Casey Anthony Pleads Guilty to All 13 Counts in Check Fraud Case

Please note that this post is from 2010. For the most current updates on the Casey Anthony trial, please see my homepage.

Well…finally some news!

Casey Anthony pleaded guilty to all 13 counts in her check fraud case this morning.

Credit: CNN

Judge Stan Strickland accepted the plea deal and sentenced her to 412 days (time served) and also gave her one year’s supervised probation.

She will remain jailed on a charge of first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

It seems that Casey was also in tears and apologized to Amy Huizenga. Haven’t seen any video yet, but I did see a few photos and I’m sure we will see video throughout the day!

OK…let’s hear your thoughts! 🙂

From CNN:

Anthony admitted stealing a checkbook from a friend, Amy Huizenga, and writing five checks worth $644.25. She wiped tears from her eyes as she spoke briefly in court.

“I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m sorry for what I did,” she said. “I take complete and full responsibility for my actions, and I’d like to apologize to Amy. I wish I’d been a better friend.

Attorney Jose Baez asked the court to give Anthony credit for time served and place her on probation in the check case. The judge agreed that Anthony already has spent more time in jail than any sentence she could receive in the check case.

Anthony has made full restitution, Baez said. Before her arrest, she had no prior criminal record, he added.

From the New York Times:

Casey Anthony, the Florida mother charged with killing her toddler daughter, was found guilty of check fraud Monday and sentenced to time served in jail.

Anthony, 23, was accused of going on a spending spree during the summer of 2008 — around the time her daughter disappeared — after she found the checks while borrowing a former friend’s car. Anthony started to cry as she apologized for using the checks.

”I just want everyone to know I’m sorry for what I did,” Anthony told the judge. ”I take complete and full responsibility for my actions.”

From WESH:

Judge Stan Strickland asked Anthony several questions, ensuring she was aware of what entering the plea meant — that is waiving the right to trial.

Her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, held hands in the courtroom while the plea was entered.

Jose Baez, Anthony’s attorney, asked for “equal justice” for his client, and asked for a one year probation and credit for time served.Strickland sentenced the 23-year-old to jail time served and $5,517.75 in court costs.In a rare moment, a teary Anthony addressed the court.

“I’m sorry for what I did. I’d like to sincerely apologize to Amy. I wish I would have been a better friend,” she said.

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20 Comments on “Casey Anthony Pleads Guilty to All 13 Counts in Check Fraud Case”

  1. Hilde Says:

    too little too late that is my Opinion when it comes to her Apology to Amy.
    Casey got off with a slap on her wrist just like always. It didn’t surprise me at all, she knew what she needed to do in Order to get the least Punishment if that meant to apologize for her Actions and finally open her Mouth and admit to the 13 felonies, so be it. She came out ahead of this one.
    I don’t think she will be that lucky at the Murder Trial if there is any Justice at all. JMO

  2. Teddy Says:


    Boy did I want to slap that smirk off Bozos face.

    He always winds not fair I say not fair to Florida tax payers as to how much Casey has cost us. Victory Bozo today but not in the murder trial.Maybe judge Strickland is gonna buy Casey and Bozos crap. I’m not.

  3. zelda Says:

    The judge………OMG! Let’s hope for a jury trail.

  4. laurali1 Says:

    I think the judge followed the law in the sentencing. I was glad that he did not drop all charges to misdemeanors. Casey is now a convicted felon, that is the most important thing to remember. She will be headed into the murder trial a felon. Plus in the hearing today Jose stated that he was waiting on latent prints! Could the state have Casey’s finger-prints on the duct tape? By the way John good to see you.

  5. zelda Says:

    thanks laureli1……….

  6. Ideas Says:

    can’t the judge simply order a trial date, etc. and expect the defense to submit?

  7. sophie Says:

    Looks like papa is going to have to deposit another $800.00 in Casey’s account if she’s going to continue to receive her little snacks. I understand Florida only charges about $2.00 a day room and board. Now that she’s been sentenced to time served, this likely means that she now owes this money. Generally the inmates on a first time stay don’t have to pay this fee until they are finished with their sentence. They have a specific amount of time to cough up the dough before there’s a penalty applied.

    Until this fee is paid, all monies going into her snack account will be confiscated and placed toward her debt to the jail. She’s lucky, in some places it’s as much as $25.00 per day.

  8. sophie Says:

    It seems that she was hit with a rather heavy fine, totalling nearly $6,000.00-if there were tears in her eyes, it’s because snack time is over. Hello grits and baloney.

