Casey Anthony: Man Claims He Saw Caylee at Walmart

Before you think that this man recently saw Caylee, he didn’t.

Jim Thompson claims that he saw both Caylee and Casey Anthony on the day after Father’s Day, 2008, at a Walmart store, just after George Anthony saw Caylee for the last time.

Click below to read the full story including Thompson’s claim that both Casey and Caylee came into his own store, and he tried to give Caylee a Beanie Baby for being a good girl.

From WESH:

A week later, the day after Father’s Day, Thompson said he saw the same woman coming out of a Casselberry Walmart. He said Caylee was a good 10 feet behind and had to open a heavy door by herself.

“She had better things to do,” Thompson said. “She would almost rather Caylee not be with her. She was in the way.”

Early the afternoon of June 16, George Anthony said he last saw his daughter leaving with Caylee. Thompson estimates he saw Caylee alive at around 4 p.m. Cell phone tower pings show Anthony was at or near her boyfriend’s apartment at around 5 p.m. That’s less than four miles from the Walmart.

Thompson said he is willing to testify in Anthony’s trial. Sources close to the prosecution said it appears Thompson believes what he’s saying, but that doesn’t make all of his claims true.

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19 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Man Claims He Saw Caylee at Walmart”

  1. OneOp Says:

    If Jim Thompson is telling truth and not mistaken, and if Casey made any purchasethat day at WalMart, there should be a record of purchase in the computer system. If it was cash and not credit card purchase, would be hard to say who made the purchase. If on credit card, accoundings are usually there. I make returns and no problem at all checking back and receiving credits, month, months later, because of stored receipt records. Time Jim Thompson gave, certainly could help search, all purchases at that store, between the hour 4:pm5:pm Also doesn’t WalMart have monitors of customers. Why wouldn’t she possibly be on store video. Something needs to be proven in Jim Thompson’s story. How about the Computer Store, receipts, monitors, etc.
    does he have anything. Surely with Caylee missing, and only within a month
    Casey was arrested, he would stlll have receipts in system, along with
    camera sightings at the hour they were there. Is that what he has to back up
    his story? kept them and camera sight of Casey and Caylee being there at the time he states. I think I may be confused somehow. ???

  2. luvanrs Says:

    There are usually cameras all over the stores. Shouldnt be hard to track that if they still have the tapes

  3. mikka Says:

    From wesh
    In other news in the case, a new state witness has been named. Maitland computer store owner Jim Thompson claims he saw Casey and Caylee twice in the days leading up to Caylee’s disappearance.

    “I tried to go several times…It was at least six months before I went the first time because I didn’t think what little I saw mattered,” Thompson said.

  4. diana Says:

    This old news.

  5. Sophie Says:

    He waited too long to come forward as far as the Walmart tapes go. These are used over and over again unless there’s a specific reason for them to be saved.

    So we probably won’t see Casey at this late date on a Walmart tape, and this guy knew that when he suggested it.

    If she actually made a purchase, we know it was with someone else’s money. This was the time she was stealing from her friend.

    If Amy’s checks had come back from Walmart, then we’d have seen this in the initial documents.

    So either Casey stole or borrowed cash from somebody or was shoplifting.

    I don’t think he saw anything that was of value other than to further illustrate that Casey was a $hitty mother, and her mood shortly before killing Caylee.

    I wonder if his sudden motivation for bringing this all up was publicity for his own small business.

  6. OneOp Says:

    Sophie, publicity was a thought here too. I he thinks it will promote his business
    then he better have something for real. Otherwise would he come out so good?
    Interesting though.

  7. James Thompson Says:

    I am not getting any publicity and do not want any publicity. In fact, any publicity I seem to get is bad publicity and I am receiving crank calls both at my business and personally 24/7 which is ridiculous. I am an honorable person and I am just trying to help Caylee get justice and hope that there are other people who saw her and Casey together and will come forward with what they saw no matter how small or insignificant. The reason why it took so long to give my statement is because I called to talk to investigators several times and they took my name and number an never called me back. I finally had to take it upon myself to go to my local police department to make my statement and have them deliver to the appropriate person just so I could get this heavy burden off my chest. I am willing to accept the crank calls, harassment, and questions of my integrity if this is what I have to do to tell the truth for Caylee, be her champion so to speak, and do what is right. If more people would have done what is right in this case from the beginning … and come forward … the case against Casey would be much stronger. So, if anyone wants to do what is right and help Caylee, then spread the word that anyone who lives in Maitland, Casselberry, Fern Park, and Winter Park needs to see if they remember seeing Casey and Caylee together … getting gas, driving around, walking in a parking lot, eating … whatever. And then call the appropriate investigators and give them a statement … and be prepared to handle the negative consequences that go along with being a witness in the case. Caylee is worth it. Sincerely, James Thompson

