Casey Anthony: Chloroform Present in Bottle

Pretty big news in the case today as documents released today show that FBI lab technicians found traces of chloroform inside a bottle and a syringe found near the Florida site where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.

Reports released last year show that someone at the Anthony’s home used the family computer to search the Web for directions on how to make chloroform and neck breaking


From the Orlando Sentinel:

The report from the FBI’s lab shows the Cool Blue-flavored Gatorade drink contained an “unknown liquid.” The bottle also contained a plastic bag labeled “Disposable Syringe Kit” with a plastic syringe inside of the bag.

A report generated in June and labeled “Summary of results” by Dr. Michael Rickenbach of the FBI indicates chemical tests show the syringe contained chloroform, testosterone, ethanol and water.

Chloroform has been depicted in movies and on television when a person uses a rag soaked in the liquid to cover the mouth and nose of another, making the victim lose consciousness. A person can die if too much of the chemical is inhaled. Chloroform also is the byproduct of contact between chorine used in swimming pools and skin, sweat or urine. Commercially, it is used in refrigeration.

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37 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Chloroform Present in Bottle”

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  2. knight Owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer, when i first started reading my mind went to Casey could have injected Caylee with chloroform and that is what killed her. Now i have read there was testosterone also, now i am baffled and back to square one.

  3. Laura Says:

    Knight owl, I cannot figure out any of this! What could a child any child do for their own parent to murder them. Casey is not and never will be mother of the year. She let her BABY rot in a car for days!! Then threw her away like trash. How much more evidence have we not seen, because of jury tainting? They will hold the big stuff until right before trial.

  4. knight Owl Says:

    Hi Laura, ditto, as neither can i figure it out either. Nor can i understand how anyone especially a Mother could hurt a baby. They have to be non-human. Now what keeps coming up in my head is Cindy saying if casey had anything to do with it she didn’t act alone. I always thought cindy was just trying to implicate another person, but with the testosterone found in the bottle as well has me wondering, could there be a guy involved too and could it be Tony? Tony didn’t want any girl kids. Or did casey just snatch a hypo needle from a guy that was on steroids or something. I have to think law enforcement has enough we haven’t seen yet to answer these questions and permanently nail Casey that will only come out at trial. I still think there are fingerprints of casey’s on the duct tape.

  5. snoopysleuth Says:

    If chloroform is injected, it can paralyze the vital organs and cause almost instant death. What confuses me is the testosterone. I wonder if it came from animal activity near the remains and the bag that contained the syringe. Was the bag sealed tightly?

  6. Ideas Says:

    Can the syringe be tied to the remains? Wasn’t there a lot of strewn garbage in the vicinity?

  7. knight Owl Says:

    Ideas, yes this was a dumping ground for lots of trash but i would have to believe the syringe is tied to the remains of caylee for it to be important enough to be in the new docs. This case has lot’s of twists and turns and i believe we have yet to learn just how many.

  8. knight Owl Says:

    Snoopy, i have never heard of chloroform being injected but then i am not in to how can you murder your toddler, and i am sure if caylee was injected with chloroform,(and i now believe she was), it would do a lot of damage to your organs especially the heart. C&G i believe are going to find out how heinous their daughter really is and that they never really knew her at all. Poor little Caylee.

  9. lynn Says:

    Hi Everyone….I think I know the answer as to why there was testosterone….Remember the garbage found in caseys trunk came from tonys house……who knows maybe she had a thing for stealing garbage…Im am sure the cops know by now which one of her boyfriends were involved in taking steroids….and maybe she stole the used syringe out of their trash……

  10. snoopysleuth Says:

    Testosterone is used in body building. I had a brain storm. Casey may have picked up a dirty syringe at some hangout for druggies. Some of those people use them over and over.

  11. arizona gooner Says:

    With Casey being such a kleptomaniac, I wouldn’t doubt that the needle was stolen from one of the men on the witness list. There is probably DNA evidence too.

  12. knight Owl Says:

    Lynn, anything is entirely possible in this case and yours is as good a theory as anyone’s.

  13. luvanrs Says:

    I hope Caylee was unconscious somehow before any of this took place and she did not have to suffer. To think of any sweet baby being tortured in that way is just unbearable.

