Casey Anthony: George and Cindy Get Tattoos

Please note that this post is from 2009. For the most current updates on the Casey Anthony trial, please see my homepage.

Believe it or not, it appears that Casey Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, recently got tattoos to commemorate their granddaughter, Caylee.


Check Out Our "Tats"

Since this comes from The Globe, I’m sure people will wonder if the photos are real or fake. I can’t say but they sure look real.

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

UPDATE: I see that It’s a Mystery to Me has a great discussion going already. Feel free to check out the post here.

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10 Comments on “Casey Anthony: George and Cindy Get Tattoos”

  1. snoopysleuth Says:

    John~~I wonder if they did this to condone Casey getting the Bella Vita tattoo. When we think this case cannot get any stranger, something else. They do look real but you never know. Ouch ouch ouch, I do not care for tattoos.

  2. Kim Says:

    I am the last person to look down on someone with a tat since I have one. I just wonder over the motivation, like Snoopy said

  3. OneOp Says:

    I would like to have seen Caylee’s name tatooed as a wrist bracelet or something of that type. To each his own!

  4. Hadley Says:

    It appears that the Anthonys are doing everything possible to stay in the “Media.” That’s how they pay their bills and have lots of money for “fun times.”
    It will continue for a long, long time. Even after the trial is over. They have probably got television interviews booked around “trial time.” I wonder when/if they will ever end? I have my doubts. I see no end in sight.

    I’m sure if Casey finds out about the cruise, she will be OUTRAGED! Of course, we’ll never hear about that. (She just may throw them under the bus.)

  5. Hadley Says:

    Lets just be grateful that they didn’t have Lyon and Baez with them, and they were all wearing thongs!

  6. luvanrs Says:

    wow, two unemployed people out yucking it up on a cruise ship with expensive tattoos. Where did that money come from? hope no one donated to the Caylee fund, if so, you probably paid for the ink and the cruise ship.

  7. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I had wanted a Tattoo all my Life, but always said I would wait until I found something very Special and Meaningful to me. Not long before my Husband was suddenly killed we came-accross the Perfect one together, but I didn’t have it done at that time. About a year after his death, I knew it was meant to be, and I can relate to this type of “Tribute”. Mine is Real…. I can’t tell by the Photo if theirs are (Pictures of mine, shortly after it was done, and at the same Distance, were alot Brighter and Distinctive from the new Ink— these look Faded), but, what can you say when it comes to these two…. “The Family that gets Tattooed Together, Stays Together!”

  8. Diana Says:

    When this all came down in the very beginning, George told detectives that his financial situation was in the toilet. Gee……I wonder how they stumbled upon such newfound riches? Was he (gulp) lying then? Or lying now?

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