Casey Anthony: CBS News Interview With Mommy’s Little Girl Author

Good synopsis of the new book “Mommy’s Little Girl” on the CBS News Web site today.

The article includes details about the book and a transcript of an interview conducted by Barry Leibowitz of 48 Hours Mystery interview with author Diane Fanning. Lots of good questions and some insight into the authors thought process.

Has anyone had the opportunity to read the book? I’ve thought about whether or not I want to but haven’t actually gone out and made the purchase. Any thoughts?

From the article:

What’s the most fascinating forensic aspect of the case that needs answers?

Fanning: What has fascinated me the most is the odor analysis in the back of the car that indicated little Caylee’s body was stashed for some time in the trunk. There is a lot of skepticism about the strength of the science behind this forensic technique. On the one hand, you have highly regarded scientists examining this evidence and presenting it as fact. On the other, the cynics peer at it suspiciously suspecting junk science where data is twisted to prove a point rather than leading to a conclusion through scientific method. If the science behind it could be demonstrated to be sound through its presentation in this trial, it could have huge implications for future courtroom confrontations.

I, personally, maintain a querulous pose on the issue but, also find it, in my mind, to be irrelevant. I was far more moved by the anecdotal evidence. Not only did trained dogs hit on the trunk, but experienced investigators and other observers recognized the smell of decomposing human flesh. They all assure us that it is an odor never forgotten and never mistaken. To me, that is compelling evidence.

Did you uncover anything that may prove more important than most people realize?

Fanning: The exquisite ease of making chloroform at home, to my thinking, is a critical part of this story. Not only is it easier than I would have believed possible but, apparently, in some circles, it is the preferred method employed by some date rapists.

The state knows that Casey Anthony researched this subject. If the prosecutors believe she employed it to eliminate her child, a courtroom presentation of this process could prove to be the most dramatic moment in the trial.

Is there an element of the case you think is still to be unraveled?

Fanning: Yes — Who is Caylee’s father?

It is not clear that even Casey Anthony knows the real answer to that question. She’s admitted to at least one sexual encounter with a man whose last name she never knew—there could be many more.

Will someone step forward before the trial? Will some young man quietly submit to DNA testing and when paternity is confirmed, reveal himself as a champion for justice for the daughter he never knew?

It sounds too melodramatic to happen. But all along, this story has been filled with those unexpected, jaw-dropping, head-scratching moments that no one saw coming. Could the appearance of Caylee’s biological father be another one of them?

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9 Comments on “Casey Anthony: CBS News Interview With Mommy’s Little Girl Author”

  1. Boston Says:

    I read the book and it is simply a rendering of what happened or might have happened on June 15, 2008 up to and including the day it went to the publisher. She made assumptions on occasion but did not consult with experts, or have any first hand interviews with anyone. She gave little insight into Ms Anthony’s early years and no mention of her school days. Whether or not they were happy or painful will be fodder for another book by someone who requests access to those documents.

    An interesting tidbit of info was revealed when she quoted Lee speaking to Ms Annie D or Melanie when he said, “We all know that Casey did bad things.” This was after Lee had his DNA tested. Was he appaulled at what his sister accused him of? We will never know but we can assume that he was none too happy at the lengths his sister would go to cast the family as not only dysfunctional but harboring someone who had illegal and immoral sexual proclivities. Probably one definitive reason why he said,”I believe everything my sister says” is because all she could do was lie and he was placed in the position of being unable to select which lie he was going to believe or which one he was not going to believe.

    What I did find interesting was the dislike Cindy’s brothers harbored for Casey and the agonizing hope they had that both Cindy and George would wake up and smell the coffee. “Mental hospital here I come” was cruel but maybe he was at his wits end. I got the message loud and clear that at least two of her brothers had nothing good to say about Casey. Where were her other aunts and uncles. Her grandparents?

  2. artgal16 Says:

    I read her book – its most a rehash of interviews all of us have either seen or read, but it does help as a refresher to go back from the beginning, because you see how absolutely ridiculous Caseys story is. Its changed dramatically over time and even without any other evidence its so preposterous and obvious that this young woman is a major liar and that there is no Nanny (at one time Casey called her Zenita).

    Cindy’s attitude also has been one of masterful obstruction of justice. If ever anyone deserved to be charged with this, its Cindy. She knew Casey did something to Caylee and made her choice to defend her so as not to lose her as well. She and George have always known is what I get from reading the book. They have never ever tried to look for the “real killer” – they had an opportunity with the $20,000.00 they got and what did they do? They took a cruise! They are all so transparent. The media helped to turn this case into a circus as well.

    Its not rocket science – its a young mother who killed her daughter so she could live the life she wanted. Repeated so many times before in history.

  3. OneOp Says:

    Regarding the incest accusation involving Lee. I do recall that Casey herself accused Lee directly. Wasn’t it that Jesse or someone of the boyfriends that SAID that Casey implicated such behavior from Lee?

    To me, it came thru a second person, not direct, so who knows how that came about and for what purpose. Apparently Lee accepted that she did say it from his remark.

  4. Boston Says:

    I am sure there is a very frightened and sad young man out there who wonders every day if Caylee Anthony was his child. He engaged in recreational sex with the wrong person and as it stands now you don’t have to do too much to have your life in tatters once you state that you were simply a friend. Would people cheer him because he came forward and took the paternity test and was recognized as the father? Would it be right to expect his parents to mourn for someone they knew in name only?

    A champion of justice? I don’t think so.

  5. Boston Says:

    What I found interesting about the exchange as a result of the paternity testing being completed was the remark that Lee made relative to his knowledge of Casey’s bad behavior. George said a lot to investigators and told Mr Grund that Casey had “issues” but no one really said she did “bad things.”

  6. OneOp Says:

    8:01, “do NOT recall”

  7. luvanrs Says:

    Boston..I doubt any boy is out there wondering if Caylee was his..Casey was pretty much a whore who screwed around..the kid could be anyone’s. Probably most boys don’t even remember her.

  8. Honeymom Says:

    Read the book.

    It is wat it is. A quickly put out synopsis of the events to date . She provides a speculative account of ” how” the murder might have been done and a very short analytical afterword. Proof reading poorly done with Caylee and Casey’s name mixed in a few places.

    It did serve to refresh, and organise material I was familiar with. In a few places there were new minor details of interest such as George Anthony vomiting when he opened up the car in the tow yard.

    I have not seen that detail anywhere and am not sure where she got it. No sources referenced. It was compelling book because of the story, not because of how well she wrote the story. Save your money.

  9. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Thanks everybody, for Confirming what I originally thought and said about this Book before it was Out. I feel better that I’m not at all Missing what I figured I wouldn’t be Missing. I remember someone’s Comment a while back, stating that all the Information in the Book was coming-from Close, Reliable Sources— which did have me Contemplating going to the Book Store— and now I do find it Surprising that this also isn’t True. It sounds, from all your Opinions, like any of us here would be no more Knowledgable than we already are, and that we’re all doing quite-well in making Interesting and Intelligent “Assumptions” and Theories on our own…. Just a Shame that WE’RE not Making Money from it!

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