Casey Anthony: Did Father Have an Affair?

It looks like we’re about to go through some very interesting times in the saga known as the Anthony family.

According to reports on WFTV, Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, had an affair with a woman that lasted the better part of a year and told her that Caylee’s death was an accident.

I haven’t read much more than what posted on Hal Boedeker’s blog this evening (be sure to follow the link below for more) but I’m sure we’ll learn more of the validity of these claims in the coming days.

From The TV Guy:

The alleged mistress “looks a lot like the description George gave detectives of Zanny the nanny,” WFTV anchor Bob Opsahl said. Casey Anthony had said she left her daughter with a nanny named Zanny. Belich’s source said George had modeled his description of Zanny on her sister, down to an Asian-style tattoo on her arm.

George’s affair started shortly after Casey Anthony was arrested, and the woman had two “intimate” photos of George and racy text messages with him that she shared with detectives,  Belich reported.

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28 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Did Father Have an Affair?”

  1. Molly Says:

    here video of the sisters at the memorial one row back from the A’s.

  2. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Holy COW!— Yet another brand-new Chapter in The Anthony Family Book. Between the goings-on with Casey, and all the stuff THIS is sure to Dig-up and bring-out on its own, it’s a Double-Hitter. Looks like it’s also gonna put a new Spin on this game of “Clue”. I’m worn-out already just thinking about it. Will we EVER get to the end of this “Neverending Story”……

  3. OneOp Says:

    If it was an affair, most likely a “sympathy affair” You know, I need some tender loving understanding. If this is all true, I see George putting a selfish need before anything else, and I also can accept the weight of the whole putting Cindy in a bitter and defiant stand. I am not sure that these sisters have not edged their way into the scene after taking plenty of time to set it all up. How long did LE know about this affair will give a clue. May God have mercy on the brain cancer but surely there would be doctor verification. So, if this is all quite accurate, whos side are the sisters on. Casey’s or George’s? This may lead to George being arrested because if proven he did say “it was an accident” (which I personally have considered) then he knew Caylee was dead before her body was found, right?’

  4. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer, honey dog and oneop. My question is why now also and why is the sister coming out and telling about the affair verses the person/sister claiming George had an affair with her? I cannot help but think this smacks of Baez with his shananigan’s again like with the digging up the ex-gruntle wives of Kronk. The crazier Baez can make this case the more confused he is hoping everyone will be when trial time arrives.

  5. luvanrs Says:

    George should have sold this story to the tabloids himself…he might have been able to save his house with the funds.

  6. zelda Says:


  7. sophie Says:

    I don’t put it past either of them to have an affair. Things like this tear most couples apart.

  8. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Hi everyone. *OneOp*, Good Point in your last Sentence, but consider this too— If George DID relate this information to that person, it would ALSO let Casey Off-the-Hook as to the “Deliberate” Murder of Caylee. The WHOLE Case would change. Either way, this is certainly going to open-up a new Can of Worms.

  9. He may have been expressing his opinion, and not first hand knowledge. Many, many strange people have inserted themselves in this case under the guise of trying to help a child. This latest event does indeed sound a bit strange.

  10. curious Says:

    Are Casey’s defense going to say that this mistress is the real “Zanny the nanny” and blame the murder on her? And that this affair happened long before Casey was thrown in jail?

  11. Georgeisaliaranyways Says:

    It wouldn’t let Casey off the hook as an opinion is not fact.

  12. Hilde Says:

    There are many Men out there who cheat on their Wife’s,George Anthony I guess is no different. Do I condone what he is accused of, no, but here again it is none of my Business. I agree it might be a Topic to discuss and it might be interesting for some, myself I couldn’t care less what he does in his Marriage, it seems like they have enough Trouble the Way it is and Adultery definitely is not making Things any easier for them on the Home Front.
    All I can say they have a long Road ahead of them if there should be a Chance for Cindy and George to stay together after all this is over with, by this I mean the upcoming Trial.
    That Household has been turned upside down and though Casey is a big Part of the Problem the Rest of the Family also played a Part in the Destruction of their Family Unit. JMO

  13. Hilde Says:

    that Statement George was supposed to have made to his alleged Mistress that Caylee’s Death was an Accident is to be taken with a Grain of Salt.
    George and Cindy Anthony have made a lot of Statements the last two Years and they also contradicted their self’s quite often.
    I would think if the State believes George’s Statement
    he might or might not have made to his Mistress about Caylee’s Death is believable or important to this Case
    they will act accordingly. JMO

  14. Georgeisahomosexual Says:

    George’s mistress is definitely a man with breasts, so that makes George homosexual or transgender-loving. Cindy doesn’t have anything to worry about except for sexually-transmitted diseases.

  15. lona1 Says:

    richard hornsby speaks about being declared indigent, Baez in trouble, ABS promised Baez 700,000 after the trial; George’s story came out to deflect attention away from the hearing this week. This is a must HEAR…gets food around 3:00

  16. Jasper Says:

    Remember when Casey on the jail visit video said I didn’t tell them anything Mom/Dad? Maybe she meant that the nanny was Dad’s mistress.

  17. fuss? Says:

    Don’t think this story is that big a deal and don’t know what all the fuss is about, except that George is into pre-op men. People lie all the time and the fact that George told his gay lover it was an accident doesn’t mean anything. Also the pre-op transexual mistress is probably a liar as well.

  18. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Absolutely agree that The State either already has, or is, checking into this. I just think, knowing how The DEFENSE operates, they’ll run with just about anything they can get their Hands on if it helps steer the Blame away from Casey.

  19. OneOp Says:

    KB is always hounding JB, looks like they may have to become buddies to get things cleared up. I hope judge Strickland does his job and not let this pass over.

  20. wow Says:

    Humbleopinion’s blog says Richard Hornsby believes that this affair story is a diversionary tactic on the part of Kathi Belich, who works for ABC. This strategy is to defer attention at the upcoming indigency hearing from the 200K given to Baez from ABC and the 700K given to Baez when the trial is over, from ABC as well. If this is true, shouldn’t Kathi get into trouble for doing this?

  21. interesting Says: has an interesting theory that George murdered Caylee and helped to cover it up. The theory also ties in why Caylee’s hands weren’t duct-taped.

  22. hmmm Says:

    Maybe that is why no fingerprints with duct tape because George the cop would know to cover it up. George sold Casey out in the beginning And Casey would take the fall for her father because she loved him most of all. And George the leach would pin it all on casey.

  23. Sandra Says:

    Well, to be honest, this really doesn’t surprise me. Has anyone else been following the Zenaida Gonzalez v. Casey Anthony defamation case? I think it’s almost as interesting as the murder trial. If you haven’t heard about it, you can find detailed information on the Morgan and Morgan website. They are the attorneys trying to clear Zenaida’s name.

  24. IowaHawkeyeFan Says:

    So Zanny the Nanny was at the Ants home, just in a different from of someone else. That’s a new low for Casey. George how many more of Caseys playmates have you done?

  25. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Are you KIDDING me??!! I mean, I KNOW this Case is NUTSO, but GEORGE murdering Caylee??!! The only thing I find “Interesting” about that is, NOTHING. C’mon people, get a GRIP!

  26. luvanrs Says:

    I can’t believe that George would kill Caylee, either. That is pretty far fetched.

    I thought the defense wanted all hearsay thrown out..wouldn’t these girlfriend statements be hearsay?

  27. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Yep, unless they can Prove it all, you’ve got a Point *luvanrs*.

  28. beber Says:

    OmG she/he is ugly!

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