actions only your own. You will never be blamed for something you never said.Your advocacy is admirable but unnecessary.I hope that you and others on this site will be able to continue our discussion based on published documents.

    If you are their friend and have given them shelter, no one could fault you for that. I am sure they appreciate your generosity and advocacy.

  51. OneOp Says:

    Oh Boston, you write so beautifully, I am so ashamed the way I wrote to Mr.
    Flannigan, but in a rougher way was saying the same. The claim of River and
    Skye must be proven fact as it would myself should I make such accusations.

  52. OneOp Says:

    I think someone is trying to tell me something, my brain works can not even stay on the same line, I am not really that spaced what’s up?

  53. Boston Says:

    OneOp-You do a fine job at expressing yourself and your honesty and humor meet the standard. Your brain works just fine. No worries there.

    I can’t imagine a lovely evening with my “one and only” being interrupted by my having to get a camera to memorialize it. What about the mind’s eye and the imprint it leaves for a lifetime? Attempting to replicate it is often an exercise in futility. When they are gone we know the real meaning of “memories” and one never has to get up and get a photo.

  54. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *James Flannigan* (or whoever you really are): Your attempts in putting-up opposing arguments to Comments here, are ultimately telling us nothing of any overall Significance— rather a Repetition of
    “Dancing around the Subject”, and “Covering” for things it is obvious you are not sure of yourSELF. As well, I have personally picked-up-on several Contradictory Statements in your varied Replies, and, unfortunately, until I learn that YOU are questioned by the Authorities, and OFFICIALLY “Pass” a Polygraph— as being, of course, considered “closely-related” to these women— I stand my Ground.

  55. Boston Says:

    Good morning Honeydog-You go girl! (missed you yesterday when the above conversation was taking place).
    I think Mr Finnegin is trying his/her best to convince the readers and posters that what he has to say is meaningful. It’s only meaningful to those who need to substantiate the facts. When and if Mr Anthony decides to file a defamation lawsuit against Ms Cruz, Mr Finnigan can write a glowing character assessment and take the stand and tell the jury the time, place and under what circumstances did he view an intimate picture with the plaintiff.

    Simple as that.

    BTW I just read somewhere (a sentence of two) in the last few minutes that Ms Cruz was admitted to hospital and the headline questioned whether or not she was admitted as a result of a suicide attempt. I sure hope that isn;t true.

    This case is doing so much harm to so many unsuspecting and decent people.

  56. Boston Says:

    plaintiff-should be defendant.

  57. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Hello *Boston*…. WOW! I just noticed there are FIFTY-SEVEN Comments here, with only about 5 or 6 relating to the TOPIC! Seems we’ve created our OWN Post…. “The Flannigan Factor”! Oh God I’m bad. It’s funny though— “Welcome Mason Cheney” just got left in the Dust! Think we oughta move it to another PAGE before we run out of SPACE, or get caught??!!!! (LOL!)

    Yes, this new Info on River is one of the new Posts on “the Korner” (You left before I got there). Catch ya later!

  58. Boston Says:

    Haven’t read anythng else on River. Will be over to Kruezer’s a little later.

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