  9. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I am not surprised in the least about taking the Plea— like *Hilde* said, why NOT?!… There was no getting out of that one anyway, and it’s to her OWN Benefit. I don’t agree with the trade-off of Jail-time already served, but, without a Jury, and the fact that The Defense is already accusing The Prosecution of “Putting the Cart before the Horse” (Incarcerating her before they figured-out the Crime), I’m thinking that Judge Stickland believed it was the right thing to do as a “fair exchange”. It’ll be over and finished-with, and leave no room for any trade-offs later in the Criminal Trial. He surely knows that Casey is still facing the worst of it yet to come— throw The Defense a little Bone now… no big deal— realizing that he probably won’t be able to be so “obliging” during the Murder Trial. What I DON’T get is the “One Year Probation” part— How, When, and Where does THAT fit in?? And how about those “Court Costs”, over $5-Grand…. I suppose we’ll be seeing The Anthonys “making the TV Rounds” again REAL soon!!

  10. OneOp Says:

    What happened today in the fraud hearing is ok with me. Jose Baez, must have been up too late last night, his demeanor seemed rattled, didn’t make good presence at all.

  11. zelda Says:

    Gosh I hope we don’t have to see the A’s again Honeydog!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yikes………they are lame.OOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. Molly Says:

    Baez never makes a good presence!

    I can’t believe he actually asked for bond! guess he thought that was funny. stricky ignored him. hahahhaha

    well, if she realy wants to take “complete & full responsibility for her actions” then it’s time to fess up. oh wait, first they have to drag it allout & wait until the last possible day (minute).

    so she claimed “not guilty” for the check/fraud charges & changed to guilty, why are we supposed to believe that she’s “innocent” for the murder charges?

  13. At least she admitted responsibility and apologized to her former friend. Now, if we could only know for certain the truth about what happened to Caylee.

    My guess is everyone would like for her to have a new attorney, especially since she is facing such serious charges. I don’t think this ex-wife of the meter reader thing will fly far.

  14. Ideas Says:

    I think those that were disappointed at the fraud trial will be disappointed at her murder trial. However,though she will be sentenced for murder, she will not suffer, get tortured, or experience agony in the way we would like to see. When she is sentenced, her parents will act like they did today because they know she is guilty. If they break down, it will only be to show relief that this is all over.

  15. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I’m honestly one who always gives Credit where Credit is due, and I agree that, at least, Casey seemed sincere in her apology to Amy. As for commending her for “admitting responsibility” for what she did, No— She said what anyone is supposed to say when taking a Plea. She had no alternative. Giving her Credit for not Denying it doesn’t even count in this situation.

    Baez was a Guest on “Issues” tonight, and he flat-out stated that there will be no Plea Deal for the Murder Charge— it IS going to Trial. With Casey having taken this Plea for the Fraud Charges, under Florida Law, none of this is permitted to be brought-up in the Criminal Trial, if she chooses, or is advised, not to Testify (and we can pretty-much bet on that). So, Convicted Felon or not, unless she takes the Stand, the Jury will never hear it. It was also reported, and not denied… (I know you’re already sitting down for this)… that Baez was the one who paid Amy back.

    I agree with *Thinker* about Roy Kronk’s Ex— According to the statements from tonight’s Legal Panel, the Police have done a “thorough” job in their investigation of Kronk and any and all past and current ties to him. Just thinking about his Ex claiming that he bound her Hands with Duct Tape, and then Kronk knowing that he would be leaving himself wide-open to be charged with the Duct Tape on Caylee— when he was the one phoning-in her Discovery— is so absolutely absurd. Not only is this not going to Fly far, it ain’t even getting off the ground.

  16. Jon Says:

    I found her apology totally unconvincing. The only thing she’s sorry about is that she’s rotting away in jail. I think the reality of what’s ahead of her is finally starting to strike her and she realizes she’s not going to get out of this whole thing. I just hope that now they’ll consider having her fess up to the murder charges and get this over and done with. It’s been dragging on way too long and this needs to be ended, for Caylee’s memory if nothing else. She deserves to rest in peace.

  17. zelda Says:

    We should all be as lucky to have Baez for a lawyer.

    Remember that poem………”there was a crooked man
    who lived on a crooked street etc. etc………..Now I am going to climb on my soapbox for a bit.
    It’s difficult at times not to get furious with the way our legal system fails us.I understand the argument that other systems in the world are not as good as ours.Somehow that doesn’t appease me.Too lofty and hollow too disconnected.
    If I had to choose the most meaningful word that would ensure survival of the human race my answer might surprise you.The “given” would be love right?Well my choice would be “consequence”.To me that word sums up all of Webster’s feat.The word “love” shouts out from every aspect of “consequence” to me.
    Each and every day we see the outcome for the lack of it.
    I say storm the school systems…educate the people where it counts before we forget entirely who and what we are.My generation has to carry that torch I believe.It’s incumbent.

  18. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Well Said *Zelda*. Too bad things have gone so far as this sorry, in-desperate-need-of-effective-change World, which is unraveling at the cost of present and future Living, and upon which there seems to be a fading Light at the end of the Tunnel.

  19. […] Casey Anthony Pleads Guilty to All 13 Counts in Check Fraud Case … […]

  20. luvanrs Says:

    “I’m sorry for what I did. I’d like to sincerely apologize to Amy. I wish I would have been a better friend,” she said.

    Oh, if only she had been a better mother.

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