Casey Anthony: 48 Hours Mystery Recap

Well, the 48 Hours Mystery episode featuring Caylee Anthony has come and gone.

I wasn’t able to watch, due to previously scheduled engagements, but it seems that I really didn’t miss too much. The episode profiled the case and featured interviews with family members and lawyers for accused murderer, Casey Anthony.

Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel was able to pull together a brief summary which has given me the “411” on what I missed. Follow the like below for his posting.

CBS News also has a full summary of the show.

Did you watch? What were your thoughts?

From the TV Guy:

There was too much George and Cindy Anthony, but hasn’t that always been the case? They’re the self-serving couple who are always tone-deaf to the effect they’re having. They’re exasperating.

Their saga could be called “Here’s What We Have to Say Today.” Interviewing them is a thankless job because their story keeps changing.

Here’s some of the latest from “48 Hours Mystery”:

*** Did George confront Casey about her lies? He said they had “some discussions.”

*** What about all they people who say Cindy and Casey have a contentious relationship? They’re not being truthful, Cindy said. Cindy even called Casey her best friend

*** Cindy’s explanation for never meeting the mysterious baby-sitter? “There’s a lot of people I’ve never met,” Cindy says.

*** Cindy maintains that she’s not in denial, but acknowledges her first words to authorities could be Casey’s downfall. Cindy says she most wants justice for Caylee — and that, Cindy says, will be justice for Casey, too.

In the strangest tidbit, we learned that George and Cindy have turned their home into a shrine to Caylee and keep the child’s death certificate out in the open.

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13 Comments on “Casey Anthony: 48 Hours Mystery Recap”

  1. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I actually didn’t see the Show on the night it Aired, but just finished watching my Recording of it. Other than some never-before-seen Footage of little Caylee,
    it mainly featured Baez, Baden, Macalusa, George and Cindy proclaiming Casey’s innocence, the Untruthfulness of everybody else, and that the Prosecution doesn’t have a Leg to Stand on. With all they had to Say, nothing was of any new or different Impact than their previous and usual Attempts to get Casey Off-the-Hook. Once you Realize and Accept the Fact that her Lawyers, especially, are simply going to Say and Do anything and everything to try to Save their Client, it doesn’t Phase you in the least. I WILL say that, overall, the Show itself wasn’t Bad, and alot of strong Points were made on behalf of the Prosecution also, which, in my Opinion, had the best and greatest Effect, AND the Last Word, and I think over-powered The Defense in the end. Ultimately— with the exception of only a couple Instances where you wanted to throw something at Cindy and the Lawyers on the Screen— I at least didn’t find it to be as Intelligence-Insulting, or Downright Disgusting, as most other Interviews before it.

  2. luvanrs Says:

    they are still trying their case in the media and then wanting a change of venue because too many people know about it. can’t have it both ways.

  3. Ideas Says:

    are you sure this was a news program?? There was so much fiction in it that it could have been Disney.

    I truly believe that after this is all over, Cindy and George could easily be able to make it on a soap opera series, or some other TV drama.

    They might want to look into it. The money would beat nursing and home-lounging.

  4. […] Casey Anthony: 48 Hours Mystery Recap « Kreuzer’s Korner – view page – cached Well, the 48 Hours Mystery episode featuring Caylee Anthony has come and — From the page […]

  5. luvanrs Says:

    Just finished watching the show on I felt that the 48hours reporter did a good job with both sides. I do not know how she could keep a straight face when interviewing Cindy, though. At one point in the show, they show a clip of Cindy being interviewed by Zaneida’s attorney and Cindy is very hostile. While the attorney is questioning her, you can see her trying not to smirk.

    I also loved the films of the Anthony’s curbside. They so fed into the protesters there. They would make insults to them and go out to them and egg the whole thing on. Why not avoid the protesters, give them no ammo and hopefully they would leave out of boredom?

    Interesting story to watch.

  6. Patricia Says:

    Cindy sitting and reading her bible was just too much for me ! what a hypocrit ! she lies under oath but reads her bible daily ..Guess she thinks she can make some of us think she is such a good christian . Try again Cindy !. Did anyone else notice how downright evil her eyes looked when the camera did a close up when she was asked a question she did not like ? They say your eyes are the windows to your soul well Cindy’s soul belongs to the devil… I saw that same stare when she was doing the depo with Morgan that she hated so much . I see now where Casey got so many of her evil ways … From mom!

  7. knight Owl Says:

    Patricia, yea that Bible thumping cindy got to me with that one too. Cindy, George too, is one of those the Bible speaks of to watch out for, ”A Sheep In Wolves Clothing” George and the ridiculous I was going to end my life bologna as i wanted to go be with Caylee was nothing but a farce for public sympathy, plus hello George, you and cindy have supposedly gotten your christianity back, well do you honestly think God accepts Liars in Heaven. Caylee is in Heaven, she is an innocent, George you have much changes to make in your life if you ever want to see your grandbaby in the here after and NO, You cannot buy your way in to Heaven with the Cma foundation either.

  8. Honeydog0629 Says:

    To *Ideas*:
    Shhhhhhhh…… Don’t GIVE them Any!! (LOL!)

