Casey Anthony: Family Home in Foreclosure

According to WKMG Local 6, Bank of America has moved to foreclose on the home where Caylee Anthony once lived with her mother and grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

New documents filed Monday in Orange Circuit Court show that Bank of America is foreclosing on Casey Anthony’s childhood home.

The owners of the house are George and Cindy Anthony, the grandparents of slain toddler Caylee Marie Anthony.

The home at 4937 Hopespring Drive in Chickasaw Oaks subdivision was the last place where Caylee Marie Anthony was seen alive. Her body was found a few hundred yards away in woods.

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27 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Family Home in Foreclosure”

  1. susan Says:

    too bad! 😆

  2. Jon Says:

    Why don’t I feel sorry for these people? Hmmmmmm.

  3. auntdeedee Says:

    I wonder how pleased Casey is now…

  4. Ideas Says:

    I really hate to hear of anyone getting their home foreclosed on.

    My question is: Why aren’t these two working so this doesn’t happen? (Maybe there’s a lot of stuff going on that’s not reported) Cindy doesn’t seem the type to just roll over for this.

    Are they being advised to let this happen? So that they are bankrupt so that someone like Kronk or the Grunds won’t be able to get a defamation lawyer because there is no money to be had? How are they paying for Conway? How is the defense team being paid? Do the Anthonys want to make sure there is nothing the defense team can come after? I can’t help but think this is a financial/PR ploy.

    I know that these people are suffering, but there are lots of nursing/security jobs that are low key, low stress, low PR “behind the scene” so to speak.

    Maybe, when Cindy finally gets her divorce, she won’t have to share her benfits or the house with George, if everything is gone.

    Who would buy this house?

  5. Ina Says:

    The costs of the trial have to do with it perhaps? I am not sure: foreclosure is always forced? I mean, it was not because of the memories they want to move out?

    So what about the backyard and the concrete and such, will that not be part of the evidence anymore? Or was it never?

  6. Patti Says:

    Hi John, hope you’re well!

    I so agree Ideas, this is totally a ploy, with these people who know what’s on there agenda, but believe me they would never let the “family” home go without a pay off to them somehow. Cindy has the narcissistic personality disorder and I know its just a matter of time before she rears that evil side of her, I see her thinking someone will step up and pay the morgage, no kidding!

    At this point all we can do is guess, but the Anthony’s are pretty transparent at this point. In the end I know sometimes I fail to remember this beautiful baby named Caylee, I get so wrapped up in the lies & deceptions from the Anthonys that I have to make myself stop, close my eyes and see Caylee and say a prayer, a woman who I ride the bus with & hardly knows this case told me “maybe our Heavenly Father did save Caylee by her death, not the manner of death but what she surely would of had to endure in that home”. Words to ponder, remember>Sick breeds sick.

    AND: is anyone else appalled when reading the discovery or see an interview that the Anthony’s all call Caylee “that little girl” why do they all compartmentalize? Caylee, remember her Geo & Cindy? It’s Caylee!!

  7. OneOp Says:

    It was mentioned by someone on BS that this foreclosure is entirely the Bank that makes the move and Cindy and George would have nothing to do with it. Well, if they just refuse to make payments, the bank will certainly call the foreclosure, wouldn’t they. Do you think they will move in with Cindy’s mother?

  8. Molly Says:

    I think this is on purpose too. they don’t want anyone coming after them for anything.

    Ideas – Conway works for free for the anthony’s, he stated that at the very beginning.

    I don’t think they are helping with paying the defense at all either. Casey made the financial deal with baez & I don’t think they have gotten involved in paying him at all.

  9. Boston Says:

    Ideas and Pattie, et al-You know I agree with you both and Ina as well.

    OneOp you made a good point but is it as easy as not making payments? Have they put whatever they have in a secure account(s) unseen and untouchable by their creditors? What a risk for two people who need jobs and shelter? Did they forget to create a revocable trust? Why would they compromise their shelter? It doesn’t make sense to me. Did they sign on as the silent benefactors? Remember the in camera meeting between Judge Strickland, et al relative to the payment plan the defense signed on to?

    Something is very wrong here but my mind leads me in another direction. What if Mr and Mrs Anthony have decided that they no longer want to bankroll Casey anymore?