  8. OneOp Says:

    Well said Mr Thompson, and you deserve any apology from me that is due you.
    Believe me you have my upmost respect for coming forth and with anything that
    will help Caylee. I hope you will forgive any remark made by me that has not done
    you justice.

  9. OneOp Says:

    Mr. Thompson, I hope you get to meet Dave Knechel. If anyone can get your story out with honor and respectability it is him. Perhaps you already have met.
    Everything he writes on this case has been dependable, fairminded, and informative material presented to his readers.

  10. walkslikeaduck Says:

    Am I reading your report to the police correctly that it wasn’t until July of 09, a year later, you gave the report? It would seem that since it has been public knowledge for over a year the last day Caylee was seen was the day after fathers day that you might be jumping up and down saying “hey listen, I saw her on June 16th”, even if you had to call the media to get it out. The Walmart video, if she had been there could have been worth it’s weight in gold for this case. Doesn’t your report state that it was around noon and not 4 o clock?? This seems to be a very important statement.

  11. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Think we all have to Remember and Realize that alot of new and/or additional stuff can, and often does, continue to “Surface” throughout any type of “High-Profile” Case. It’s not unusual for People to remember certain things, put pieces together, or even come-forward with Information, long after an Incident occurred. It’s the job of the Authorities to take it all in and Sift through it as time goes along, and ultimately Determine what is possibly Significant, or even Credible.

  12. Speedy Says:

    Hi, sorry for this offtopic question but i dont find the RSS Feed Link to add this Blog to my Feedreader. Could you please give me the URL? Thanks a lot.

    Greetings from Switzerland

  13. kreuzer33 Says:

    You should be able to go to the homepage and click on the RSS link on the top, right hand corner of the blog.


  14. Jess Says:

    Mr. Thomson says in his statement that he saw Caylee pushing an “interior” door. So, to all of those who say it is not possible because Walmart has “sliding” doors, be aware that Thomson says “interior doors”.

  15. skyangel Says:

    Mr Thompson I have been tracking the documents, and pinning back to where and what time you say you seen them at the walmart. I will tell you this. Casey had two operational cell phones. Even with her pings showing her not leaving her home area until 4:18pm doesn’t make it so. There is a break in her phone activity on June 16th from 3:35p – 4:11pm. Please take note that when casey is shopping or stealing someones money she has no phone activity.
    One phone could have been left behind at the house. IF casey left behind cell had the sim card in it, and the one she was using didnt. Any msgs or calls to her number would ping the sim card phone. ( I do believe ).
    I believe it when you say you seen them in your store as well, due to Caylee being shy. In the nursing home video a woman talks to Caylee, and she does get shy with strangers. Therefore, I believe you seen them both times.

  16. skyangel Says:

    Every record I have seen there are no calls or msgs to casey’s phone from 4:25p-6:30pm. Therefore, could not be a record showing that she pinged Tony’s at 5pm. The only way this could be is if Mr Thompson has his time of being at walmart wrong. If she pinged the home area at 4:18 and leaving. Its a 25 min. drive according to google map to Casselberry Walmart. During this time she could have been there leaving w/ Caylee at 5pm not 4pm. Never using her phone. If she drove back home from there she would have been back around 5:30pm. Between 530pm and 630pm is when Caylee died. Casey

  17. skyangel Says:

    Sorry i didnt get to finish my last post. If Casey did somehow ping near tony’s at 5pm it dont mean she was there. Walmart is only ( like you said ) 4 miles. Just saying. Dont forget there are documents we dont have. Thank You for letting share my opinion.

  18. skyangel Says:

    oh, and some walmarts do in fact have interior push open doors. They do here.

  19. thx for posting this. We loved reading it. Deffinatly be returning soon.

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