Casey Anthony: Was Caylee “Big Trouble”

I only bring this up because I think it’s sometimes people take things a bit too literally and will do anything for a story.

Case in point: the National Enquirer. Yes, we all know that this publication has brought us some of the most important stories of our time including “Aliens Attack” and “My Dad is My Mom is My Uncle”. *I’m making up the titles of stories but you no doubt have seen similar titles while waiting in line at your grocery check stand* šŸ™‚

Look, there is a lot of evidence in this case, but this shouldn’t be viewed as anything that would actually convict Casey Anthony. I’ve seen similar shirts on hundreds of children and my daughter even has one or two of her own. It’s possible that she was killed while wearing the shirt, but don’t believe that it was meticulously planned that way.

Let’s just stick to the actual facts that will be presented at trial…whenever that FINALLY happens! There is a lot of evidence that Casey is guilty. Others will argue that she is not. People are entitled to their own opinion, but if you look at the facts, you can come to your own conclusion.

To me, it seems that this is the story of a mother who was not old enough/mature enough to handle being a mother and the sad part in all of this is that a little girl was just an innocent victim. Frankly, I can’t imagine how ANYONE could harm a child. Everyone knows I have two of my own, and no matter how much “trouble” they can be, I still love them and can’t imagine my life without them.

UPDATE: Interesting look at this by Mom Logic.

From the National Enquirer:

In an act that police believe shows she carefully planned her daughter Caylee’s murder, Casey dressed the little girl in a T-shirt that sadistically spelled out her sick motive for killing the child.

“Big Trouble Comes In Small Packages,” was printed in fabric on the pink shirt.

The death penalty requires that prosecutors show premeditation – and the shirt is the key evidence that shows Casey plotted the murder, investigators believe.

The embroidered words – shredded from the shirt – were found last Dec. 11 with the skeletal remains of the precious 2-year-old.

The embroidered words – shredded from the shirt – were found last Dec. 11 with the skeletal remains of the precious 2-year-old.

In case documents recently released by the State’s attorney office in Orange County, Fla., authorities revealed they believe “Caylee was intentionally placed in this shirt because of what it says.”

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37 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Was Caylee “Big Trouble””

  1. Hadley Says:

    I think you make a very good point. It seems to be taking FOREVER for this case to go to trial. I don’t understand that. Do you think a “plea” will still e offered to Casey?

    It is my understanding that LE is going to use this shirt as a part of the evidence. I don’t see how anyone can “prove” that shirt was chosen on purpose.
    How can they?

  2. luvanrs Says:

    I find it hard to take the shirt message literally. Like others, I have bought similar shirts for my own small children. I did it out of endearment because I loved their independent attitudes. I don’t take the message on Caylee’s shirt literally

  3. OneOp Says:

    If this particular shirt, found near the body, only has the DNA of Caylee and
    Casey on it, and not that of any other person, then it could have only got there
    by the one who put her there. I don’t know much about DNA and fingerpringt off
    a little shirt but if it is there, to me it certainly would be a most incriminating piece of evidence. However, I have lost tract if it was actually near the body or
    if I am off base because of the latest issue over the picture on Globe.

  4. Ideas Says:

    Yeah, you’re right about the shirt perhaps being too critical in this case. However, it is blown out of proportion by this publication.

    Casey has shown herself to be pretty clever…but I’m not sure about picking out this shirt or sticking it in the laundry bag with her body.

    What is kinda interesting is how the Anthonys are running for cover about this shirt. They all deny having seen it before or having washed it. So perhaps this reaction alone makes the shirt something to be curious about.

  5. Laura Says:

    I don’t think it mattered what Caylee had on that day, her mother had a plan. I just hope in the end Casey realizes to murder IS BAD! Her family is denying this shirt as much as they deny the ashes are Caylee! By the way I hope you are feeling better. How is the kids doing?

  6. johninflorida Says:

    The shirt is a statement, a parody of sorts and means nothing as far as the trial goes. However Caylee was big trouble for Casey and we all know that from the threats by Cindy to take her away from Casey.

    I have said this many times before and to me it is the most common sense logical way Casey killed her daughter. She was in big trouble herself with the stolen money from her grandparents and having one of the biggest fights with her folks. She and Caylee left the house the last day George says he saw Caylee and maybe not on speaking terms with her parents. (George lies at this point about it).

    Kids know this and I expect Caylee while in the car seat in the back seat began to cry that she wanted her grandfather. Casey would have been trying to text or call someone and blew her cork because of the screaming.