    At the end of the day Casey Anthony’s ruins everyone and everything she touches. Is this the wake up call Mr and Mrs Anthony need?

    Aundeedee-Casey is sitting there without a care in the world. Remember during one of the early jailhouse videos, sometime in July of 08′, when she told her parents that she was working on “her case”? She knew her darling little child was submerged in the swamp. On that video she complained about having bologna sandwiches and cold slaw. Hope will never Spring eternal where she will spend the rest of her days but my initial reaction about her parents foreclosure is still sad to me. I said in the early days that Casey would bring them down somehow. I blame her.

  10. Ideas Says:

    Casey may ruin things…but the Anthonys are responsible for the Anthonys.

    Molly–their Ohio home was in foreclosure previous to Florida? Then I would say this repetition is ridiculous. I would hope for things to go well for them at home, because the trial itself will be difficult.

  11. OneOp Says:

    Can the bank attach all other possible asset/funds they find available prior to foreclosing, i don’t know.

  12. OneOp Says:

    Only Cindy’s name is on the forclosure? Do you think she and George are letting it go and they will seperate/divorce. With Caylee gone and Casey going, they seem to have nothing left, But how about Lee, is he still around town? working?

  13. The first thing that came to my mind was how about that cruise? Do you all think evan the memorial it would have better to have family members not in jail to have celebrated her life.

    I don’t believe any motive or things like this to not be carefully orchestrated by Cindy and her mighty follower GEORGE. Time will tell what Cindy is up to.


  14. Boston Says:

    Ideas-Yes, I agree but would they be facing foreclosure had life gone on as usual had Caylee not died? Both were working and they didn’t look poverty stricken or without funds prior to Junly 16, 2008. I understand your thinking about the inherent responsibilities they had as homeowners but I have this nagging feeling that somehow Casey has finally drained them dry both emotionally and financially. She stole more than 45K according to Dianne Fanning so perhaps with all the legal ramifications and the money needed to go forward with a murder trial they finally just couldn;t do it anymore.

    Most banks usually give no more than three months when considering foreclosure. What in the name of all that is sound and reasonable were they doing with the money they made off of Caylee’s premature death? Why, like James says, were they going on cruises (and getting tattoos). I think the divorce thing might be in the works sad to say but in my mind it has to be more than wasting money or avoiding guilt or resentment should they get a divorce. Throwing out the last bit of equity they have is almost unbelievable to me.
    Oneop-They both come from fairly large families and I would think that both could go to Cindy’s Mom to live or if separating George could go to live with his parents. I recall he left for 6 months before or after Caylee’s birth and perhaps he lived with them.

  15. Molly Says:

    maybe cindy will go live with d casey. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

    I think they are purposely getting rid of anything owned in their name. They can live thru the foundation.
    I don’t understand how 3 adults in a home can not pay a 800.00 mortgage. cindy gets disability $, lee works, they got money from 48 hrs interview & George sold his “letter” to the media. this all AFTER June 2009. doesn’t make sense. yet they seemed to be spending money on tattoo’s, diamond earrings, cruise.

    I don’t think they pay for any of casey’s defense at all.

    But funny, the first mention of casey being indigent arose the last time in court. Why all of a sudden after all of this time?

  16. luvanrs Says:

    Maybe this is why the defense is leaving the money, Anthony’s in book deals

    Hey, at least they got to take a stuff!!

  17. Boston Says:

    Say the house was worth 150K today. They paid 90K. They have for the sake of argument 8 years left (2020). They have made more than 76K during the last 18 months so it cannot be lack of funds unless those funds went to Casey. If they are the paid administrators on the Caylee Foundation, they are under law allowed a salery. Okay. (I doubt there is much money in that foundation). My point-they were not without funds if they did not enter into an agreement with Baez’s lawfirm.

    I don’t think the Anthony’s are as tranparent as Patti thinks. Of course if she really suffers with NPD than that is a completely different story-the dynamics of this foreclosure that we all have discussed are moot.

    Patti, what are the odds that both genetics and ones’environment would produce two defective people? Just rhetorical my friend. I got the woolies when I read that. I just want to get up, walk around and dust myself off.

  18. lona1 Says:

    well, all these happenings have to do with the fact that the A’s and the defense want the state of FL to pick up the tab for the trial. The more broke and out of funds they appear, the more likely it will be that the defense will be funded by the tax payers.

