Has ‘Barefoot Burglar’ Been Behind Plane Crashes?

Police believe that  Colton “Colt” Harris-Moore, who has been linked to crimes in six counties involving planes, luxury cars and boats, is stealing, and crashing,  airplanes in Washington state.

From CNN:

The 18-year-old man police call the prime suspect does not have a pilot’s license. But he does have a nickname — “The Barefoot Burglar” — and a Facebook fan club, which compares him to Jesse James “without the murders” and exhorts: “Fly, Colt, Fly.”

Since November, police say, at least three small, private planes have been stolen and flown away. The latest to go missing crash-landed last week in a clearing in Granite Falls, Washington, after running out of fuel, police said.

The rough landing damaged the Cessna 182, which along with its instruments is worth more than $500,000. But authorities said the plane’s pilot appears to have walked away unhurt.

Harris-Moore has not been charged in any of the plane thefts. But authorities are testing vomit found in the cockpit of one plane to see whether they can place the teen inside.

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2 Comments on “Has ‘Barefoot Burglar’ Been Behind Plane Crashes?”

  1. paul Says:

    that guy looks like a flaming homo

  2. vidkid Says:

    Testing vomit!!!!

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