    She stopped the car and got duck tape from the trunk and taped Caylee’s mouth and around her head to shut her up. Got back into the car and continued on with what she was trying to do. Within minutes Caylee had suffocated because her nose was clogged up from crying. At some point Casey realizes this and develops a sloppy lying plan to cover up. The rest is history.

  7. Boston Says:

    The facts of the case will be presented at trial. What’s more evidenciary?
    1. A dead child wearing a pink shirt
    2. A dead child surrounded by depris and remnants
    of a pink shirt?
    3. A dead child?

  8. Boston Says:

    The shirt is definetly not key evidence. It is a stretch for the DA to say it goes to her state of mind. There is so much overwhelming evidence of premeditation why go out on a limb and insult every parent who bought this shirt? It is clearly an endearment and nothing nefarious should be intended-not even when it comes to Casey Anthony. We all know that Cindy more than likely purchased the item as we know that Casey did not work after Caylee was born.

    The National Inquirer is wrong and LE never considered what Caylee Marie Anthony was wearing when they arrested and charged her mother with neglect of a child. I do not recall reading what Casey told LE relative to the clothes Caylee was wearing on the 16 June. Surely you don’t think she told them the truth do you?

  9. hang em high Says:

    Shoot, the entire Anthony Family has lied. A matter of fact the grandparents have lied more and has obstructed justice. So does it make any sense they only arrested KC based on her lies? Think about it!!
    KC knows what happened however if she admits it she’ll admit guilt. OCSO needs to look into someone else in the A family.

    The tee-shirt is not evidence and it’s just grasping at straws.

  10. hang em high Says:

    Look at the Jon Bonet CAse. Tape over the mouth also. The tape is consistent with some kind of assault obviously, and obviously there is self control issues that run in that family etc etc. Wasnt there a search for escorts on that home computer and gambling debt etc etc? A lot of compulsive issues,,, There is soooooo much doubt in this case it’s scary. Hope the state has the right person….

  11. diana Says:

    Hang em high* Huh? You say that you hope the state has the right person?? So….. are you on board with the phantom Nanny story or the stranger abduction story? Who is the “right” person who murdered Caylee?

  12. Hadley Says:

    I wonder if a plea deal will still be offered to Casey? Anyone know, or have an opinion?

  13. Laura Says:

    Hadley for a plea Casey’s story will HAVE to match the evidence and my personal opinion Casey will never tell the truth. Casey does not know how to be honest, she has lied her entire life with no punishment it is all she knows. She denied her pregnancy for 7 months, that is 7 important months that she got no care for her unborn baby.

  14. luvanrs Says:

    for the tax payer’s sake, would be nice if she just pled guilty :O)

  15. hang em high Says:

    Diana, i’m on board however who really masterminded the nanny story? Then go from there. I dont know who killed that poor baby,either do you as we’ve only heard so far what the state has been letting loose, however if KC was arrested for lying so should George and Cindy right? They’ve lied more than their daughter and even helped destroy evidence. KC was following the script yes, put together by who? When she said that it was a half truth, and I do believe someone else is behind the script as it continued during the jailhouse visits. When the so called script ended you saw an irrate KC toward her father, remember that video? So when you really look at it, why KC and not Cindy and George also? Doesnt make sense and based on that alone causes HUGE DOUBT. Someone in that family killed Caylee and I am just hoping they have the right Anthony. Yes, i’m going on record and it’s my opinion someone else in that family is the guilty party… MOO

  16. Hadley Says:

    Laura, thank you so much. I agree, it would be EXTREMELY difficult for Casey to finally tell the truth. However, if she is convinced that she is going to get the death penalty (and it will take alot of convincing, I’m sure!) she may finally decide that it’s the truth, or death! That’s where I think Andrea Lyons will do her “Angel of Death Row” work. She’ll have Casey too terrified to do anything else BUT tell the truth. So many hundreds of lies have been told by her family, and others, who knows what it will come down to? It’s anybody’s guess. I’m sure the defence is going to put on quiet a show…but the FActs speak for themselves.

    Tks. again for your interesting answer! I appreciate it. H.

  17. Hadley Says:

    Hang em High: From everything I’ve read, G. and C. loved Caylee dearly. WHY would they murder this beautiful child that they clearly loved? I don’t understand your reasoning. Why would they call LE? Believe me, Casey would have thrown them under the bus by now! IMO

  18. Sophie Says:

    There’s a million kids with tee shirts like this. I don’t think Casey gave a thought to what Caylee would wear on her last day on earth. Other than to make the clothes and the child disappear.