  14. Sophie Says:

    There are photographs of one of Casey’s male friends, big, buff with blonde hair. Could be him or gosh, any of the other dozens of guys she associated with. I say she either stole it or point blank asked him for it with some random weird excuse.

    You just know any of the guys she hung out with doing steroids is not having a good day today.

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  16. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Lots of good Thoughts, Theories, and Questions here, all of which had entered my Mind also. With this new Revelation, my first initial Thought was of Caylee. All I can say on that is.. Dear God. Then, with no need to Repeat what everyone said above, my Reaction ended with.. That’s It, It’s Over, Casey’s goin Down. But no— of course it isn’t. We can Bet our Life that the FBI is holding alot more on this Huge-on-its-own Release, and that next we’re sure to hear that it’s “Opened a Door” for The Defense— The Pursuit of “Body-Builders” begins. Naturally, that’ll go Nowhere as usual, beCAUSE of the Chloroform Searches on the Home Computer.. the Evidence of Chloroform in the Car Trunk.. the “Coffin Bugs” within Caylee’s Bones, which were also found in the Trunk.. and there’s No Way in Hell that Casey would sit in Jail, all this time, and “Take the Fall” alone if another Individual was actually Involved— “Body-Builder-Boyfriend”, a “Junkie Friend”, whoever, whatever— She’d Rat em’ out in a Heartbeat. What I find most Perplexing is that, in doing-away with little Caylee,
    she did Fancy things, made a Big Production of it, thought of everything to Cover her Story…. yet was so Stupid to leave all the Incriminating stuff behind. Like they agreed on tonight’s Shows, it’s a Good Thing, or we may never have known. In any case, the “Heat is On”, it’s gonna get “Down-n-Dirty”, and the “Game of Cat-n-Mouse” between the two Sides should be real Interesting from here.

  17. Ideas Says:

    Perhaps the syringe was leftover from George’s youth-testosterone usage.

  18. Hey John!

    I really enjoyed the photos of your family…beautiful children I might add. Thanks for sharing!

    Some people keep mentioning the testosterone found in the Gatorade bottle. I am curious if it couldn’t have been some leftover, out-of-date, medication that Lee may have taken after his episode with Accutane (if I am correct on the medication name; I seem to recall Cindy mentioning this in the documents)due to severe acne.

  19. EDRN Says:

    After reading the docs and several blogs, some interesting theories have come to light. One of the most plausible, is that Casey injected the chloroform into one of the balloons found at the scene and said to Caylee…..blow up the balloon and make your voice sound funny….or something of the sort. A child would have inhaled without really knowing what she was doing. I doubt Casey injected Caylee. As to the testosterone, I think that it is very possible that one of the many men in Casey life may have used steroids. Another thought…what was the “medical problem” that Lee had? Sis it require testosterone? And Cindy certainly had syringes around the house…..most all nurses do. And in case anyone wonders, that is NOT an insulin syringe. It appears to be a 3 cc syringe with a needle attached.

  20. EDRN Says:

    Some interesting info found if you search Accutane and Testosterone together.

  21. luvanrs Says:

    EDRN…I am a nurse and do not know too many other nurses that have syringes around their houses. Why would we?

  22. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Right *luvanrs*.. but then, it’s Cindy Anthony— not quite the normal Individual, and sure not a normal Household. I tend to think like you though, that the Syringe came from Elsewhere.

  23. Shelby Says:

    The needle could have been used previously by someone injecting testosterone for bigger muscles, but who?

  24. pak31 Says:

    Hi. I don’t post often but this is a good thread so far. A few comments about the testosterone. One thing EDRN mentioned was that they doubted Casey injected Caylee with the chloroform. That’s fine but I wouldn’t put anything past Casey. It is hard for us to fathom but she seems capable. I would think but mainly hope that LE already knows where those needles came from. Someone said that even women in menopause can take it. Could it even have been Cindy? Who knows. It could be anyone but the good thing is is that testosterone can’t be purchased at a store so hopefully they can narrow down by doctors, etc. I don’t think it’s right for people to assume though that just because needles were found automatically means she was injected. But either she was or the needle was used to penetrate something else. I just can’t picture the whole event happening. Doing that to her daughter, putting her in the car, disposing of her in the woods. Did she not even think she’d get caught by leaving all that evidence right there with Caylee? Too strange for me to even comprehend.

