Casey Anthony: River Cruz Speaks Out!

UPDATE 2: River Cruz suicide attempt.

UPDATE: Response from George Anthony.

You’re probably asking…who?

Well…River Cruz (or is it Crystal Holloway) is the woman who reportedly had an affair with Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony. She claims that he told her that the death of his granddaughter Caylee was “an accident that snowballed out of control.”

Anybody have any thoughts on this? Do you believe there was an affair? If so, do you believe Cruz?

From the Orlando Sentinel:

A woman who identified herself as River Cruz said she had an affair with George Anthony and that he told her Caylee Marie Anthony‘s death was accidental, according to a report on

During the course of the alleged relationship, Cruz claimed George Anthony told her Caylee’s death was accidental.

“I can tell you that everything I have told the detectives, I’ve sworn under, and I’ve made my statement, and I’ve told the truth,” Cruz told WFTV. “There’s nothing I want to cash in on. If anything, he’s taken money from me.”

From WESH:

Brad Conway, an attorney for the Anthony family, said the affair never happened, but authorities said they’re investigating the woman’s claims.

Cruz said she became intimately involved with Anthony after Caylee Anthony’s disappearance.

During the course of the alleged relationship, Cruz claimed George Anthony told her Caylee’s death was accidental.

“If you’re asking me, I stand behind everything,” Cruz said.

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33 Comments on “Casey Anthony: River Cruz Speaks Out!”

  1. sophie Says:

    I thought her name was supposed to be Benhaida, not Cruz.

    Nothing surprises me anymore about this case, and I also don’t believe half the stuff they come up with at this point.

    Don’t know what to believe on this…I believe George had affairs.

    I believe that a woman wanting to cash in on the Caylee gravy train would make up a story like this too.

  2. It’s very, very peculiar to say the least this most recent sage in the life of the Anthony family. Whether or not this new information is true is one thing, if it is to cash in on the drama…get in line, please.

    I read her twitter one-liners. I noticed she made a couple of remarks around Christmas time, when the other comments led me to believe she was down in the dumps,and she called GA a liar and such, got into the karma crap so many onliners like to do. And, today she mentions this was two years ago and she is so over it…right! I also noticed she has driving difficulties…hitting a lady Christmas eve, and another accident a couple months earlier. She talks about her health, which includes seizures and heart problems. It seems as most that follow the same things she would follow online have the same problems. I wonder if news and social causes create this health problems?

  3. OneOp Says:

    I am about ready to think Skye is the one who has put all this together. It is most
    certainly unfortunate if River has a brain tumor and I really wonder just when it was diagnosed. Guess we will hear more later. As far as River giving George money did he ask for it or did she “give” it to him to keep him around, or maybe
    he was hiding it for her. Does he still have the $5,000. That would tell us something. River sounds as self involved as said of Casey. She certainly was/is
    an adult woman and if she stepped into an affair with a married man, she well knew she could be emotionally hurt. Notice, she isn’t claiming he vowed to be
    with her forever. Do you think if Cindy went to work and paid her back the $5,000 it would all be ok then? Oh well, what next?

  4. Sanny Says:

    Just think we have a very long way to go before Trial comes around. What more will be revealed before then?
    Will any more women come forth claiming they paid GA money?

    As for GA’s 3 cell phones that was also reported in the news……is Cindy paying for them? or did GA keep that secret also?

    In the end……all I want is JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE.

  5. OneOp Says:

    Sanny, it is discouraging isn’t it? Maybe there is a reason and let’s hope it is to
    reveal and in some way punish all the people who have so dishonored little Caylee with their own ajendas, as well as the one who murdered her. Who knows maybe it is Caylee who is bringing a lot of personalities to the forefront.
    myself included. Makes me want to examine my own participation on some of the blogs. Thanks to John this is just about the only place where people can express yet not get into vulgar suggestive comments to each other along with
    rediculous jealous bullying all under the headline of Caylee’s having been murdered.. Caylee surely is at peace and if I believe she is taking all this in, I can imagine she is thinking, what a total mess are those who are supposed to have loved me. Caylee may already have her justice We just do not yet know how it is going to present itself. “Justice For Caylee”! Yes!