  9. Pixie10 Says:

    I just watched the 48 Hours Mystery episode which hasn’t changed my mind about the guilt of Casey Anthony in this case. However, I am a little concerned that the Prosecution doesn’t have the evidence they need to win this case. Casey Anthony’s life, I believe, is over regardless of whether she receives the death penalty,a life sentence, or goes free. One of those three things are going to happen yet the outcome is going to remain the same, someone will kill Casey Anthony. I don’t think there is anywhere she could hide in this world, to be totally honest.
    As for George & Cindy Anthony, WOW! What a horrible existence they’ve been living for the past year and a half!!! I believe they know Casey is lying & that she had something to do with killing their grandbaby Caylee but I think they are so devastated over the loss of their granddaughter that they can’t even begin to think about losing their daughter as well, and in this way! I have four children. My oldest son has been in trouble with a drug addiction in the past. Before I got him help & got him back on track, I had to get over the denial that it was even possible that my handsome, athletic, 16 year old son whom everyone loved & looked up to, was doing heavy drugs with people I didn’t even know. I could have gotten him help earlier than what I did had I not had to see it for myself to pull me out of the denial I was living with for months. So, basically, this personal experience of my own has changed my feelings about Cindy & George Anthony. I just don’t believe ANYONE could possibly expect them to behave or feel any differently than what they do about this tragedy in their family. And let’s be real, anyone who has children knows that there is nothing your kids could ever do to make you stop loving them.Even something like this, you could hate them but the love for your children will always prevail. I would want for whoever did this to my grandbaby to pay the ultimate price even if was my own child, but I would still love them. I’m only saying, I really wish the public would cut George & Cindy Anthony some slack. The only people who should be saying anything about these two people are people who have been through what these two people are going through. Even then its not okay to judge a book by it’s cover, but its an insight & understanding as to what these people have been through & continue to go through. Go a little easier on them. It’s a nightmare they are living here and I can’t imagine for a second how I would handle walking a mile in their shoes!!!!

  10. OneOp Says:

    Pixie, you write well, it baffles how some evolve hate, into justice for Caylee. Many have their own losses and claim they are so well adjusted that they would never act like the Anthony’s, yet they have not experienced exactly the same, For people to state they would never lie or try to cover up about their child, how about the fact that Cindy and George DID NOT WITNESS Casey killing Caylee. So what the heck, if they deny, or choose to believe to the end, If Casey is found guilty and put to death, is it so horrible, what they do? They are not withholding any evidence, they are only holding to hope and prayer. They can not throw anyone under the bus (so tiring a phrase) if those they have question of are innocent. Actually, there are a couple who were close enough to Casey that they may not be telling the whole truthful story either. These parents have had to come to the cross on which their daughters actions have placed them. On top of that. the whole family has been placed on trial by the public, under the Death Penalty.

  11. Honeydog0629 Says:

    The Public’s Negativity and Scrutiny toward The Anthonys only came-about, and continues, due to their own Less-than-Righteous Words and Behavior. I don’t think ANYone can say that they don’t have “Sympathy” for George and Cindy over the Loss of their Grand-Daughter and what they must be Enduring— but that’s a Separate Issue. It’s their History of Lies, Deceipt, Uncooperativeness, Unappreciation of and Downright Rudeness to many Individuals (Search Officials, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, etc), their Arrogance of “Their Way or No Way”, going-along with Casey’s Defense Team that Jesse Grund had something to do with Caylee’s Death when this Guy had nothing but Love and Adoration for her, and their Self-Indulgent “Love of the Spotlight” in which they Insult our Intelligence time after time. No one is Against or doesn’t honestly Understand their
    “Unconditonal Love and Support” for their Daughter, or Dislikes or Hates them for wanting to Save her Life…… But George and Cindy’s specific Actions are not Typical Conduct of Decent, Upstanding, Honest and Forthright People. In the Eyes of People who are, and can see their Transparency, there’s No Excuse for it— Hence, they haven’t “Earned” a “Break” from the Public’s Ridicule, on THIS Issue, and ultimately, it’s by their own Hand that “It is what it is”.

  12. anniepaws Says:

    hello to everyone nice to be back again.

    l have read here the coments and as we all know is the apple does not fall from the tree like mother like big deal now these 2 douche bags got tattoos too whippy????????????????????????????????????

    Cindy was praying for all this she need not work for a while because she has money until the end of her life. Her dream came true. She finally does not need George to get in to some business to make a lot of money now they have whats there.

    SHAME ON THEM??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    THEY SHOULD HAVE GOT TATOOS ON THEIR HEAD.YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CRAZY FAMILY L WILL SAY they all need to get help for their head problem.later folks.

  13. brenda Says:

    To me this has become a new type of reality show. Casey will never confess, so this will go until a verdict is decided.
    I do feel sorry for the parents, because it doesn’t matter if they pour their hearts out over the loss of Caylee, or they do whatever they can to save the life of Casey, they are being portrayed as the devil.

    To be honest, if I were them, I don’t know if I would have done anything differently.

    In the original 911 call, I would have done as Cindy did, and said whatever I could to get the cops to my door asap. I know at some point, I may have done the same as George and tried to take my own life. I might even go on every station that would have me, to try and sway public opinion for my daughter.

    I hope in the end there is justice for Caylee, and my heart goes out to the parents and Lee.

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