  19. Boston Says:

    Wouldn’t it have been better to present her before the court as an indigent defendant from the outset? Possibly if she was indigent than a public defender would have had to step in and Jose would have had to step out. If that were the case than I don;t see Jose doing anything of the kind. In my heart of hearts, he saw the celebrity and the fame and the guilt of his client and moved forward.

  20. OneOp Says:

    I don’t quite understand how Jose Baez could have viewed Casey’s case in the celebrity range at the beginning. She was just a young woman in a pickle. I have more suspicion that he knew her, or pehaps of her before Caylee ever was missing, not necessarily intimately, but from some mutual acquaintenances.

  21. OneOp Says:

    To add to my last comment, I do believe he has since become fully accepting of the nationwide attention and its drawing “celebrity” to himself, forseeing that his greatest gain, win or lose the trial, paid interviews, and book, etc. JMO

  22. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I have to say that, with the “Rise and Fall of The Defense”, I think we all know what’s coming, and how this whole thing is going to end-up. Casey’s going to Go Down, and, whether or not Baez was in it for his own Ego and the Notoriety, after all is said and done, he’s just going to walk-away looking like any other Big-Mouth Defense Lawyer whose Bark is always louder than their Bite. Because of all his outright and outlandish Denying and “Guarantees” in front of the Public’s Eyes and Ears, no one is going to help but think that he was anything but a Fool. And, personally, I honestly can’t see how ending-up falling Flat on his Face, and knowing that this thing was “Too Big for his Britches”, and realizing how he made himself look to everyone he “Bragged” to, does anything Great for the Ego as you’re crawling-away with your Tail between your Legs. He took a huge Risk, and I’m sure he’ll say that he has no Regrets, and, naturally, he’ll add all the Excuses he can conjure-up to stay True to his Character and Save Face. And, of course, with all the different kinds of people in the World, there will no doubt be those out there who will be drawn to him for some weird and crazy reason, giving a little Boost to his shattered Ego, and allowing him to at least “Feel” that he’s still something Special. Too bad it won’t be for the reason he was so sure it would be when he got up on this Stage and took his first Bow.

  23. Boston Says:

    OneOp and Honeydog-If his client gets the DP Mr Baez will have a short career in the law mainly because, imo, he could have really saved her life by educating her on the merits of the limited immunity and accepting the plea deal which was offered to her in Nov 08. Do we know what she threw away? Was it 45 years with the possibility of parole? We don’t know.
    She would have been 67 years old.

    I want to see a fair ending to this trial. I don’t want any appeal issues that have any merit. Jose has the ability to create them and Casey has the ability to fight them for 12 years. This will be a travesty of Justice for Caylee.

    She deserves to have steam soup for lunch. Her friends and relatives can come and visit and do what Mrs Halloway always wanted to do to Joran van der Shit-peal the skin off his face. How pretty would she look then? Those niffy lumineers only last 15 years……

  24. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Boston*: Your Comment reminds me of the very thing I felt and said, way way back on an early Post, when Baez first began Hyping everything-up. No matter anything and everything that has transpired on this Case since the instant it unfolded, all that truly matters to me in the end, is the satisfaction of believing that the Trial itself was executed RIGHTEOUSLY by all. I can not tolerate another “O.J. Simpson event”, where Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman’s brutal deaths did not even rate the “Back Seat”. I want this Outcome to be exactly what it SHOULD be, based on what it IS— the forced and horrific end of a little girl’s Life— Not a “Trade-off”, not a “Bargain”, not merely “Reasonable”… but rather that which True, Honorable, and Forthright Justice produced.

  25. Juror #13 Says:

    I read somewhere they haven’t worked since the disappearance of their grand-daughter. I think yet had something to do with it plus I could see this being some type of ploy to get sympathy. Didn’t they get a lot of money from 48hrs plus all of the other shows they were on? The sad thing to me is hundreds of children go missing every year tat we never hear about… What happens to those parents who do not get the “benefit” of the media money.

  26. zelda Says:

    I feel just like you do Juror #13,,,,,,,,,I hate the media crap.They “Nancy Grace” TOT MON us to death.
    I am pulling for justice and sanity and a smart jury that will get this Hyped case fini!!!!!!

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