  6. That’s funny about Cindy paying back the mistress. I would expect many to suggest that since most blame her for all the ills in the world; she isn’t perfect like them. And, I suspect they think they could do a better job at being his wife just as this latest development did.

  7. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Okay. Here’s my Two Cents (’cause that’s all this one’s worth)……

    In no particular order:

    * “River Cruz” (How ’bout that!— Just a little smaller than a “Sea Cruise”!)…

    * How did George begin the Affair “right after Caylee’s disappearance”, and tell ANYone ANYthing, when he didn’t even know Caylee was “Missing”…

    * If George DID have this Affair, and DID in-fact KNOW what happened to Caylee, I guess I could see him “Confiding” in his “Lover” in an Emotional, Desperate point in time…

    * … Could be the real reason he went to the Motel to commit Suicide…

    * “There’s nothing I want to Cash-in on”.. “If anything, he’s taken Money from me” (Who is she Kidding?! Right behind the second part of that statement is someone who certainly wants SOMEthing…
    Hmmmm, WFTV… Uh, isn’t that a TEE VEE Station?!)…

    * The “Authorities are Investigating her Claims”. Good enough for me.

    * I expect The Defense to run Wild with this one.

    * Last, but not least, does anyone mind if just say,
    at this point in this Ridiculous and Irritating Case, I’m finding it hard to give a Shit? Thank You.
    (Except for little Caylee— of course).

  8. If she wrote him a check for 5g, I’d be interested in knowing about it. I have no idea how he managed three phones, unless they were juggling them among themselves while searching for Caylee. I guess it will come out when they were activated. Three phones, jeesh! And, I can only imagine each had one with them on their trip to Ca. But, if you will remember, the police entered their home before they could because they had been out in California when the body was found. I don’t know if anyone was staying there 24/7 or not…does anyone know?

  9. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *ThinkerBelle*: I can’t say I’m absolutely positive, but I vaguely remember something about Lee holding-down the Fort. It’s interesting though, now that you mention it and I’m reminded, that George and Cindy’s only “Trip away” was when Caylee was found. I don’t know what I’m saying here, it’s just Curious to me.

  10. Yeah, and RK had just been put back on that route after having been taken off it for finding her the first time back in Aug. Lol! It is clear they trusted anyone willing to help them. I could see that when Padilla and crew ran that filming thing at JB park…first CA was mad, mad, mad…then she hugged one of Padilla’s guys…I forget his name, though it seemed common.

  11. Molly Says:

    Thinker Belle – Rob Dick was Padilla’s partner.
    It’s stated that the 5,000 was given over the course of their relationship, not all at one time.

    Honeydog- cindy & george also made trip to NY to be on the today show I think before CA trip.

    Lee had bought them all disposible phones at the start of all of this so they could talk to each other without being traced. so they did have at least 2 phones.

  12. Molly Says:

    Mallory was sent over to the house when they heard about the search warrant while they were away. When LE got there she either left or stayed outside (not sure which) but I don’t think she was allowed access while they did the search.

  13. OneOp Says:

    If Judge Stan Strickland doesn’t call all the attorney money records to be exposed then pee on him as being the greatest judge around. His position can make the call or not.

    I would think the indigent thing would demand exposure. From what RH expressed, I understand Casey knows how Baez was paid, but she is not talking, yet! She should have been declared indigient at beginning.

    Can’t believe the “sisters” don’t have someone else telling them how to carry out this “affair”

  14. Molly Says:

    oneop – you’re right, the sister are going to need attorneys now too! everyone else has them.

  15. Sheila Says:

    Watched Nancy Grace tonight to find out River Cruz passed a polygraph on this matter. That’s very hard to do if you’re making stuff up. Not saying it can’t be done, but truly is hard to do

  16. OneOp Says:

    Sheila, Thanks for that info, now I wonder if NG can pass the polygraph.

