Report: Joran van der Sloot Confesses to Murder of Natalee Holloway

UPDATE: We once again have a Joran van der Sloot confession. This time, the murder victim is in Peru. Follow the link to read more.

BNO News is reporting this evening that the main suspect in Natalee Holloway’s disappearance has confessed to dumping her body in Aruba.

This would be big news if true! Hopefully more news will come in the next few hours.

From the article:

Dutch suspect Joran van der Sloot has confessed to disposing the body of missing American student Natalee Holloway while on the Caribbean island of Aruba, a Dutch newspaper reported on Tuesday. He made the statements in front of an RTL television camera.

The statements by van der Sloot follow a similar confession more than two years ago during an undercover operation by Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, which prosecutors said did not constitute new legal evidence.

‘De Telegraaf’ newspaper reported that – in the new confession – Van der Sloot said he is still scared of being prosecuted and admitted to disposing Holloway’s body in a marsh on Aruba. The report said the chief prosecutor on Aruba confirmed the story, but said Van der Sloot could be attempting to give multiple false versions to hide the truth.

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14 Comments on “Report: Joran van der Sloot Confesses to Murder of Natalee Holloway”

  1. zelda Says:


    What an ordeal for Natalie’s parents.Let’s hope that Joran is telling the truth this time so there can be some peace of mind for them and all the rest of us out here that have watched this circus unfold.

    Joran is a real piece of work and his mother seems to be protecting him all the way. She must suffer terribly in any case.
    I wonder if his father’s death has something to do with this new revelation?

    I hope, hope, hope they find evidence.

    What a nightmare story. Looks like karma is setting in.

  2. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Surprised nothing about this on either JVM or NG tonight, but so very anxious to learn more!

    Wonder when exactly this “new” Confession took place, to whom, and how reputable this “DeTelegraaf” newspaper is (another “Star” or “Globe”?).

    If Joran stated that he’s “still scared of being Prosecuted”, why would he serve himself up on a Silver Platter now? And even if he WAS “attempting to give multiple false versions to hide the Truth”, isn’t simply admitting that he

    “Disposed of Natalee’s Body” enough to take him down anyway? I sure hope this Story is on the Up-n-UP. Can’t wait for an Update!

  3. OneOp Says:

    Was this marsh searched? Have they found a body? I am a little suspicious of Joran’s “confession” How could he dispose of Natalie’s body and not know “who” was involved with her death. I suppose he will say she just died right there in front of him and he got scared and dumpted her.

    Shouldn’t her body still be where he said he put it? I don’t know about this, but hope some peace can come
    to Natalie’s body from whatever it is.

    OMG would he say his father did something to her and told him to get rid of the body? It’s late for me, can’t think straight.

  4. Boston Says:

    Friends-This is amazing news. Could it really be true? He is such a weak and careless person it is hard to put the pieces of this puzzel together. How the Cappo brothres kept their silence all this time is intriguing. I hope that “the Judge” no longer is a threat to them and with or without that miserable Joran, the Holloways’s can finally get some answers.

  5. Ina Says:

    He made this confession on German TV.

    Chief inspector Blanken investigated the matter and says fantasy and facts are mixed up, times and witness statements don’t add up.

    In other words: a false confession! Again! is in Dutch, sorry.

  6. Ina Says:

    He claimed to have dumped Natalee’s body in a swamp.

  7. Sanny Says:

    Why now? Joran is another rich spoiled brat who loves himself…with parents covering his nasty deeds his entire life.

    Could the fact that Daddy is no longer alive and Joran will point the finger at his father?
    His daddy guided him throughout this entire ordeal and covered for him completely.

    Why is he making this statement now?

    Natalee’s family have been through enough with these people in Aruba and have handled themselves like the incredibly strong people they are…..with dignity.

  8. mikka Says:

    its time to arrest this scumbag!

  9. Molly Says:

    There is something wrong with this guy. this is the 2nd “confession” now. is he playing some kind of sick game here because he knows they won’t arrest him, they don’t have enough evidence against him.

  10. zelda Says:

    Joran’s karma will catch up with him…………I just hope it doesn’t take too much longer for Natalie’s parents sake.

  11. Honeydog0629 Says:

    He didn’t confess to “murdering” Natalee— only “Disposing of her Body”. Regardless, we all know that this piece of Shit should be behind Bars, and it appears that the new Aruban Chief Prosecutor is truly intent on getting to the Bottom of this Case, once and for all. May God and the very Best of Luck be on his side.

  12. Owen Says:

    I really like their voice and the music is great! But seriously KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!!! YOU’LL GET MORE? RESPECT

  13. tenkink Says:

    even attempting to down play this by saying i only dumped her body,,is sickening.if he really didnt do anything why not call authorites?even in canada,thats a huge crime,i would have put him in the can on that alone

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