  25. pak31 Says:

    EDRN. I just looked up the two together(accutane and testosterone) That’s some scary stuff. Looks like accutane is extremely dangerous and needs a doctors prescription of supervision in order to take. Hopefully that means they will be able to narrow down where that needle came from. Unless it’s extremely old.

  26. Myrna Vitale Says:

    It seems that everyone is forgetting the fact that poor little Cayle had duct tape around her entire head and covering her mouth. WHY? That way when someone injects you with a syringe, you would cry immediately. The duct tape around the nose and mouth is revealing. If the intent was to just inhale the chloroform, to keep Cayle in check while out partying, why the tape around the entire skull? Also, Cayle’s hair would have been damaged, and this would have invited many questions from her family, if this was going on. Also, there was no Chloroform in the hair analysis. So , the conclusion is: Casey did intentially KILL her daughter. The needles were being used by one of her boyfriends, and after disgarding the needle, Casey then took and hid this needle/syringe. This would be a great way to incriminate someone else. The search on their computer was not expected by Casey. Therefore. that is why many people feel that Casey did it. Too much circumstantial evidence!

  27. Myrna Vitale Says:

    I just remembered something. Some of the bloggers have mentioned Accutane and Testerone for healing the skin. Do any of you remember the picture of Casey’s back when the picture of the Bella etc. “The good life”. was taken by the prosecution> Her BACK was covered with a large acne. I wonder if Casey has been taking Accutane? Also testerone is used to improve Labido. and you know how HORNEY Casey was and probably still is. It would be interesting to know if Casey’s medical records have been subpened? Just a side thought.

  28. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Improve Labido huh? I’ll haffta try that Testosterone!

  29. Myrna Vitale Says:

    what if the syringe had air in it. That would be a embolism. So the possibility of an embolism could have killed Cayle. So it would not matter how much or little chloroform would have been in the needle!

  30. april Says:

    here it is she gets into a fight with cindy storms out with caylee goes wherever maybe puts on piece of duct tape then injects her caylee is still alive barely puts on another piece then another puts her in the trunk caylee maybe wakes up is screaming crying scratching they found scratches on the inside of the hood “baby scratches it is in discovery i may have some steps wrong i do not know much of how chloroform works but my point is caylee suffered this wasn’t fast and painless they DA. said that already no soft kill there is no such thing as soft kill i hate that expression

  31. april Says:


  32. Anonymous Says:

    It actually kind of takes alot of air to cause an air embolism. Also, was accutane found in the syringe? Also…suppossedly chloroform does not do well stored in plastic or for any length of time past two weeks as far as the home remedies go that I looked up…and ..ummm…testosterone is also used in women going through menopause. Her mother may have had a syringe at home…even nursing students have access to these syringes..which are used for intramuscular shots in the case of this needle..but generally there would not be a syringe like that in the home…could she had took it from moms work..or what was her type of birth control..depo? Could this have testosterone in it? and could she have took her own needle from this shot? Anyhow…could we do DNA on the syringe?

  33. Anonymous Says:

    What are the implications of testosterone and accutane?

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Can we do DNA tests on the syringe?

  35. May Says:

    Sometimes syringes are used to “squirt” dosages of legimate medications into the side of a childs mouth. Someone said that a syringe kit was used, that could be something used with a catheter. If ca visited the grandpa in the nursing home she could have access to a syringe that could have been contaminated with his urine or some other persons. As we have come to see she does not seem to be too careful about taking or sharing things (IMHO). The testosterone might just be contamination.

  36. One Op Says:

    Why would chloroform be an issue for Casey, as claimed to have been used by her on Caylee when her current boyfriend admitted he is the one who put the Chloroform ad on his myspace as a joke. Casey was probably just checking it out because of what he did thinking about their having intimate time together. I think he was a problem for having slept with Casey and Caylee. Can’t forget that he supposedly “slipped” once and said Caylee was in the middle. what a learning experience that must have been for little Caylee. Thoughts have been expressed that Caseys friends are all upstanding young people who are going places in their lives. I’m not so sure.

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