  17. luvanrs Says:

    So many twists and turns to this story..can’t wait to see what pops up next.

  18. pam Says:

    when george was in the hospital he wrote a letter and
    at the hearing he said zanny was dark hair . and why didn’t this lady that george was suppose to have an affair with speak to nancy instead of her sister? also
    she had a polygraft and passed told by the was a sheriff he would know the ends and outs of a case. does this family not see what its doing to reality. a beatifull baby is gone and casey
    knows more than shes letting on probley the night everything got out of control casey george cindy were there and something happened???why did casey really borrow that shovel who is she covering up for? was this planned ahead of time mapped out my opion.casey was closer to her father as it seems. ty

  19. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Sheila* and *OneOp*: About the “Polygraph”, there is NO confirmed “Official” Proof that River “Passed” it— Her sister SKYE stated that RIVER “told her” she Passed. (If you all remember, Misty Cummings told Reporters the same thing). No Authorities have reported the conclusive results of River’s Polygraph, and Nancy Grace did in-fact disregard the statement made on her Show as being “Unofficial”.

  20. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *ThinkerBelle* and *Molly*: About George and Cindy’s “Trip to California”…. I do know why they went— following-up on a “Lead”— but, what I meant was Curious, was that it was just at THAT specific time, when Caylee was actually found (the “Today Show” thing was not). There were other “alleged Sightings” of Caylee here and there, yet The Anthonys only took-off to check-out the one in California, and then, BOOM, Caylee is discovered. I don’t know, it almost seems as though they didn’t want to be “around Home” at that time or something. Why didn’t they take-off and go Investigate any other Leads at any other point in time. Because of their own two Private Investigators “Poking-around” in the dirt in those Woods beforehand, AND the Controversy over Roy Kronk’s girlfriend (or wife, or whatever) who worked at the Jail and may have “Tipped him off”, it’s just always seemed both Odd and Coincidental to me that George and Cindy flew-off when they did. See what I mean?

  21. I see what you mean Honeydog, however, RK reported the suspicious bag in Aug…on the 11th IIRC. They even had a hat from the area around that time as per the listed items from a doc dump.

  22. Molly Says:

    Honeydog – I totally agree that it was some kind of huge coincidence(?) that caylee was found while they were away in CA. very odd. the good part was that LE got to go into the house without cindy around. They went there to be on Larry King & followed up on That tip while they were there. The show paid for their trip out there so that’s probably why they did. it fueled their casue at the time anyway.

  23. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Okay, just so I know you guys understood. Thanks.

  24. Phyl Says:

    Yes, I think there must be some truth to this, however I am not sure WHY George would George have an affair with this woman. She is NOT attractive in the least bit. I think she looks close to George’s age (or she has lived a very hard life). If he did it he must have been desperate or there slim pickins in Florida (& I don’t think that is the case).

  25. Martinque Says:

    I’m wondering if this possible George affair was BEFORE June 15,2008.

    Casey states in cell phone records that ‘she doesn’t even talk to her Dad’.Casey may have known of River & sisters’ existence and used them as alias names when Caylee went missing? Zeneida/Benheida (ryhme).

    In cell records ( she says “nanny is visiting her sister”. It’s possible George & Casey have many shared secrets on each other. Some of River’s dates don’t jive with after July 15; they are from BEFORE that date. George’s nanny description would come to mind easily by an already “secret” person. Their relationship could have continued in whatever fashion after the fact. Either way River looks scared to me for whatever reason.

    George was at her gated residence for some reason as they have his license recorded several times when entering. Again; if this was prior to July 15,the painted words on rear vehicle window would not have been there.Also Padilla would have no knowledge an affair because this being a previous relationship to his arrival. If you cover all through the years; George has never been a hard working family man putting the bread on the table. He could be working right now as there are multiple jobs that do not require public appearance on a daily basis. This is obviously just a theory on my part.

