Details Emerge in Murder of Steve McNair

It seems that the girlfriend of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair had grown frustrated with their relationship and was struggling with financial difficulties in the days leading up to their deaths back in July.

From USA Today:

Nashville police have released new details about the investigation into Steve McNair’s murder that show Sahel Kazemi had asked McNair for money and sent text messages about needing to be with him in the few days prior to their deaths on July 4.

The details were released in the middle of a two-part series aired on CBS’ Early Show criticizing the police investigation into the murder-suicide, although police officials have been working on a summary report of the investigation for several weeks.

From CNN:

McNair, 36, and Sahel Kazemi, 20, were found fatally shot in a condominium in downtown Nashville on July 4. Police have since ruled their deaths a murder-suicide.

“My life is just s— and I should end it,” Kazemi said the night before the couple were found dead, according to Sonya New, her shift manager at a Dave & Busters restaurant. New also said Kazemi was not her usual self and seemed down.

Though McNair was a married father of four, he was seeing Kazemi and at least one other woman, Leah Ignagni, according to Nashville police. McNair had spent the night at Ignagni’s apartment on July 2, two nights before he was killed, Ignagni told police.

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9 Comments on “Details Emerge in Murder of Steve McNair”

  1. Moore, Baltimore Says:

    I am inclined to believe that we American minded people are missing a key element. Cultural differences has not been mentioned. Ms. Kazemi was of a culture (though reared in America) that holds a different set of values about man/woman relations than Americans hold true. Possibly Mcnair was looking at her through American eyes, and she was recieving his male gestures through her own culture. A tragedy occured, but maybe no one is to blame.

  2. larry Says:

    How can you say no one is to blame when he’s dipping his wick into every female within striking distance. If he had kept it in his pants, he would still be alive.

  3. J F Says:

    The woman involved was an American. The cultural background of this individual is one that embraces unity, equality, spirituality, and is one that places a strong emphasis on virtue, respect for life, and chastity. The aspects of adultery and violence ares most definitely not a part of this upbringing and reflect influences that are found within American culture – sex, guns, money, etc.

    In the end, one could fairly state that this case involves two individuals who could have been from any ethnic background. It is the sort of thing that is routinely featured multiple times every day on any of a dozen TV crime documentary shows, not counting movies and crime dramas.

  4. michelle Says:

    i’m sorry but he deserved what he got. he’s out here sleeping with different women, now he might have a 17 year old daughter out there. is sex really worth causing all this trouble? his wife if she didn’t know any of this stuff then something is wrong with her. i know he had children but they are better off without him. all he was gonna do was show them the way he lives was right when it wasn’t. and its a shame that this doesn’t scare men at all to stop cheating. they will just keep on doing it thinking the girl they messing with would never do that.

  5. Rick Says:

    This guy was a real low-life. I feel sorry for his kids that this will be the last memory of their father – cheating on their mother with two women.

  6. Steve Says:

    Wow….most of you on here are pretty sick individuals….Why did Steve McNair deserve to die? because that is what you are justifying.

    Yes, he was having an affair, but that is divorce worthy (by his wife) but that doesn’t give the jump-off the right to end the life of someone. Plus, he HAD just thrown some stacks into her bank account.

    So, you are all going to forget the millions of good things that he did, like give out college scholarships, trips for students to go to his camp and literacy and tutoring programs smooth out the window?

    Yeah, he was flawed, just like all of you. (not me, since I am perfect…lol of course like me too)

    But, measure him for the TOTALITY of his actions, not just one.

    For the ignorant assclown who said his children are better off without him, may you never have kids. Why dont you ask his children what they think? He DID provide for them and feed them and love them. You are up in arms about an affair? If you had it your way, there would be a bunch of dead people around the U.S. today…

  7. elizabeth Says:

    “God don’t like ugly” – Maybe he did not deserve to die – but he is as culpable in his own death as she is. You have no business screwing around with a 20 year old girl’s (maybe legally she is an adult but at 20, emotionally and dealing with a man you can never have completely – that is serious stuff to deal with and she did not know how) heart and feelings when you have a wife and 4 kids.
    And just because he gave her $ does not make it alright – he put himself in this position and no1 else!!
    The only people I fell sorry for are her family, his wife and children. He deserves no remorse – he did not think of her, his wife or his children!!!!

  8. Mrs B Says:

    I would never wish death on any man that has an affair. This was a tragic event that should have never happened. I was inclided to agree with Moore, Baltimore when he talks about cultural differences, however, when you look at the photo of the mistress, she does not dress as though her virture or womanhood is something to be bestowed. She dressed like a whore, exploiting her body for attention and money.

  9. Kelly Brooks Says:

    Wow, some sick twisted views and people gloating about a man being murdered. This woman knew he was a married man, so she had no claim…Her cultural background has nothing to with it. And men would not cheat if they did not have so many willing women to cheat with…But he certainly did not deserve to be murdered..She could have left him and went after someone that wasn’t married..Paid her own bills. That was her choice..Women have been known to seek out rich men whether they were married or not. But to say he is responsible for his own murder is pretty sick and twisted. No wonder the divorce rate and domestic violence rate is so high in this country…to many mental health issues..

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