  19. Honeydog0629 Says:

    While it IS Coincidental and certainly a bit Suspicious, I’m not putting much Weight on the T-Shirt itself, and I think it would be a Foolish Move for the Prosecution to Include and Push, considering the Amount and Positive Strength of all the other Significant Evidence they already have. Who knows why George and Cindy have Lied that they know about it…. It’s just Typical of them anyway.

    And to *Hang em High*, ain’t No WAY that George, Cindy, or Lee— and, other than Casey, I Believe that just about COVERS “The Anthony Family” (unless of course you want to include Cindy’s Mother, or her Father in the Nursing Home)— deliberately took Caylee’s Life. The “Right” Anthony is sitting in Jail.

  20. diana Says:

    *hang em high
    George and Cindy Anthony are habitual liars, who have scammed and twisted and covered up evidence from day ONE, but I think they truly did (when she was alive) love Caylee. LE has the right Anthony behind bars.

  21. Laura Says:

    Hadley you are welcome. I think it would be best, but I think Casey is to scared to tell the truth because of her mother. When she was at Universal with le she even made reference to be scared of Cindy, that is why I don’t think she will tell. I believe she killed Caylee no one but her.

  22. Boston Says:

    Laura-We might be very surprised at how Casey’s anxiety and depression were lifted once she was arrested. She was away from Cindy and George and now for the first time in her life she will be the only “boss” and she will truly see what it’s like to fend for herself. Even if it’s only in the canteen at the jail. She can’t sit there forever and the court will require her to say something. Lies got her there and it is reasonable to assume that lies will keep her there. So will the truth. She is in a no win situation and the limelight is fading fast.

  23. OneOp Says:

    What can Casey’s mother do to her behind bars, so whatever she is so fearful of
    from her mother she might as well give it up. Of course if she loves her mother maybe she does not want to hurt her by confessing and see her mother have to swallow it. Many girls go through a period of time “hating” their mother, or
    saying it (not really meaning it) from their teen years to independence. It simply
    can be just to try and become their own woman, but yet can not get out and be
    independent. Casey also had romped and had a child as responsibility, which
    kept her from her independence. Girls usually blame their mothers, because
    they sometimes come to know their mothers are right but do not want to admit

  24. Boston Says:

    Hang em high- No one else in this family engaged in the commission of this crime either before or after the fact.

    When both sides walk into that courtroom neither one of them will ever proffer an opinion. Opinions are nice things to have when discussions are taking place but in the courtroom every innocent person wants the truth-not a version of the truth or an opinion about what could have happened. All the secondary voices we have heard during pretrial mean little when it comes to putting forward proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Trust that the DA and his/her team have worked hard to secure a guilty verdict-one that the defense cannot overcome with a weak and careless “stranger theory”.

  25. hang em high Says:

    I’m taking all your comments in, most i’ve thought about also. Lets just hope justice will be served.

  26. luvanrs Says:

    Unfortunately, Casey will never have to say anything. She is not required to defend herself. The prosecution has to prove their case. She can sit there with her smirky face and never say a thing.

  27. zelda Says:


  28. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Hang em High*… Just Re-Read your 2nd Comment on October 26th, and wanted to throw something out there having to do with the Duct-Tape Issue. It’s always been my Thought that, rather than Casey putting the Tape over Caylee’s Mouth to keep her “Quiet”, she instead either used the “Chloroform” or some other form of “Sedative” on which Caylee “Overdosed”— (Remember, the word “Zanny” has been Reported as being used by Young People who do the Drug “Zanax”)— Hence, Casey could go out and Party while either Drug did the “Babysitting”. Again, it’s just my Thought, but I tend to Think that the Duct-Tape was used AFTER Caylee had Died, because it’s a known-Fact and a Common Practice that “Kidnappers” often Bind their Victims with Duct-Tape, and, in Casey’s mind, THIS would make her Story of an “Abduction” more Believable. As we know, she Drove-around for a long time (For Days, no one Saw or Heard from her as she was trying to Come-up with what to do, and Caylee’s Body was Decomposing in the Trunk) and I really Think once the “Kidnapping Idea” hit her, putting the Duct-Tape on made Perfect Sense. As for the “Heart Sticker”, it wouldn’t be an Impossible Thought that Casey actually experienced a Moment of Guilt, after the Fact, and placed it out of that Fleeting Emotion. Same with the “Winnie the Pooh” Blanket. Nonetheless, and anyway, that’s all, just thought I’d share.

  29. hang em high Says:

    Honeydog, makes sense.

