Casey Anthony: CBS Paid $20,000 For Family Participation

Cindy Anthony has told prosecutors that her and her husband were paid $20,000 by CBS for participating in a show focusing on their granddaughter, Caylee Anthony.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

On Friday, their attorney, Brad Conway, confirmed he negotiated that amount in a licensing fee for videos and pictures of the Anthony family taken in happier times.

At 10 tonight, 48 Hours Mystery will dedicate an hour to the case. Anthony’s defense team, friends and her parents — George and Cindy Anthony — were interviewed for the program that will air on WKMG-Channel 6.

Prosecutors asked Cindy Anthony if she has made any money for selling pictures of Caylee.

She talked about getting money from 48 Hours Mystery. At that point, the couple had only received $10,000 and expected to receive another $10,000. She said $3,000 went toward Conway for negotiating the deal.

“I received a check for the first time,” Cindy Anthony said.

A CBS News spokeswoman said the couple were not paid for interviews.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: CBS Paid $20,000 For Family Participation”

  1. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Well, they’ve now got a nice Chunk of Change to offer to their Daughter’s Lawyers who are doing her— AND them— a Favor, by Working for Nothing. Wonder if they’ll be so Kind. (Nah…. We can stay Unemployed and fix-up the Boat). I think if they’re able to come-into Money like this, they should be made to turn it over to help Compensate for the Services being racked-up on behalf of their Daughter. To keep it, and not give a second Thought of doing so, is beyond Arrogant, Selfish, and Unphased. Would be just like them though.

  2. luvanrs Says:

    You said it Honeydog. How nice of them to profit from the death of their granddaughter

  3. april Says:

    how much would they pay for a death row interview with casey i would not watch it

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