    I really feel George would take money from women before men,lie and manipulate on a regular basis and be more concerned even prior to this tragedy about himself versus his family. Honest, truthful, hardworking people do not constantly remind us of all their admirable qualities like George does regularly in print, on camera and video.We’ve also seen him physically push women, tell them to “shut-up” and threaten people with physical violence and remind them verbally of what he is capable of. Doesn’t fit together morally.

    You’d think he’d do janitorial work or anything other physical labor in order to keep their home after all that has been lost.

  26. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Martinque*: All good and interesting Points. It IS ironic that Casey stated in the “Blanchard Park” version of her Story, that Zenaida’s “Sister” was there (even though she gave her a non-Spanish name).
    Your analysis of George’s character would surely be relevant to a “former Cop” who is suddenly thrust into being Victimized himself. And yes, I think it’s always been obvious to us “Who wears the Pants” in the Family.

  27. anonymous Says:

    I believe River Cruz is telling the truth. There is no need for her to cash in on the “Anthony Gravy Train.” She has plenty of money of her own, and trust me no one wants to get involved with their shit anyway. No one has time in their day to keep up with the little day to day lies much less the overwhelming lies in the public eye…trust me.

  28. Honeydog0629 Says:

    No wonder you’re ANONYMOUS.

  29. OneOp Says:

    James Flannigan, if you are here, can you update us on River’s condition. I am
    sorry she felt a necessity to make an effort to harm herself and hope she recovers.
    Can you help us understand what SUISIDE PACT meant. Surely there were not
    more people with her and took pills too. Believe me, this is not to demean a
    serious incident, only as before want to understand fully, especially if it has
    to do with the George Anthony scenerio. As far as opinions we have had discussions of here you must realize they are all going to be varied, that’s the
    way all we humans are. Anyway, I sincerely hope and pray River is recovering

  30. OneOp Says:

    John, do you know why sometimes my sentences separate like above. They can
    do this and then later end up ok.

  31. kreuzer33 Says:

    Probably because either it takes some time for it to kick in or that I’ve gone in and manually fixed it for you. 🙂 WordPress can be strange sometimes!

  32. Nanette Says:

    I don’t believe it, why didn’t she come sooner and say something she’s just like Casey, River Cruz just wants her 15 minute FAME!, just like Casey being molested why didn’t you come forward long ago til now when the Trial starts. You both are losers.

  33. Honeydog Says:

    It doesn’t make one bit of Sense why, at one point, George would tell this Woman that it was “an Accident that Snowballed out of Control”, when, at The Anthony Home when Law Enforcement were there, he pushed Casey up against the Wall and Yelled
    “What did you do to her”! First, if it really HAD been an
    “Accident”, I don’t think George would deliberately “Cover it up” and subject his Daughter and the rest of the Family to these past 3 Years of Hell, and second, he wouldn’t have Confronted Casey in that manner if he didn’t have a “Feeling” that she had done something Bad to Caylee. I do have to admit though, that I can’t help being perplexed over a possible Connection between George’s alleged Statement to this Woman and his “Suicide Attempt”, and Why, if he did make such a Statement to her, WOULD he, if he truly DIDN’T know anything, and then why wish to suddenly end his Life— One would think that CINDY would be the first to do that. I understand now, that George was Married to someone else before Cindy, and that this “Ex” reportedly said that George had a Habit of Lying. I suppose we can take that with a Grain of Salt, considering how some “Ex’s” can be, but I’m beginning to get all Confused again. Suppose George was “putting-on an Act” when he yelled at Casey in front of the Police… Suppose he DID know what Casey had done, and he simply couldn’t “Report” his own Daughter, willingly endured the past 3 Years and figured he would allow the Justice System to eventually deal with her… Suppose this “Accident that Snowballed out of Control” would have Degraded his Ego as a Cop….. Actually, what I “Suppose” is that I’m going Crazy, as these Thoughts are way-off what I’ve always Believed. Anyway, with regard to this alleged “Mistress” who may or may not be an upcoming Witness for The Defense, I’m sure Jeff Ashton will take care of HER, Truth be in it or not.

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