    Chloroform could’ve been used for anything including a sexual assault. If Casey was looped or high on drugs someone could’ve taken advantage of that situation, then placed Caylee in the trunk….Casey’s action due to her drug use and or involvement with those who are could’ve put Caylee at risk and Casey knows it. I dont believe Cindy searched chloroform however I wouldn’t put it past George Anthony. I do feel he’s one sick puppy, known liar, thief, and he’s has shown abuse in the past toward his own father… There’s still a lot of doubt in this case and It’s either going to be a hung jury or not guilty verdict. My opinion. She will spend time in jail on fraud charges. Hope i’m wrong but the state needs a lot more. Hope they have it.

  30. OneOp Says:


    I have thought also that Caylee died of sedative overdose. I also thought that Casey went back home to get her blanket, sticker, etc. as, in her mingled mind and situation to try and show some love for Caylee, after the fact. I believe the tape was placed to cover what was unpleasant in the “face of death” Casey knew an end had come. What always amazes me is that, yes she lied so badly, knowing those lies were going to be found out. AND SHE DID NOT RUN!! She stayed right around the area. So in premeditation, surely she would have had a plan more believable and went on the run. Also, in premeditation she could have run WITH Caylee, and if plan to murder, done it after she left the area, I see her after the fact partying as a hysterical act, like I can make it all go away. No such luck! Just thought, not a firm opinion.

  31. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *OneOp*… You bring-up a Good Point about Casey not “Taking-off” as alot of People would, and do. But remember, she had no Money, there’s been no mention of Friends or Relatives in other States to go to, and, in a way, with all her obvious “Traits”— the Ability to Lie, Cannive, Deceive, and perhaps even Kill– it’s also Obvious (at least to me) that she’s not as “Tough”, Self-Assured, Independent, or Clever as she thinks she is, and Appears to be. Underneath it all, she’s a “Needy” Person, and her “Running” was always to Ex-Boyfriends and the like— People she knew and wasn’t “Intimidated” by. Even if she didn’t Like, Get Along with, or want to be Around them, she was also most-definitely and considerably “Dependent” on her Parents— Financially and otherwise. I really don’t Think that Casey is the kind of Person who could actually “Run Away” and “Survive” without these “Conveniences” at Hand. As for taking Caylee WITH her, same Scenerio— and how long would that last before her Mother tracked her down. “Staying in the Area” was not a Courageous or Humble Self-Choice…. She was like a Mouse in a Snake Cage— There was simply no other Alternative with the Disadvantages she was up-Against.

  32. Boston Says:

    Casey did not know why others valued Caylee. She never had any long term goals and was rooted in the present. Did she feel like a social outcast? I don’t think so but it was obvious to her that if she was to achieve some kind of happiness it did not involve the two of them. She raged against the people who were meaningless to her.

  33. Boston Says:

    Hadley-Yes, it is my opinion that a plea deal will be discussed and offered to Casey. It will not matter if she sticks to her lies or bends the truth it will still be offered and she can reject it. She was offered limited immunity back in November 08 with the caveat that everything she had said in the past would not be held against her. Knowing nothing about limited immunity it struck me as an opportunity to fine tune her story and soften her involvement but still plead guilty. Would she have been given a lesser charge or fewer years? I really don;t know but I would have assumed that since this is a case with “special circumstances” that the sentencing would be Life without the POP. This has come up on other blogs and I cannot for the life of me remember what the consensus was.

  34. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Boston*… From what I understand from other Attorneys and Experts following the Case, it would have been a Lesser Charge which also carries Fewer Years.

  35. Honeydog0629 Says:

    P.S: (“Manslaughter” vs. “Murder”, or something like that)— The Same but Different Characteristics.

  36. Boston Says:

    Honeydog0629- I would think that you are right but when I presented this to other bloggers they disagreed. We have all read and heard about others getting a plea deal that was notoriously lenient. They all had to plead out to having commited the crime but I think in Fl and CA the “special circumstances” would still require, in the case of Murder, life without the POP. I would assume that a plea deal would be the only way the DP could be taken off the table.

    I would think that this entire fiasco that is going on now relative to the continued idiotic motions is probably due to Casey’s inability to see beyond today or next week. She is a twisted thinker and I think it’s rubbing off on her defense team.

  37. Honeydog0629 Says:

    *Boston*.. I was only Repeating what I had heard, it was long-ago, and I’m sure there was more to it that I just don’t Remember. In any case, I Agree, Casey’s Defense Team must feel like Strangling her themselves with having to Work with, well, nothing.

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